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Subj: Effexor and Meridia
Date: 5/9/2007
I have been taking effexor (150 mg a day) for 4 months now and have gained about 8 pounds, my doctor just prescribed Meridia (10mg a day), I would like to know if this is safe and if there is any adverse reactions I should look out for. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: According to the information we have, Meridia is not safe to use with anti-depressants and there should be a two week discontinuance before beginning Meridia. Likewise there should be a two week discontinuance of Meridia before going back on Effexor.

Subj: Let me know
Date: 5/10/2007
I’ve been using Meridia for the last 5 1/2 weeks. I started at 70″ and 255lbs at 24 years old. I’m now at 235 pounds! I haven’t increased my exercise at all. I have only modified my diet to eat ‘healthier’ foods and in smaller quantities. I have just this week started back to an intense exercise/training program. I can’t wait to see how much more fat I can burn off. If anyone has experienced similar results, please post and let me know how well you did long-term.


Subj: Long term kidney and liver failure?
Date: 5/12/2007
Does meridia cause long term kidney and liver failure? I have been using it for about 2 months and have achieved my ideal weight but my doctor told me meridia is safe and can use it for long term.


AskDocWeb: Renal dysfunction is a side effect that limits usage to a maximum of up to 2 years.

Subj: Hard time swallowing pills
Date: 5/22/2007
I have been prescribed Meridia but I have a hard time swallowing pills. Can I break it in half and take it?


AskDocWeb: No, do not break Meridia capsules in half.

Subj: Meridia dosage
Date: 5/29/2007
I have 130 lb. and my height is 161. Could you tell me I should start with 5mg or 10 mg.?


AskDocWeb: Your doctor is not likely to prescribe Meridia when you are not overweight.

Subj: Very pleased
Date: 5/31/2007
I used 10 mg dose for 4 months with Little to no side effects (dry mouth, maybe constipation). I monitored my blood pressure and pulse daily with no notable or predictable change. I noticed a slight headache when I first started taking Meridia. No other nasty diet pill symptoms noted. My experience with Merida was so much of an appetite depressant but more of a portion controller, not dramatic but non the less evident. I clearly was not able to eat such large portions. I ate pretty much what I wanted but only ate smaller portions then I had done in the past. I lost all the weight I wanted to lose. I look great, feel great and am very pleased (except for $$$)! Thank, thank you Meridia. Rate *****.


Subj: Get up starving
Date: 6/2/2007
I been taking meridia 10mg for about 6 months now, I lost a lot of weight about 25lb. I exercise 2x a week, but I think being on it for so long I would loose more, Meridia increases my appetite, I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. I get up starving and eat like a pig. Has anyone experienced this before?


AskDocWeb: Yes, this is commonly referred to as building up a tolerance. After a while the drug stops working and you start wasting your time and money. That’s why it limited to short-term use.

Subj: Any new info?
Date: 6/7/2007
Just looking for follow ups, my doc prescribe this but I haven’t started taking yet kinda doing my research any new info yet?


AskDocWeb: It is recommended to monitor blood pressure regularly during treatment.

Subj: Weight loss has been unbelievable!
Date: 6/7/2007
I have been on Meridia for the past 8 days. The weight loss in the first week has been unbelievable! I have been exercising more (swimming laps at the pool and bike riding)as well as eating smaller portions at mealtime. Also I have not been snacking at all. I have lost 7 lbs. and am extremely happy. I do have a lot to lose as I am 5’8″ and when I started Meridia weighed 235 pounds. Now I’m 227 pounds…Yipee!. I have had a few of the side effects like the dry mouth and a bit jittery(kinda feels like I drank too much coffee.) I also had trouble sleeping but only during the first few days. I need to lose at least 80 lbs. to get my BMI back to where it should be so am hoping the weight loss will continue. I am wondering if I am losing too fast though? Is it normal to lose 7 lbs. in the first week? Will the weight loss continue at this rate if I exercise the same amount and continue to eat 1000 to 1200 calories a day? I have been overweight for 17 years after having my first child and am so happy that I am finally losing. The very best thing is my cravings for food are totally gone and I get full way sooner at mealtime. Best of luck to everyone who is trying to lose weight and get healthy! May you reach your goal and maintain it for life.


Subj: My life span is reduced
Date: 6/8/2007
I very strongly advise deep research before taking this drug!! I began taking it when I was 15, shortly after I developed hypothyroidism!! I will live with it for the rest of my life now. I am 20 years old and have to take medication every day for the rest of my life, was too sick to finish school, my never be able to have children and feel like a 70 year old woman most days. My life span is reduced and I deal with many health problems related to the side effects of meridia every day! Please be careful, and get multiple opinions.


Subj: Nervous about taking this med
Date: 6/11/2007
I am slightly overweight (about 10-15 lbs.) and am a very active recreational athlete. I have eaten “healthy” all my life, and know a lot about nutrition. I have had trouble losing any body fat for about 8-10 years now, despite caloric restriction and very intense exercise. My doctor thinks I may be slightly hypothyroid, but she wants me to try Reductil/Meridia (10 mg) to see if I get any results. Will Meridia be effective for someone who already exercises (at a fairly high heart rate) 1-2 hours a day, and eats very little? (1200 kcal/day)? I have low blood pressure and a low resting heart rate, and good cholesterol. But I’m pretty nervous about taking this med.


AskDocWeb: As long as you do the follow up appointments with your physician it sounds like you should be fine.

Subj: Not recommended
Date: 6/18/2007
I have been taking meridia for two and a half months and would not recommend it to anyone. I was fine for the first month and lost 14 pounds which I think is all water. After one full month of taking it I started to notice my moods change and things that bothered me were 100 times worse. I felt like I was high and couldn’t find words to talk. I also felt hopeless and suicidal. I stopped taking it about a week ago and I cannot believe how much this drug messed with my mind mentally. I would rather be obese than feel the way I did on Meridia.


Subj: Third time on Meridia
Date: 6/23/2007
I’ve been taking Meridia for about a month now (this is my third time) 15mg a day first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and I just love it. It gives me a general sense of well being all day and I NEVER get hunger pangs anymore. If I eat just a little portion of anything it makes feel like I just had Thanksgiving dinner. The only side effect I had was dry mouth (I can live with that) and I get Goosebumps all the time, which I love! It makes feel incredible. I’m really not overweight any more but I take it to control my hunger pangs and of course the Goosebumps.


Subj: Female hair loss
Date: 6/24/2007
I am a 59-year old female. I started using minoxidil about 2 years ago after 30 years of gradual hair loss. I thought it would have been too late for my hair to come back, but I had great results. Within about a month I had lots of little hairs sprouting. Now, though, about 2 years later, I seem to be getting some kind of scalp burning. I’m not sure if it’s from the minoxidil but I’ve stopped using it until I can see a dermatologist. I’ve stopped for about a month and have lost quite a bit of hair. The burning did not occur as I applied the product so I’m not sure if they were connected, and it wasn’t everywhere I used it. I’m hoping I will be able to go back on it after my scalp gets better. Is there another form that might be less irritating? I was using the generic form from Walgreen’s.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Barbara, there is not another form available but we wish you luck.

Subj: Thinking of doing double
Date: 6/29/2007
Been on meridia a week 10mg seems to work but I’m thinking of double and doing 2 10mgs for 20mgs. I think this would help me better, don’t have a doc. appt till end of July. I’ll let you know how it goes.


AskDocWeb: Changing the dosage on any prescription drug can be dangerous and in some cases can result in death. Please, talk this over with your doctor before you do anything like that. Seriously, it is NOT recommended.

Subj: Meridia eliminated my desire for eating
Date: 7/1/2007
Have been taking Meridia for 5 complete weeks now. The doctor predicted an increased blood pressure in the first week and within the first 3 days, BP went from 120/80 to 122/90 and I had a ridiculous headache for about 3 days. I took 2 Tylenol and the headache went away and hasn’t come back. The drug has increased my ability to focus at work (instead of thinking about food, I can sit and work for 4 to 5 hours continuously). It has entirely eliminated my desire for eating and if anything has made me a bit anorexic. I am down 17 pounds in 5 weeks and am losing about .5 lb a day by just not eating garbage or eating late at night. My BP (as of yesterday) is now 117 over 75 so the BP increase was temporary as expected. Basically, I eat as much salad (no dressing) and fruits as I want with diet soda or water only. A backache just started a couple of days ago and is now getting better (could have been related to physical activity and not the med). I consider all of these side effects entirely minor in the context of the overall success. I have tried all of the wacky diets, workouts etc. etc. and nothing has been this successful in this time period. I am a 38 year old male – who started on the doctor’s scale at 283 lbs. In 5 weeks, I am down to 266 on his scale. Quick Question: I asked the doctor if I could continue with this until I get down to around 200lbs and he said that he only recommends the medication for 3 months as that is the safe amount even though this is extremely successful in my case. (To note, I am the 7th patient which the doctor has prescribed this med for and he has said that ALL 7 have had unbelievable results with it). He said that not everybody could use it because of some side effects that were predictable, but in my case because I don’t have any heart issues and normal BP, I was a great fit for it. He also did a full blood work beforehand to make sure I was a good fit as well. At this pace, that would only take me down to around 240 lbs., which would leave me short of my goal. Do you agree with his 3 month usage? I am taking the 10mg dosage. Would another option be to get to 240 and then drop to the 5mg for 3 more months?


AskDocWeb: The problem is that your body builds up a tolerance for the drug and it stops working. That’s why weight loss medication is ONLY for short-term use.

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