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If you have hair loss, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about hair loss products? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: The meds do work
Date: 5/1/2009
I’ve been receding since I was 13. Yes 13!. I’m 21 at the moment and have a good amount of hair on my head considering how long I’ve been receding. It was once I hit puberty I started to recede. I’ve been taking proscar daily (cut into 4 pieces 1 a day) with monoxidal 5% for about 2 years now with satisfied results. I went cold turkey at one point and within a month I noticed a dramatic increase in hair loss. So the meds do work. I haven’t noticed any alarming side effects and my libido is quite strong. Would Advecia be of any benefit to me when clearly my hormones are the main cause of my problem? Also I went to Greece for a holiday when I was 18 for 2 months during the summertime. Diet wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and I was at the beach many times a week. I found that my hair actually grew back and I wasn’t taking any meds at all. My fringes were the thickest they had been in years. At the moment they are thin but still looking good. Any idea why my travel to Greece had an effect on my hair growth? Also do DHT-inhibitors effect muscle building or testosterone levels or any growth in the body? Thanks for your time.


AskDocWeb: We know that, in general, there are two kinds of stress. Let’s call them good stress and bad stress. Good stress is required for the development muscle tissue, a strong immune system and many other benefits. Bad stress reduces your immune system and can result in hair loss. It may be possible that your trip to Greece was good for you in such a way as to have an influence on the growth of your hair. By the way, what did you eat while you were in Greece? (Grin) If you are satisfied with the results of what you are using then we wouldn’t add anything else except maybe a shampoo formulated to fight hair loss. Several men have voiced concerns about the possibility that Propecia might have an influence on muscle building but so far no connection has been identified.

Subj: Natural hair Growth Institute
Date: 5/2/2009
I have experience with Steve Bennis and the natural hair Growth Institute. He gives you several products to use but he will not tell you the effects or the long term consequences of using these products. He also claims to have designed an orbital laser but the FDA has not approved such a device. Such a word of caution. Do Not Get Duped.


Subj: Best natural products for hair loss?
Date: 5/8/2009
Please help. I am a female 37 and have been shedding a great deal of hair for the past 2 years and have been said to have very high counts of testosterone. I was on spirolactone but don’t like taking those pills. What is the best in natural products for hair loss? The dermatologist said most of my hair is in the telligum phase. I would like to know if Advecia or Procerin would work best. Best regards.


AskDocWeb: We would choose Procerin over Advecia simply because there is a lot of feedback that supports it. You may want to have your thyroid checked when you get your next physical just to make sure that isn’t causing your hair loss.

Subj: Rogaine or Proerin?
Date: 5/12/2009
I am 18 years old and see the beginning of recessed frontal hair line and thin spot on my crown…family baldness is no stranger. I trust your opinion and want to treat this issue. Please answer two questions for me. Nisim Biofactors shampoo or Nizoral Shampoo is better? Which should I add to the shampooing routine…rogaine or proerin?


AskDocWeb: Nisim Biofactors started out as a shampoo to fight hair loss. Nizoral started out as an antifungal drug (Ketoconazole) used to treat fungal infections. We have no data or feedback on Nizoral’s effectiveness as a hair loss shampoo. If your hair loss is caused by some kind of fungus then it should help. Many men choose to use a shotgun approach to fighting hair loss by using several products at the same time. That includes the shampoo, Rogaine, and Procerin. We recommend using only one product for several months to find out how your body responds to it before adding another product. That way if any side effects show up then you know what caused it. But, in the real world many men don’t have the patience for that.

Subj: Hair falling out
Date: 5/12/2009
I take effexor for depression, zolpidem tartrate for sleeping and diphenhydramine for allergys. Does that make your hair fall out? My hair has falling out a lot.


AskDocWeb: There is a list of
drugs that cause hair loss.

Subj: Permanent solution?
Date: 5/15/2009
I am 28yrs old I had lost my hair on my head so is there any permanent solution to get back them.


AskDocWeb: Sorry, no there isn’t, right now the closest thing to a permanent solution is a hair transplant.

Subj: My story
Date: 6/2/2009
Dear Sirs, I have been following various website on hairloss, and since your site seems to be one of the most helpful, I decided to add my story, which is a positive one: My hair loss started when I was 22 years old. My father was bold when he was 30 something, so the future did not look so bright to me. In fact I remember when my mother said that “you will be bold when you are 30” and that was in order to make me feel better. That rapid was my loss of hair when I was 20 something. Now I am nearly 37 and my hair is strong and no visible signs of loosing hair. So why? My conclusions for you are the following:

First thing is to understand that boldness can have only one cause, but most likely several. I personally asume that in my case I managed to tackle several factors which finally gave me excellent results.

There are many supplements or medicines that can help, unfortunately most of them just slower the process. Therefore you should try combinations, but in preference consulting your doctor.

I started my “battle” more than 14 years a go with Viviscal, which helped, but was only temporary solution, meaning new growth, but eventually the process of loosing hair advanced.

I used Regaine (Minoxidil), which also gave results, new growth, but eventually did not stop the process.

Last step was Propecia (finasteride), which for 2 years stopped me loosing hair, but eventually, again, the nature did kick in, I was loosing hair again. I did stop loosing hair totally 2002 summer. Why? Do not know exactly. On that spring 2002 I started to notice that Propecia was not enough, so I started to combine Minoxidil 5% with Finasteride. But also in 2002 May I started to Meditate, which was very good for me in general, I felt happier and less stressed (I am/was very stressed person). Also, on Summer 2002 I started to use one of the most Common vitamin supplement in U.S., Centrum Advanced multivitamin formula, which for some reason made my hair much stronger (no visible regrowth, just the quality of hair). Concerning that Vitamin supplement, I am totally sure that it was not the product, but the fact I was missing some ingredient affecting my hair.

At the moment, my hair is excellent. Currently I am using Finasteride, Minoxidil and I also take Viviscal. I never had side effects of the medicines (2 first ones), except for one period Minoxidil made the skin in my head very dry. Conclusion: – for you there can be a solution, but you have see the trouble to find it – or combination. It can be one or many factors causing your loss of hair. In my experience, lifestyle and stress can have an influence. There are many products that help. In my case Minoxidil (regaine), Viviscal and Propecia. All those gave help, but on the long run FOR ME they were temporary solutions.

For those who do not find a solution: With older age it does not matter so much anymore… my wife is concerned about the health effects of Finasteride (event if the literature or studies from 10 years period have not found anything dramatic), so I am considering to change Finasteride to Procerin, though the risk is Procerin has no impact on me and that the process will start again. Anyway, as I said, it is not so big issue anymore. Good luck for all of you.


Subj: Mediceuticals Therapro
Date: 6/29/2009
Hello, I have thin hair and have been using 3 products made by Mediceuticals (Therapro). It has restored thin spots. I have already used the product for two years. I wonder, how long should I continue to use it? Also, now that I have read about potential side effects and birth defects, do you know if these products are potentially dangerous? I use Bioclenz shampoo, Therapeutic Scalp and Hair Rinse, and occasionally Numinox Hair Follicle and Scalp Stimulator. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: We haven’t taken a close look at those products yet but you might want to do a little research the ingredients in each one. Sometimes it’s helpful to so a search on the name of the ingredient (put it in quotes) and the name of the side effect you are concerned about (also in quotes).

Subj: Revita
Date: 7/1/2009
I’ve been using the product Spectral DNC which has 5% Minoxidil and other ingredients. I am also using their recommended shampoo called “Revita” that contains ingredients that fights hair loss. It is way too early too see results since I’ve only been using this combination for 2 weeks. I just wanted to know if this is a good plan?


AskDocWeb: Whether it is good or not, you will have to tell us because there are no reports on Revita yet.

Subj: Hereditary hair loss
Date: 7/1/2009
Hi, first I would like to thank you for the output and the effort that you have taken by answering all the questions, due which people like us know about the effect and side effects about these product…well now to the point. I have been loosing my hair since 8 years, am 28 unmarried male, it all started when I used a hair spary and few months after that I started loosing my hair. I mostly get these itiching sensation and flakes on my head. Recently I have consulted a doc and was advise by him that I loosing my hair coz due hereditary as its from my mother side and nothing is wrong from my father side. He has advise me TABLET FINASTERIDE OR LOTION MINOXIDIL but still now I have not started using these mediceine as I wanted to know about the side effects. Can u please advise me as to which one is more advisable medicine to use or not to use at all as the doc has left the decision on me. Thanks for the help and hope to have a revert soon…u can revert me on xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com I need your help urgently…


AskDocWeb: With hereditary hair loss you may be able to slow it down or delay it for awhile. Both of those products may help with that but the decision really is up to you. The side effects are listed in the Minoxidil report and the Propecia report. Read more feedback. Hair Loss 18 19 20Page 21 22 23 24 Last page 40