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7 Masturbation Myths

These wrong teachings have been passed down from generation to generation. Masturbation is a safe, private solution to sexual tension. 95% of people masturbate.

Myth 1: If you masturbate you lose your sex drive. False. Getting in touch with your sexual being does not reduce your sex drive.

Myth 2: If you masturbate you will grow hair on your palms or go bald. False. Masturbating has no influence on the growth of your hair anywhere on your body.

Myth 3: If you masturbate you will experience premature ejaculation. False. It seems that the more often you masturbate, the longer you can go without orgasm.

Myth 4: If you masturbate you will experience loss of stamina and endurance. Actually just the opposite happens. Masturbation is exercise. The more you exercise the more you gain endurance.

Myth 5: If you masturbate you lose the ability to sustain an erection. Definitely false. Masturbating will have no influence on your ability to get it up and keeping it up.

Myth 6: If you masturbate you will gain weight. False again. Masturbation is exercise. If anything, you’ll lose weight.

Myth 7: If you masturbate you will suffer from depression – The only way this is true is if you are sexually repressed and can’t control yourself (i.e. you were taught that masturbation is wrong, but you can’t stop yourself from doing it)

Masturbation is not a sin either. Even under the strict old testament law, nighttime ejaculation (which includes wet dreams, masturbation, and sex with your spouse), were all given the same treatment, and it was not as a sin. According to the King James bible, if you get semen all over your clothes and yourself or your spouse then you should go to the wash area and clean yourself up.

A person who enjoys regular masturbation or has a lot of sex with their partner may have some of those problems, but not from masturbation. There are many wonderful benefits every time you masturbate. The most important would be that, as far as your body’s plumbing is concerned, use it or lose it.

Masturbation Feedback

Subj: Here’s my 5
Date: 8/20/2007
Fact 1: Masturbation increaes your sex drive by increasing the production of male hormones.

Fact 2: Masturbation may increase hair growth in certain areas such as chest and armpits via the increase in male hormones just as taking testosterone can enhance hair growth in these areas. Since hair does not grow on the palm it will not grow there at all.

3. You can train yourself to be a premature ejaculater via masturbation- just as you can train yourself to hold out longer. Try to keep it under 4 hours though.

4. The increase in male hormones could conceivably cause muscle mass gain and weight gain although the ‘exercise’ probably counteracts this effect.

5. There is no relationship between masturbation and depression. Masturbation is not a sin according to the Bible. Any emission that came in contact with your clothing was considered unclean (a quite reasonable view in prescientific cultures with pus pockets bubbling and smallpox rampant). Actually, according to the Bible, spilling your seed on the ground only warrants death when you have done so (ie coitus interuptus) to neglect your duty to impregnate your brother’s wife! (Yep, it really says that!)