Kegels for Women

Exercises to Improve Womens Sexual Health

The first exercises to improve your sex life are called Kegels, named after a gynecologist, Arnold Kegel. He developed the now famous Kegel (pronounced KAY-gul) exercises in the 1940s to help control bladder problems and ease childbirth.

Most women find these exercises increase their sexual desire, intensify orgasms, and make multiple orgasms not only possible but common. It is possible for you to experience more orgasms and expand the ones you have by doing Kegels.

To get started, the next time you urinate, stop and start the flow of your urine. Pay attention to what muscles you are using to do that. These are your PC muscles (pubococcygeal). If you have strong PC muscles, you will be able to stop the flow of urine midstream and start it again.

If this is difficult and some urine dribbles out during your contraction, your PC muscles are weak. Don’t worry, you can gain strength quickly with practice.

If you find it easy to stop and start your urine flow, your PC muscles are strong. Nevertheless, you can still expand your sexual pleasure and improve your sexual health by doing your Kegel exercises.

Kegel Exercises

Month One: Start with some short Kegel squeezes. Contract the PC muscles 20 times about one squeeze per second and exhale gently as you tighten them. Don’t bear down when you release; just let go. For maximum effect, do two sets of exercises every day (AM and PM). Add 2 reps a day gradually building up to two sets of 80 a day.

Month Two: Now add some long Kegel squeezes. Hold the muscle contraction for 3 seconds and relax between contractions. Work up to holding it for 10 seconds and relaxing for 10 seconds. Again, start with two sets of 20 each (AM and PM), and gradually build up to 80.

Month Three: Now you can add the Kegel push-out. When you release the contraction, gently push down and out with your PC muscles (without bearing down). For variation, you can create sequences that combine long and short repetitions with the push-outs — for example, 10 short squeezes, 10 long squeezes, and five push-outs (any sequence will do).

After a couple of months of regular exercise, you’ll have PC muscles that will allow you to do things that, well, use your imagination and enjoy sex more. You can maintain them by doing the exercises three or four times a week.

There are also Kegels for men.

Feedback on Kegel Exercises

Subj: Kegel Exerciser
Date: 9/22/2005
I would like to get one Kegel Exerciser. Do I need a prescription or just go to store and buy it?


AskDocWeb: A prescription is not needed to get one. If you can’t find one locally the Kegelmaster for Women is available online.

Subj: Side effects of Tenuate retard
Date: 6/23/2009
Hi, I want to know what is the side effects of Tenuate retard in general. Like what we know about every medicine that we use. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The side effects are listed on the Tenuate page

Kegel exercise
Date: 11/21/2011
Will kegel exercise cause to have sexual pleasure?


AskDocWeb: Yes, that is one of the reasons for their popularity.

Kegelmaster and childbirth
Hi, I’d like to start using a kegelmaster. What about if I decide to get pregnant though? I heard it makes childbirth easier, but what about if I have built up the muscles too much and am too tight to give birth naturally, can that happen? thanks.


AskDocWeb: Some women worry that they might develop too much muscle but this concern is unwarranted as women rarely produce excessive muscle growth. Kegel exercises are also referred to as pelvic floor muscle training. These are commonly recommended during pregnancy and after childbirth for the prevention and treatment of incontinence. Strengthening these muscles can help shorten the second stage of labor, which is when you push the baby out. And, after the birth, kegels may also help to heal any damage to the area between your anus and vagina (perineum) by increasing blood supply to this area.