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If you use Lipitor or another statin please help others by sharing your experience. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Terrible side effect
Date: 10/10/2007
I experienced a terrible side effect of Lipitor after just taking it for 4 days. At first I didn’t realize that my symptoms were connected to starting the medicine. Almost immediately after the second dose, my breasts began to swell and the areolas became inflamed and red. I initially thought I may have picked up a yeast infection. By day four, the problem had significantly worsened and I thought I might have to go to the ER. I had no other side effects noted. On day 5, I realized that the onset of symptoms coincided with the start of the drug. I didn’t take the 5th pill and the next day I began to see immediate relief. After not taking Lipitor for 2 days, all the side effects subsided. I met with my doctor to discuss the experience and she said she’d not heard of anyone having these symptoms. Now she’s prescribed Zetia for me to try.


Subj: IV to flush Lipitor
Date: 10/14/2007
I have been on lipitor for approx. 2 years. I have lost a great deal of strength, in just last few months. I just had a ck test that came back above 8000. My Dr is considering admitting me and putting me on IV to flush the drug. How successful has this (IV) treatment been? Will I recover or will I have permanent muscle atrophy?


AskDocWeb: Sorry D, there is no way to know. With enzyme levels that high, you could easily have Kidney failure or cardio-vascular problems. The best case scenario is that you recover in a few days but it could take much longer.

Date: 10/15/2007
Everyone on this med should insist on a blood test every 3 – 6 months. I was an otherwise healthy 54 year old woman, put on Lipitor for a slightly elevated cholesterol lvl. I now have severe muscle damage. My muscle atrophy started out gradually, 2 years after I began the drug. Now, I can’t walk up stairs, get into a car without assistance and I have to nap several hours every day. My Dr is unsure if I will regain strength. If I could go back in time, I would never have taken this drug. “First, do no harm”


Subj: Severe muscle loss
Date: 11/26/2007
I am 54 and was on Liptor for several years without side effects. Several months ago, after rapid & severe muscle loss in both my arms and legs a muscle biopsy determined I have statin induced polymyositis. Though I quit Lipitor 9 weeks and began steroids 6 weeks ago, I am seeing no improvement. What have other case histories shown in similar situations?


AskDocWeb: It will take longer than nine weeks, be patient because it could take six to nine months to recover.

Subj: I’m shocked
Date: 11/28/2007
I used Lipitor for the past 6 months, I’m shocked to read the side effects from others that mirror mine to a Tee. My upper thighs ache and hurt, vision is weakened and I generally feel bad. I went back to my Dr last week told him of my problems, he said he didn’t see any reason for any of these things. I was home from work for the past week because I hurt so badly and saw a commercial for Lipitor … what a shock to hear muscle soreness as a side effect. I’d ticked that my Dr missed it and it was not listed with the pharmacy’s note. I have fallen down while walking for no reason what so ever and smell like deep heat all day and night. I’m thankful to be able to read that I’m not the only one having problems. I have also taken myself off of this drug. I pray that all of us recover completely!


Subj: Dry heaves, abdominal pain, urine, and bowels problems
Date: 11/28/2007
I am writing this in question for my husband who has been taking Lipitor for a month and he has felt worse ever since he has been on it. Recently he has had two attacks of dry heaves, severe abdominal pain, weakness, diminished urine and his bowels don’t move very good.


AskDocWeb: He has more going on than what Lipitor would cause. It sounds like he should see an internist as soon as possible.

Subj: Muscle pain
Date: 12/6/2007
I have been on liptor for three years, 20 mg a day, and developed muscle pain in both legs-calf muscles-over a month ago. It became so bad that I had to be rushed to ER. I have stopped Liptor over a month back, have had gradual improvement though the pain persists. It has been a horrible experience. I would appreciate any advice on how long this pain can last and whether I can do anything about it.


AskDocWeb: The pains should continue to decrease, but it is possible that you may notice it for up to a year.

Subj: Aches, pain and forgetfulness
Date: 12/15/2007
I am 42 and been on Lipitor 5 months. I have aches and joint pain. I forget where streets are I have always known. My job is very demanding and sometimes I forget what I’m doing. This never happened before taking the drug. What’s going on?


AskDocWeb: Do not stop taking Lipitor without first talking to your doctor but do report this. He may have you change to Vytorin or something else that’s available and see if your symptoms improve.

Subj: Cough and weakness in feet, legs, and arm
Date: 12/16/2007
I have been on lipitor 20mg for a few years now. I have had a break from this medication on my own doing then the doctor put me on them again, said my cholesterol was too high so I started taking it again. Months later the doctor said my cholesterol was high again and he put me a higher dosage of 40mg. Now I have developed a constant irritating cough that develops into a choking cough. I have also had the weakness in the feet and legs and arm never even gave the lipitor a second thought now I will.


Subj: Quit cold turkey?
Date: 12/26/2007
Are there any dangers (other than possible increase in Cholesterol numbers) in discontinuing use if Lipitor? I mean just quitting cold turkey?


AskDocWeb: Do not stop taking Lipitor without first talking to your doctor. If your doctor says okay, you can just quit cold turkey because there are no withdrawal affects.

Subj: Numbness, bleeding hemorrhoids and rashes
Date: 12/31/2007
it seems so many people have problems taking this drug than why is it being prescribed it seems to have too many flaws. I also had numbness in my fingers bleeding hemorrhoids, rashes and my right foot seemed to drag also had trouble walking up stairs short winded too.


Subj: Muscles ache and feel bloated
Date: 1/7/2008
I’ve been so tired since I’ve been on lipitor, I’m sore my muscles ache I feel bloated mention it to the doc. he just tells me to exercise but doesn’t tell me why all this is happening why I don’t no but I’m glad I read all the others who wrote on lipitor I will just quit, because I know I felt better before. Thanks everyone.


Subj: 7 years on Lipitor
Date: 1/21/2008
I was reading your letters page, about-Lipitor- I have been using this cholesterol lowering drug for 7 years, every day…as I was told my levels were 6.1…now they are 4.3. The question I have is, around the same time I was diagnosed with Angina, and given Lipitor, as well as my other drugs, I also had pains in my stomach, and Constipation, I was told it could be IBS…now 7 years on, and still suffering these symptoms. I have been told it could be Coeliac disease. My blood tests seem to point at that, and I have lost a huge amount of weight, that the doctors thought maybe it wasn’t IBS, as you don’t lose weight with IBS.? Is there a chance, starting Lipitor all those years ago, could have been the cause? I am now told by my pharmacist that Lipitor is being taken off the market, is that because of the price, I understand it is one of the most expensive Atorvastatins. I would be grateful to hear from you, and interested in your answers. Yours sincerely,


AskDocWeb: It is possible that some of the stomach pains may have been caused by the Lipitor but constipation is not one of the side effects. On February 25, 2008 the Pfizer website announced that it was voluntarily withdrawing Lipitor advertising and promotion featuring Dr. Robert Jarvik, inventor of the Jarvik artificial heart. Those ads were taken off the market but the drug remains. Pfizer is currently fighting to keep generics off the market. There is however a growing number of people that think all the statins should be taken off the market.

Subj: CoQ10?
Date: 1/22/2008
I began taking Lipitor in July of 07. By October of 07 I had dropped 100 pt from 229 to 133. I was told how great that was but I needed to take my calcium – which had dropped noticeably. In November I started pain in my legs, back, hips, arms – until by December I thought I was being attacked by something. Twice I felt my legs would not hold me up and the pain was excruciating. My doctor said it was not the Lipitor. By the end of December I stopped Lipitor and saw the doctor on Jan 7 08. After relating my problem – he sent me to a neurologist and I have had an MRI. My regular doctor said the results of the MRI showed I had arthritis. The neurologist disagrees. I have since read and learned in the past 3 days about CoQ10 and what Lipitor and statins in general do – deplete the body of an enzyme necessary for muscle and cell function. So tomorrow – will be a new day and I am challenging all concerned. I have been put on 20 mg of prednisone for pain – but that has not taken care of all of it and makes me shaky. Can CoQ10 help to restore my body balance? Dr. Weil of AARP article says it is advisable to use 60 to 120 mg of CoQ10 daily when taking Lipitor. Others: Heart doctors will not prescribe Lipitor. Another friend says his doctor made him take CoQ10 with Lipitor for maintaining balance for the heart muscle. Another says his mother lost her ability to stand after taking Lipitor for years. They tried every test to find out what was the matter and now realized it was the lost of muscle encyzmes. What can you say about CoQ10?


AskDocWeb: Please see our answer to Pam 10/7/2007 at the bottom of the page.

Subj: Surprised
Date: 2/7/2008
I have used liptor 40 mg for a three year period. And had all the same symptoms as described by other users. I am suprised that doctors defend this horrible drug that has ruined many peoples lives. Do the doctors get a bonus for recommending this drug at the expense of ruining peoples lives from the Pharmaceutical Drug Companies.


Subj: Memory problem
Date: 2/13/2008
I have noticed and by daily contacts that I am experiencing a memory problem. I forget what I am told to do and forget what I am talking during conversations. Liptor use 3 years 20mg. could this be the drug doing this to me?


AskDocWeb: Yes, others have reported short term memory problems with Lipitor. The PDR (2008) lists amnesia as occurring in less than 2% of those taking Lipitor.

Subj: Taken Lipitor and regretted it
Date: 2/14/2008
I taken lipitor for about 1 1/2 years and have regretted it. I am 41 years old and I feel like I am 90. I suffer from memory loss, severe weight gain, and very painful feet, knees, wrists, shoulders. I have stopped taking lipitor for 2 months and have lost ten pounds but still in pain. I WANT MY LIFE BACK. SOMEONE WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.


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