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If you have hair loss, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about hair loss products? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Going bald at 21
Date: 5/16/2012
Hi I’m 21 years old now. Late in the year 2010 I was in a bad car accident which resulted in a pelvic fracture. I was in the hospital and rehab for approximately a month. I was related from the hospital and I had thick hair, a lot of it. I cut my hair and months after that I notice my hair to be shedding more then usual. I didn’t pay it mind as I had the same density as I was use to (I didn’t see any signs of balding either).

I researched and read up about hairloss and I came across some articles about hair loss and the different types of hair loss. Some place said that there’s a shock loss after trauma or what not. I figured that might be the case. But I also read that the shock loss will stop after a period of time, but my hair loss has continued so I realize that wasn’t the case. I didn’t do much for my hair loss early on as the case was I was coming off the accident and didn’t have a job at the time. So my hair just kept coming out faster and faster each time I washed my hair.

I then went to my physician in 2011 late in the year and told him my problem. He proscribed me with propecia. I purchased a finasteride generic brand called “fincom’ it was a 1mg tablet made in India purchased from Canada. I took this pill roughly 6 months. I started it from late November (not sure of the exact date) till April 2012. I didn’t experience any side affects I can notice. But I noticed it did nothing to help me with my hair loss as my hair is thinner then it was when I started. I then got the real propecia from mereck (the reason I didnt get it to begin with was because of the cost. It’s a very expensive pill. Cost me $103 for one month) so one been taken that till this recent date today. I just wanna know when can I expect the propecia to work?

I’ve been losing a lot of hair before, and I’m nervous bc of my young age. I’m only 21, and was 19 when I noticed the hairs falling. I’m very concerned and want to stop the shed and get some hairs back or maintain what I have now. I also should mention my family has quite a few bald people in it. And my moms side her mom has female pattern baldness. And on my dads side his mom has the same, and he is completely bald as well as his brother (my uncle). My mom has her full head of hair and so does her dad (my grandfather).

I know I likely have inherited this HORRIBLE trait. But do to the fact I’m so young I’m wondering if it’s something else. When I checked with my physician my blood test were fine, all clear. So can it be possible I have mpb at such a young age? My dad didn’t start balding till he was about 27. And at about his early 30’s he was bald. Why am I experiencing this sooo early?! I want to know. Any advice would be helpful as I am desperate to stop my hair loss and not become bald at such a young age. All my friends have there FULL heads of hair, and I feel like I’m the only one balding and looking older then I really am. It’s sooo stressful and depressing. And help would be VERY much appreciated. Thank you, Please help!!!!!


AskDocWeb: Okay so as far as your hair loss goes, your heredity may not be working to your advantage but there is nothing you can do about that other than keep watching the research for new products and ideas. We have a theory that genetic factors may make a person more susceptible to other causes of hair loss so we tend to focus on those areas. They include:

  • Diseases and Dysfunctions: Getting a complete medical physical examination is the only way to address this area.
  • Chemical External: Make sure that the ingredients in every product used on the skin does not contribute to hair loss. This includes topical products applied to areas other than the scalp.
  • Chemical Internal: Some medications are known to cause Drug Induced Hair Loss.
  • Topical physical Pro: Massaging the scalp helps increase blood flow to the hair’s roots. This provides nutrition for healthy growth and improves the elimination of waste products and other toxins.
  • Topical physical Con: Some hair loss is caused by physical trauma.

    1. Avoid damaging the roots with too harsh brushing, scratching, rubbing, etc. Use a loose comb, not a brush. Don’t tug at your hair but separate tangles gently with your fingers.
    2. Heat makes hair fragile. Use your blow dryer with the heat turned off.
  • Diet: Proper nutrition may mean more than just adequate when it comes to preventing hair loss. Some people may want to add supplements to encourage hair growth. The possibilities include:

    1. Iron: An iron deficiency can contribute to hair loss so you may want to consider a multiple vitamin with iron. However, too much iron can be harmful so larger doses should only be taken by those whose tests have shown they are deficient.
    2. Inositol is an essential growth factor for normal cells including hair follicle cells.
    3. Choline supplements prescribed to balding patients have produced significant results in restoring hair loss. Lecithin is a very good source of choline, as it also supplies inositol, a B complex vitamin with a particular affinity with choline, these two vitamins work well together.”
    4. Biotin is a vitamin that, according to some nutritionists, is essential for hair growth as well as nails and skin. Biotin supplements are often recommended for hair loss however, there are no studies that show any benefit of Biotin in treating hair loss unless the patient is actually biotin deficient.
  • Stress: Stress comes in both physical and emotional forms.

    1. hair loss after physical trauma
    2. hair loss after emotional trauma
    3. hair loss after rapid weight gain or loss
    4. pregnancy

Shampoo and conditioner
Hi Doc, Could you tell me if Nutri-Ox by Naturelle shampoo and conditioner and treatment 3A for chemically treated hair for the first signs of thinning hair are safe to use. Also what do you think about Nioxin Diamax? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: We have not taken a close look at Nutri-Ox so no comment on that. Nioxin’s Diamax appears to be a cosmetic product designed to improve the appearance of hair. So far there is no feedback about either product from someone who has used them.

Procerin profollica


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