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If you use Lipitor or another statin please help others by sharing your experience. What would you tell your best friend about using Lipitor? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Home remedy
Date: 8/1/2010
I took lipitor several years ago until my muscles began to ache. Then I quit the meds. My current Cholesteral is around 280. My home remedy is to get an annual ultrasound of the carotid arteries & leg vessels to see if there actually is any plaque build up. So far, over 5 years there is none. So why take meds just because cholesteral levels are high? I’m not convinced that everyone who has high readings should take meds. Don’t think you will find a doctor who will recommend this approach. They all blindly subscribe to the drug company BS.


Subj: Generic Lipitor?
Date: 8/8/2010
I have been on lipitor for about 3 years..i never even thought all these muscle pains were a possible side effect, I’ve just put up with it..for cost savings i am now on the generic brand of lipitor, i have only taken them for 4 day every muscle in my body ached even the bottom of my feet and now i’m feeling sick to my stomach..its only been a few days, dont know if its just a coincidence or if i could react to it that quickly or if it could be so much different than the actual brand name drug lipitor?

AskDocWeb: We aren’t sure what you are taking but in the United States there is no generic version of Lipitor. The patent on Lipitor doesn’t run out until November, 2011 so there is no generic version yet. You may want to contact your doctor to find out what you are taking.

Subj: Concerned about statin drugs and long term side effects
Date: 9/1/2010
Hi. I have been taking Lipitor 20 mg once a day for about 6 months now. I’ve been very fatigued since going on it and this is listed as a side effect of this drug. I was concerned when my Dr. put me on it and I fought it for a few months before I went on it. If I stop taking it now, will there be any adverse reactions? I work in clinical research and I’m concerned about statin drugs and their long term side effects. I am currently on a strong exercise program and a fairly careful diet. I’m working on getting rid of 40 extra lbs. I do have high blood pressure, which is controlled, and I’m genetically dispositioned for that. However, heart attacks and strokes are not strong in my family. My maternal grandfather died from a heart attack, after years of alcoholism and smoking (emphysema). I’ve never been a smoker or drinker. I’m currently taking a strong vitamin regimen as well. I’m becoming very aggressive towards attaining good health without medications. Thanks,

AskDocWeb: The long-term effects of statins are still discovering. Drug companies that manufacture statins have added a warning to statin advertising that was not present in the earliest advertising. The warning states, “Unexplained muscle pain and weakness could be a sign of a rare but serious side effect and should be reported to your doctor right away.” This muscle pain is a symptom of muscle breakdown that is occurring in the body due to the side effect of the statin drug. When tissues break down, the body must eliminate the excess waste products, which can strain that body function. Researchers estimate that between 1% and 5% of statin users will experience muscle pain and weakness as a side effect.

Anyone who is taking statin drugs should be aware of possible memory loss, which may be so extreme as to be amnesia that lasts for 6 to 12 hours. These types of problems are known as cognitive defects. Other people claim to experience mood swings and other behavioral changes when taking statins. The medical establishment recommends that anyone who suspects they are experiencing any of the possible statin side effects consult with their medical professional.

A Danish study of statin use concluded that an individual who is a long-term user of a statin has anywhere from 4 to 14 times greater risk of developing peripheral neuropathy than a person who does not take statin drugs. Neuropathy can occur even after just a few days of use in a susceptible individual.

Another study raises the possibility that statins increase the risk of delirium in patients after surgery. Researchers at the University of Toronto looked at data from 284,000 people after surgery. Delirium is known to be under-diagnosed in these cases, but the researchers estimated that it occurs after 10% of all surgical procedures, and after 13% of procedures in people taking statins.

Always consult with your doctor before discontinuing any prescription drug.

Subj: Natural way to control cholesterol?
Date: 9/3/2010
i have been put on sivastian for my cholestrol 10mg it was 210 overall started to have severe muscle pain in my left leg was on warfrin for a dvt dr said to stop taking it, pain went away, off the warfrin have no clot anymore dr put me on lipitor 10mg started to get severe pain in my left leg again mostly in my thigh but sometime in my calf also,dr said to stop taking it,weakness in legs now, should i have been put on a cholestrol pill with a overall of 210? and is there any natural way to lower cholestrol? i have been eating alot of fruits and veggies!!!!!!!!!!!!

AskDocWeb: The only natural way to lower cholesterol also happens to be a low-cost way to do so: by changing the foods you purchase and consume, and by engaging in regular physical exercise. Do those two things and your cholesterol levels to plummet on their own, without needing dangerous prescription drugs. Click here to learn more.

Subj: Muscle pain in arms and legs felt weak
Date: 9/3/2010
I was taking dostinex for slightly elevated prolactin. My cholesterol went up and my doctor put me on Lipitor. I had muscle pain in my arms and my legs felt weak. Less than two months after being on Lipitor I developed vitiligo by my right eye. It eventually went away after being treated with a dye. I asked my Dr. several time if my symptoms were related to Lipitor and she said no. I had dry itchy red eyes after being on the drug for a few years. In 2002 I an eye twitch, heart palpitations and short term memory problems. I could not find my way home from the store it got worse and I was eventually diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I was always happy and had a good memory.

I was prescribed Lexapro and I had my first mania episode. I am now on Trazadon for being unable to sleep and Oxcarbazepine for bi-polar 2, however I always happy and upbeat. I have always thought my health changed after taking Lexapro which I have not taken for 6 years now. I feel so much better. I have read that Dostinex and Lipitor may have been taking off the market. Hope this information helps someone.


Subj: Muscular attacks
Date: 9/24/2010
My husband has been taking lipitor for two years. In the past month he has had what we call muscular attacks. We are currently in the second one: can’t hold neck straight pain in buttock and groin; He went from being a strong 61 yr old man to what looks like a bent over 85 year old man who is in excruciating pain.

We have been at the doctors office every day for a week. Blood is drawn every day. His white blood cell count is 26,600. They gave hima breathing test and he was not putting out the normal amount for his age. Today is knee is swollen 3 times the size of his other one. We had to take him in and they removed 80 cc of fluid. This helped with the pain in that area. My husband was a bicylcist who bicycles all over the US. He has had to give up bicycling. We are worried sick. The doctors don’t seem to know what it is. He takes Lipitor. (Not for the last 3 days. Dr. took him off it but they won’t say this is what it is.)

Please post some comments on life after Lipitor so we can have some hope OR someone start a new one and tell us what to do now to regain our lives. Also, about a year ago he was put on testosterone told it was midlife…Also, had injections in back because of muscle pain. Ummmmmmmmm I am not doctor but this looks like a TEXTBOOK case of the HORRIBLE DRUG. Someone should have shouted from the roof tops STOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPP. He still has to go for more tests. THEY WILL NOT SAY IT IS THE LIPITOR.


Subj: Leg pain and short of air
Date: 9/26/2010
I would advise anyone to think twice about taking Lipitor….My doctor started me on it after heart bypass surgery. After about 4 wks I felt worse than before surgery. I hurt all over, could barely get up in the mornings due to leg pain and was very short of air. My family dr took me off 1 wk ago and already I can tell a difference.


Subj: Persistent rash
Date: 11/29/2010
I have taken lipitor for many years with no noticeable side effects. I was taking 20 mg once daily until approximately April 2009, and 40 mg since then. My prescription for levoxyl changed to generic levothyroxin in March 2010. These are the only 2 med’s I take (other than a baby aspirin).

In July 2010 a rash began and has persisted and progressed over these months. My dermatologist has been treating it, first as a skin problem, with no progress; a patch test did not indicate sensitivity to the common irritants. A biopsy of the affected area did not indicate an internal problem. I then spoke with my G.P., who thought we should change back to brand name levoxyl (or synthroid) which I did – with no noticeable effect. He then told me to stop taking the lipitor, which I have also done without any effect.

How long should I continue to refrain from using the lipitor? I have not consulted with the cardiologist (no, I don’t have any heart disease of note) about the curtailment of the use of lipitor. I’d like to resume taking it if only because it’s helped me maintain a low cholesterol count while not having to place a lot of restriction on diet — although I am careful about intake of fatty foods, etc.; and yes I do exercise regularly. Should I resume the lipitor or give it some more time in the hopes that it will disappear from my body and allow the rash to clear up?


AskDocWeb: The doctor who prescribed the Lipitor is the one to decide that. You may have to consult with an allergist to pinpoint the cause of the rash.

Subj: Acyclovir and lipitor?
Date: 12/2/2010
I’m currently taking acyclovir and have been prescribed lipitor due to high levels of cholesterol and I’m wondering if the two drugs have a conflict. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: There are no conflicts or drug interactions listed between acyclovir and lipitor. Read more feedback about Lipitor.
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