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If you have hair loss, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about hair loss products? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Date: 6/5/2015
I was using mx-5 for 1 years and i got better result but due to Absence of mx-5, I am using mintop-5…is there any side effect by using mintop-5 at the place of mx-5.plz tell me


AskDocWeb: Both Mintop-5 and MX5 contain five percent minoxidil. MX5 is a low alcohol formula that is supposed to cause less irritation to the scalp. Other than that we would expect similar results and side effects.

Hair fall after moving
Date: 6/26/2015
I am 26 yrs old. I have bold head. Please suggest me which solution i hav to use to regrowth my hair. Reason of my hair fall: My hair fall started since 2010 when i was in my native place. Once i move to different place my hair fall started continuously. I have dandruff. Some doctor said my hair will grow again but once i stop using the medication it will star fall again. I hopeless. And also i am not a rich guy.


AskDocWeb: It is not unusual to experience hair loss from stress and moving can certainly be stressful. The good news is that once you get settled into your new location the hair loss caused by stress gradually stops. That might take three or four months but there is hope.

Post-operative transplant care
Date: 7/9/2015
Hello, I got my hair transplant done in May. Can you advise what post-operative care should I take? Secondly, should I use minoxidil 10 or 5 percent? Is foam better than lotion?


AskDocWeb: Your instructions for post-operative transplant care should come from the doctor who does the transplant. That is part of what you are paying them to provide.

Growell Shampoo
Date: 7/22/2015
Hi, may i know any review of Growell Shampoo and may i know shampoo will it help to reduce hair lost and promote more hair grow?


AskDocWeb: A few people have mentioned that they were using Growell but each was just starting treatment so they could not be called a review. Hopefully there will be more feedback soon.

No results
Date: 7/24/2015
Not getting result mintop 10% using last 3 months.


AskDocWeb: Sorry to hear that but the reality is that Mintop does not work for everyone. Have you had a medical examination to discover the cause of your hair loss?

Coverit 2%
Date: 8/10/2015
Hi…i am using coverit 2% for my hair fall. I just want to know that whether i have to apply it daily on my scalp or only after washing my head


AskDocWeb: The instructions say to apply it to the scalp twice a day, which is why many people give up on using it. That takes a considerable amount of time.

Hair growth on legs and dark circles near eyes
Date: 8/12/2015
Hello sir, I am 23/M and I started using Minodoxil 5% solution and hairbless tablets because i was experiencing hair loss and used it for 20 days but various side effects have appeared. I have a lot of hair growth in my thighs and legs. Also dark circles have appeared near my eye. Will these hairs on my legs and thigh remain or will fade away? Thanks in advance


AskDocWeb: As you probably suspected, if the unwanted hair growth was caused by the products you are using then continued use of those products is likely to continue the problem. Even if you stop using the hair growth stimulants the extra body hair may persist for many months.

Dark circles near eyes is discussed on a separate forum.

Losing hair at 20
Date: 8/13/2015
sir my name is Sai of 20 yrs from one yr back i am loosing my hair recently my frnds advised me to use (tugain gel, mintop form, grocapix gel) produts so i am confused about wht to use among them which one is best to control my hairloss and to get new hair on lost area?


AskDocWeb: Choosing the best product to control hair loss cannot be done until the cause of the hair loss is known. If the cause was a vitamin deficiency, that would be treated different from a patient that had hair loss caused by a fungus or thyroid dysfunction. Think about that. In our opinion if you don’t know the cause then choosing a treatment does not make sense. Some hair loss is actually normal and does not require treatment. Are you losing more than 150 hairs a day? If so, consult with a dermatologist and get their professional opinion of what the best product is for your hair loss.

Hair loss after moving
Date: 8/31/2015
I have been using minoxidil for 5 months and the result were good,, after that I traveled to Djibouti and I took some minoxidil cans with me in my bag .. it took me some days to find a place to stay .. after a week I was using the minoxidil and my hair started to fall a lot and the minoxidil improvement stopped..did the heat of this country damaged the minoxidil(+50 degree)?? and how can I know that the minoxidil is useless because of the heat?, because I’m still using it and nothing changed…it’s getting worse plz help.


AskDocWeb: It is quite possible that the stress of moving and getting used to a new environment could cause hair loss after moving. If that is the cause then worrying about it may make it worse, however, the increased hair loss would not be expected to last more than three months.

Date: 9/11/2015
I have been losing my hair for several years and it does not grow back (am female 69 yrs). Have been using Rogaine for 3 years with no improvement. Heard about Priorin. Is that safe to use in conjunction with rogaine and have you had any reports on whether Priorin works.


AskDocWeb: It appears that there are two products with the name Priorin, capsules and shampoo. Unfortunately we have no reports about either one. Hopefully a future reader will add their experience. Hair Loss 33 34 35Page 36 37 38 39 Last page 40