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Subj: Trying to get pregnant
Date: 12/2/2007
How long after taking two doses of meridia, should I wait to start trying to get pregnant…


AskDocWeb: Since you have only taken two doses there is no need to wait.

Subj: Meridia with antidepressant?
Date: 11/28/2007
Used meridia about 10 years ago and lost 30 lbs. Have not gained that weight back but still overweight so started back this week. I am on cymbalta for depression and can not stop that med. Is it safe to take meridia with this antidepressant? Have not had any side effects yet.


AskDocWeb: There may be a problem with taking an antidepressant with Meridia so be sure to tell your doctor before starting Meridia.

Subj: 16-year-old daughter weighs 227 lbs.
Date: 12/18/2007
I started on 10 mg daily of Meridia Aug 07 and just increased to 15 mg last week. I am also on Celexa 60 mg daily. I have lost almost 30 lbs. and feel great. I would like to lose at least 70 more lbs. I want to know if you would recommend this medication for my 16 year old daughter who weighs 227 lbs. She is also on Zoloft 40 mg daily.


AskDocWeb: Since your daughter is only 16 you should talk with her doctor about getting a complete blood work up to make sure there is nothing wrong with her thyroid.

Subj: Rash
Date: 12/23/2007
I have been taking Reductil for 9 days and have noticed increasing rash to body and now leg in small patches. They start as little raised spots and then the area gets red and itchy. Could this be the Reductil?


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you may be having an allergic reaction to the Reductil so let your doctor know. Taking Benadryl usually helps with that kind of rash.

Subj: No way
Date: 1/8/2008
I started taking alli about 4 days ago and frankly I am scared, I have experienced high blood pressure, my heart going through the roof, blurred vision, almost fainted at work, acne, migraine. Even though I have lost weight there is no way I’m sticking to it, I feel like any minute I’ll have a heart attack…


Subj: Not worth it
Date: 1/13/2008
Started 12 days ago. I feel and look awful. My face is swollen and I am so sick. My blood pressure is high and this medicine is not worth it.


Subj: Could Meridia cause E.D.?
Date: 1/18/2008
This is my second time using Meridia. The first was great. I lost over 40lbs and have been able to keep it off. Now, my second time, I’m into my seventh week of Meridia, exercise, watching my diet. About 3 days ago I noticed a difference in my body. Now it’s very difficult for me to get an erection and when I do it won’t last long…it’s almost as if I had no feeling there. Aside from taking Meridia, I also take a high blood pressure medication. Could Meridia be causing my E.D.?


AskDocWeb: Meridia has not been reported to cause any sexual problems for men. It is much more likely to the blood pressure medication and that may be an easy fix. In many cases, switching prescriptions is an easy way to overcome sexual problems caused by blood pressure medication so talk to your doctor.

Subj: Want to stop
Date: 1/21/2008
I have been on meridia for 6 months now. I was taking 15 mil. If I want to stop taking this medicine, can I gradually get off of it, or do I have to see my doctor?


AskDocWeb: Some people just stop and others feel better tapering off. If you have any doubts, talk to your physician.

Subj: Started getting regular headaches
Date: 1/22/2008
I have been on Meridia for two weeks, and have lost 5.2 pounds. I would like to lose 20 more pounds, but am a little concerned as I’ve started getting regular headaches for about 3-4 days now. This is the only side effect I’ve had – I love that Meridia has all but diminished my appetite. I am not craving food like I normally do, and I have much healthier eating habits and fill up much quicker. I will be getting my blood pressure checked tomorrow, and if it is high I will contact my doctor – but I hope it’s not because I want to continue with this med – it’s really been helping.


Subj: Delganex
Date: 1/29/2008
Well, I just purchased delganex, which is the same as meridia. I bought it in the D.R. (Dominican Republic). I’ve heard how great they are! Hopefully I can add to the hype soon!


Subj: Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep
Date: 2/8/2008
I’ve been taking the 15’s for about 5 days and I’ve noticed a change. However, I’m having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night when I’m taking the pills in the morning. Also, I’ve been getting stomach achs that come with the lack of sleep. It’s not very fun.


Subj: Not sure
Date: 2/17/2008
I took meridia for about 7 months, didn’t really lose weight but maintained (didn’t eat the best) I went off of it because I began to experience numbness in my face, legs and arms. Still have 7 months after taking the medication but now it feels more like burning then numbness. Considering trying the medication again…not sure.


Subj: Meridia and Wellbutrin-SR
Date: 2/24/2008
Is there a danger with taking Meridia and wellbutrin-sr at the same time. I have been taking 150MG of Wellbutrin-Sr twice a day for over 2 years and would like to try Meridia. Is this combo safe?


AskDocWeb: The directions for wellbutrin-sr say not to combine it with stimulants and Meridia is a stimulant. Combining them would increase the possibility of seizures.

Subj: Huge surge of energy
Date: 2/25/2008
I have been taking Meridia for a little over a week. I don’t know exactly how much weight I’ve lost because I don’t trust the scales I have at home! But I did lose a pant size within the week. I haven’t had many side effects. Dry mouth…but only if I’m not drinking enough water, which is rare. And I’ve had a few headaches but only a couple which caused me to reach for the motrin. I feel a huge surge of energy after taking Meridia which helps with exercise and the physical activity I have to stay on top of at work. I don’t think about food! Which kinda worries me a bit because I’ve been having to ‘remind’ myself to eat. And when I do I can’t eat very much. I may ask for the 5mg when I see my Dr in 3 weeks if I still don’t feel the slightest bit hungry. Cause I’m having to TELL myself to eat and remember because I just don’t feel hungry and I know that annorexia is a side effect. I haven’t started an exercise regimine yet but I’m always on the go and physically active at my job where I work with dogs. Overall I am very pleased with the results and I feel GOOD. I feel right, not thinking about food, only wanting to eat the RIGHT food. And thinking positive. My fiance was hesitant to tell me he’s noticed my weight loss, but once I assured him I’d love to hear it, he’s not afraid to tell me and it’s great motivation…I feel fantastic!


Subj: Awesome experience
Date: 2/29/2008
I am having an awesome experience so far with Meridia. I am on my 4th day and have lost 5lbs already! I took this into hand… a healthy 7 calories per pound puts me at 1,365 calorie intake per day. I find it even hard to eat that many but it is a huge cut from 2000 calories a day. I also bought 5lb ankle weight for each foot that I wear all day every day. I feel great. No side effects at all, just make sure you get in your calories that you need so that you don’t get a headache/side effects. I love that it helps me manage my portions. I am doing everything I can to get the max results, I figure that I should while I have the prescription. It is just awesome!


Subj: Suffering from all its side effects
Date: 3/9/2008
This is supposed to be my third day on meridia. The problem is that I started with 15mg and that’s why I’m almost suffering from all its side effects like Abdominal pain, anxiety, back pain, depression, dizziness, dry mouth, flu symptoms, headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, loss of strength, nervousness. It seems like I have to stop taking it.


Subj: Meridia and lexapro?
Date: 4/3/2008
I have taken Meridia in the past and it has worked wonderfully. I have since started on lexapro and have started to gain weight, Can these two drugs be taken together?


AskDocWeb: No, taking Lexapro (Escitalopram Oxalate) and Meridia (Sibutramine Hydrochloride) together may result in an increased risk of a serious syndrome that may cause high blood pressure, facial flushing, elevated body temperature, sudden muscle spasms, seizures, confusion, or changes in mental awareness. If you are using both medicines together, your doctor may change the dose or how often you use one or both of these medications. Tell your doctor if you have muscle tremor, sudden muscle spasms, facial flushing, or feel confused. Do not stop using medication without talking to your doctor first.

Subj: Is this right for me?
Date: 5/8/2008
I am 30. Very active and about 10lbs overweight. I weigh 140-142lbs. I went through a divorce and lost 20 lbs. and weighed about 120 for about a year…except from not eating during that period of time…I was mostly body fat. My BMI is very high. I just started using Meridia today. Is this right for me? I also eat very well and exercise 3 times per week and I have only lost 1-2 lbs. in the last 3 months. I even went to the gym and used a personal trainer…when on a low carb high protein diet and nothing happened except I had more muscle definition. In addition I was recently diagnosed with severe IBS and I’m on Levbid. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


AskDocWeb: You will need to consult with your doctor to determine if Meridia is right for you or not.

Subj: Loss of hair
Date: 5/14/2008
Has any one experienced loss of hair while taking this?

AskDocWeb: Although it is not listed as an effect of taking Meridia, one person did report major hair loss after starting Meridia.

Subj: Meridia with Lexapro?
Date: 5/20/2008
Why can you not be on Meridia and Lexapro, what will happen if I was to mix these 2 drugs together?


AskDocWeb: Treatment with both Meridia and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as Lexapro may result in the increased risk of a serious syndrome that may cause high blood pressure, sudden muscle spasms, elevated body temperature, seizures, facial flushing, confusion, or changes in mental awareness. Using Meridia together with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) such as sertraline, fluoxetine, paroxetine, or venlafaxine is usually not recommended, but may be required in some cases. If you are using Meridia while taking an SSRI, your doctor may change the dose or how often you use one or both of the medicines. Call your doctor if you have sudden muscle spasms, muscle tremor, facial flushing, or feel confused.

Subj: Dizziness
Date: 6/4/2008
I stopped taking Meridia after week of starting because of feeling dizzy. I was on 10mg. How long after I stop taking it should the dizziness stop?


AskDocWeb: Most of it will be out of your system in just a couple of days but the dizziness should stop long before then.

Subj: Meridia and zynthroid?
Date: 6/4/2008
Can anyone tell me if Meridia and zynthroid can be taken at the same time, both in the morning? My doctor just prescribed it and forgot to ask.


AskDocWeb: Zynthroid is a common misspelling of Synthroid which is used to treat hypothyroidism. The PDR lists no drug interactions between these two drugs.

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