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This forum explores the side effects and adverse events that result from using herbs and supplements for medicine. These are the countraindications, warnings, drug/herb interactions and side effects that you should be aware of before using these supplements.

Drug-herb interactions
Date: 10/13/2015
Hi, I just found your site looking for potential drug-herb interactions, Sage in particular: I like your page layout and the simple, straightforward list of potential interactions.

Cheers, Andrew

Date: 10/31/2015
Folic acid, b12, cinnamon, niacin, high potency prenatal vitamins


AskDocWeb: Is that a question or a statment?

I have to get sleep
Date: 11/9/2015
Hi there, I take lemongrass to help me sleep as I have an extremely stressful marital relationship, and only get 4 hours’ sleep on average (sometimes less, depending on whatever tension/discord is happening in the home that night. Yes, I know the primary cause should be resolved, but can’t at this point.) In the interim, I need to find something to help me sleep, without drugs, and trying to avoid melatonins? other than my own.

I have low blood pressure since I was little (docs can’t tell reason, but just in threshold, so they don’t care). I took magnesium powder, which is fine, but too much in a demanding job where I can’t run to washroom, and learned I can’t do that again! So, crushed a lot of leaves tonight in hot water cuz very very stressful night, and couldn’t sleep. Hard loud breathing, restlessness, etc. Could lemonbalm have opposite effect if too strung out? Also, maybe completely unrelated, but just in case, yesterday saw almost like bruising on my cheeks (one on each cheek) from popping 2 pimples, which has never happened. Kinda strange.

I’m 40, and just being called in to doc’s to consult after MRI for rheumatoid arthritis. Friends point out fact that’s auto-immune disease, inferring cause to marriage, which I suspect not helping. Any insight? Any connections? I have to get sleep; I have a very emotionally demanding job. Also, any natural alternative solutions? Thanks for your time!

Stressed out

AskDocWeb: Our number one suggestion would be to take a stress management course to learn better ways of coping with everyday life. Also depending on your physical condition, a half-hour walk or run right after work produces many benefits for the body and mind.

Poppy seeds
Date: 11/24/2015
Hi, I came across the article about poppy seeds because when I was very young, my mother used to find Poppy Seed Kalashies (sp?) in a bakery which I LOVED! NOT being able to find the, I believe, Polish Coffee Cake Desserts, I, recently, purchased a can of poppy seed pie filling & a very simple pie crust recipe & made something CLOSE TO the Kalashies, but, definitely, NOT what I have been CRAVING for 40+ years!

I am a CHRONIC PAIN SUFFERER, & I AM prescribed Opiates for it, but I wondered IF consuming poppy seeds in the amount that I ate would show a positive test for Opiates?!?! I’ve read “yes”, & I’ve read “no” so I STILL DON’T KNOW! ANYWAY, MY CHRONIC PAIN IS EVERYWHERE INCLUDING my colon! (Another thing, I have read that poppy seeds are helpful with EASING constipation, but I have ALSO read that poppy seeds CAN CAUSE constipation! I REALLY & TRULY WISH TO have the CORRECT FACTS about poppy seeds! (I am going to Google “Kalashies” next, hope I can find the correct way to spell them and find a good recipe!) But I saw the question, “What herbal medicine do you use?”, & thought that I would share something with WHOM EVER what I’m about to say MIGHT help!

I suffer from a very painful colon! Since I started sprinkling about a teaspoon of CARDAMOM IN my coffee, my symptoms have eased enough for me to want others to know about the relief I got! In answer to your question, I experiment with ALL DIFFERENT kinds of herbs from time to time. I, recently, started taking Melatonin for sleep, and I AM satisfied, NOT completely, but satisfied with the results I benefit from by taking Melatonin! Thanks, that’s it for now.


Kanka oral brush
Date: 12/1/2015
Kanka oral brush has caused lymph nodes in my neck to swell.


Could I be Allergic?
Date: 12/14/2015
I started soaking in a bath with Epson salt…it has eucalyptus spearmint and menthol…Now I am getting a rash on my legs…could I be Allergic?


AskDocWeb: Although it is unlikely it is possible. Have you tried rubbing each separate ingredient on the inside of your elbow one at a time?

Date: 12/25/2015
Nighty-Night Tea


AskDocWeb: Nighty Night® is a good tea but it does come with several warnings. Do not use this product if you are;

  • pregnant
  • breastfeeding
  • have depression or related diseases
  • have allergies to plants of the daisy (Asteraceae) family like chamomile or enchinacea

It is also not recommended for use with children under 12 years of age.

Sensitive to poppy seeds
Date: 1/4/2016
I ate some cake that was filled with lots of poppy seeds. I ate more than two tablespoons of poppy seeds in the cake for three days in a row and I woke up with bleeding from the roof of my mouth near my throat, and a few minutes later, my blood pressure went down and I had difficulty breathing after I saw how low my blood pressure was. I sat down, with plenty of space between me and anyone else, and drank a little water and ate a couple of salty cheese twists, and then I was able to breathe normally again.


Date: 2/5/2016
Thanks for very effective tips for using cinnamon. I use garlic oil capsuel for preventing my hypertension. Thanks once and again.


AskDocWeb: You are welcome H.C., we appreciate your comments.

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