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If you have hair loss, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about hair loss products? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Levothroxine and hair loss?
Date: 12/11/2005
My Dr. has just put me on Levothroxine because I am losing my hair and my thyroid levels are a bit low. What do you know about this drug assisting with hair loss. It is not dramatic, just thinning. Also, is there somewhere on this site where I can just input the name of a drug (like this one) and just see what people say about it without emailing you? Thank you, Michelle.


AskDocWeb: We are working toward adding a search function, maybe in 2006. The Levothyroxine is only for your thyroid. It does nothing for hair loss.

Subj: Scalpmed
Date: 12/16/2005
I am considering trying the scalpmed product. Can you all do some research on its effectiveness.


AskDocWeb: The important thing to know about ScalpMed is that the active ingredient seems to be minoxidil. You can read about the effectiveness of Minoxidil here. It looks like a pretty expensive source of Minoxidil.

Subj: Rogaine stops working
Date: 1/2/2006
I heard that rogain stops working all-together after 48 weeks, is that true?


AskDocWeb: We’ve heard that also. Most likely it comes from a PDF file published by the FDA called Drug Facts. Here’s the quote from Drug Facts from the FDA “Hair regrowth has not been shown to last longer than 48 weeks of continuous treatment in large clinical trials with minoxidil topical solution 5% for men.”

Subj: Viviscal
Date: 1/3/2006
I was just wondering if anyone has heard about a product called Viviscal. It was on a Dateline special about hair loss.


AskDocWeb: We didn’t see the Dateline show about them. Was that a show about how some companies abuse customers with AutoShip plans or was it about products that are sold without any guarantee? When you have both in the same company it looks like a scam.

Subj: Please help
Date: 1/5/2006
Hello! I am losing my hair like anything day by day. Would you please help in buying a right product? Would procerin any good or shall I buy something else. Thanx


AskDocWeb: Yes, Procerin is worth trying. You might explore the cause of your hair loss, check out the drugs that cause hair loss to make sure you aren’t on one of them.

Subj: Provillus or Advecia
Date: 1/12/2006
Hi, I want to know if Provillus is better than Advecia, which one should I use, which one is most effective.


AskDocWeb: Both products are too new to make any meaningful comparison. Please let us know whatever you use so that we can compile results.

Subj: Hair loss in women
Date: 1/12/2006
What can be done with women hair loss?


AskDocWeb: Some women who are not at risk for becoming pregnant report some success with Propecia. Other products for hair loss in women are Rogaine for women (messy and time consuming), Advecia, Procerin, and Provillus.

Subj: Propecia Procerin
Date: 1/14/2006
Dear people from Askdocweb, I have just read your section on procerin. I must say it was very helpful. However I also wanted to know more about propecia. Can you tell me where I can get propecia in the UK? With so much internet fraud these days I don’t know what to do. Also, how come procerin is completely natural and can be bought with no prescription whereas propecia is not natural and needs prescription? Is procerin therefore safer?


AskDocWeb: Propecia requires a prescription because it is a dangerous drug that can cause serious damage (birth defects) if misused. If you want to get it in the UK, talk to your doctor. Procerin is safer because it is made from herbs.

Subj: Chance of birth defects?
Date: 1/15/2006
I have been taking the product for over 2 years, although I don’t know if it has grown hair, I can tell U that it definitely slowed the loss down, my dad was bald by 21 and I’m 31 and my hair is still here. My question is since I have been taking it for 3 years or so is there a chance it would effect a fetus w birth defects etc. from me being on the drug, through the sperm?


AskDocWeb: Since you used the word “drug” we will assume you are talking about Propecia. It only affects the fetus if the woman takes the pill or handles them while pregnant.

Subj: Oily scalp
Date: 1/19/2006
I have a problem with my hair, my scalp is very oily and it makes my hair looks thin. Every time I wash my hair I’ve got hairloss problem. Actually my hair is not oily, only my scalp. what should I do?


AskDocWeb: You can use a shampoo for oily hair, which will help with the oily scalp.

Subj: Follinex
Date: 1/30/2006
Is Follinex a good product for male hair loss? I was considering purchasing in but wanted some info. Will it help to regrow new hair? thanks,


AskDocWeb: While Follinex may not be a scam it has indications of one. They expect you to buy something that without knowing what’s in it or where it comes from. No thanks!

Subj: Shedding
Date: 2/8/2005
I’m 19 years old and am experiencing a general thinning in my hair. I have a receding hairline and can feel the hair becoming thinner at the crown. I have read your report and was wondering that do those who experience shedding experience a re-growth after or is there shedding to a point where it then stops meaning a lower hair count but an end to alopecia? From what I have read it seems to depend upon the individual although I don’t want to take anything that is likely to increase hair loss, can you help? Thank you kindly,


AskDocWeb: Your post came in on the pages that deal with hair loss products in general and several products are discussed here. Please be specific about which product you are referring to so that we can give an appropriate answer. Most hair loss products seem to have a shedding phase before hair regrowth begins. A lot of men tend to give up too quickly. We suggest you give any hair loss product six months before deciding one way or the other.

Subj: Advecia Provillus
Date: 2/12/2006
Hi Guy’s, Love your site; I think you guys are doing a great job by providing useful information to consumers.

I have been reading about Advecia (hairloss product) and have come across a similar product called Provillus. I want to know if you guys have any information about Provillus, any comparison between the two products.

Your reviews on Advecia indicate that it does not block DHT, however their website claims it does so I am a little confused.

Does Provillus block DHT?

Please, I will really appreciate it if you can provide me with any information, because I am desperate and have been unsuccessfully dealing with my hair loss condition for over a decade now.


AskDocWeb: A short time after we published the review on Advecia they changed their formula and ingredients. One change they made was to add saw palmetto so that it now blocks DHT. The makers of Provillus say their product also blocks DHT.

Subj: #1 recommendation
Date: 2/16/2006
With the numerous hair loss products I get confused and frustrated. I am 32 years of age and losing my hair slowly on the top center portion of my head. Do you have a #1 recommendation for a hair loss product?


AskDocWeb: Because we are cautious and want to error on the side of safety, our #1 recommendation is Provillus. If Propecia didn’t have any sexual side effects that would be our first choice but the possibility of birth defects and the affect on ones sex life make it unacceptable.

Subj: Procede
Date: 2/19/2006
I just heard of a new hair restoration product called Procede, do you have any information on this product. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It looks like this is a cosmetic product that improves the appearance of your hair but it does not help grow hair or prevent its loss.

They have several hoops you have to jump through in order to qualify for a refund. In addition to your receipt, they want you send them three photographs of the top of your head; a before picture, another picture showing the application and a third picture 60 days later. That sure cuts down on they number of refunds, doesn’t it.

Subj: Hairy guy with hair loss
Date: 2/20/2006
I’m losing my hair and am considering using a hair regrowth product. The problem is that I’m kind of a hairy guy in general. Will taking a hair growth treatment affect hair on say my chest and arms as well? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The only product known to do that is Rogaine.

Subj: Curetage hair loss product
Date: 2/22/2006
Do you have any information/opinion/feedback on Curetage?


AskDocWeb: They are in trouble with the FDA for saying it is a cure. That would mean that they are selling a drug without FDA approval. It appears that they ignored the whole drug approval procedure and just started selling their product. Ignoring the drug approval procedure is not just unprofessional, it is illegal. (See update on 4/4/2013 by Lee Ann)

Subj: Thymuskin
Date: 2/25/2006
Is thymuskin available in India?


AskDocWeb: Check with your local customs office to find out if it can be shipped to your country. Be prepared to tell them what ingredients are in it and they will let you know.

Subj: Androgenetic alopecia and pregnent
Date: 2/27/2006
Dear AskDocWeb, I am 26 year old female and pregnant. I was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (female pattern hair loss) and have had hair shedding since I was 15 years old. Dermatologist says that I have no other option other than Rogain and hair transplantation. I want to try alternative options before I use rogain. Do any of the so called natural hair loss products (like Thymuskin, Provillus, Advecia, hair genesis) work?? Please advice. Thanks,

AskDocWeb: We are still collecting feedback on the products you list and since you are pregnant, we can’t recommend them at this time. The Rogaine for women sounds like it would be worth trying because 19% of women who used it reported moderate hair regrowth and another 40% had minimal hair regrowth. Those are low odds but still worth trying.

Subj: Regeneplex and Hair Genesis
Date: 3/6/2006
Regeneplex and hair genesis is the same thing, I just looked at their pictures and they are the same.


Subj: Nioxin product line
Date: 3/8/2006
Hi, Do you have any information on the Nioxin product line?


AskDocWeb: We’ve heard from four men who have used Nioxin. One didn’t like the way Nioxin made his scalp and hair feel. The second man said it did nothing for him, and a third who said his hair loss increased. The fourth said that Nioxin is definitely worth the money. So maybe one chance in four that it might work. For some that is enough to try it.

Subj: Acne help?
Date: 3/9/2006
My dermatologist recently put on ortho-tri-cyclen for my acne but instead I was given the generic brand(tri-sprintec). Will this pill also help my acne?


AskDocWeb: Yes it should, but not as well as Ortho Tri-cyclen.

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