How to Make Herbal Tea

How to Make Herbal Tea

Now that you have grown your healing herbs it’s time for tea. In some cultures making tea is a complicated process involving an elaborate ceremony for a formal event or a special occasion. However, the basic process is easier than you might think. If you can boil water, you can make herbal tea.

Step 1. Assemble the items you need for making tea:

  • Heat source to boil water.
  • Something in which to boil water.
  • Water
  • Herb (either dried or fresh)
  • A non-metal container in which to brew the tea. Metal can change the taste of the tea and in some cases can add unwanted toxins.
  • Something to strain the tea. Separating the solids from the tea can be accomplished with a non-metal screen or cloth.
  • A tablespoon or measuring device of that size.
  • A cup to enjoy your tea.

Step 2. Put the water on to heat and bring to a boil.

Step 3. While the water is heating, put a measured amount of the herbs in your empty brew pot. Here you have a choice of using fresh herbs or dried herbs:

  • 3a. Fresh herbs: Add 2 tablespoons of fresh herbs for each cup plus an extra 2 tablespoons of fresh herbs “for the pot.”
  • 3b. Dried herbs: Add 1 tablespoon of dried herbs or crushed seed for each cup plus an extra 1 tablespoon of dried herbs “for the pot.”

So, for example, if you are making 2 cups of hot tea, you would use 6 tablespoons of fresh herbs or 3 tablespoons of dried herbs.

Step 4. When the water starts to boil, remove it from the heat source and pour the boiling water over the herbs in your brew pot. Cover the pot and it steep for about 5 minutes. This is a variable because everyone’s strength preference is difference. The longer it steeps the stronger the tea becomes.

Step 5. When your tea is ready, use your strainer to separate the herbs and pour the tea into your cup.

Optional: Before serving you may want to garnish your cup of tea with honey, citrus fruits or add other herbs for taste.

For iced tea, increase the quantity of herbs in the basic recipe by adding 1/2 of the original amount of herbs used. This will allow for dilution from the melting ice.

The act of making a pot of herbal tea is itself healing. You are doing something proactive in a positive effort to improve health and well-being. Remember to share, and Enjoy!

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