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If you use Minoxidil, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Coverit 10%
Date: 8/20/2015
I am a girl of 23yrs and my Doctor has suggested me to use Coverit 10%. I’m losing my Hairs in the Front portion. Will it be beneficial for me? For how much time I Should use this?


AskDocWeb: Coverit 10% appears to contain 10% minoxidil. In our country products containing 10% minoxidil are not approved for use by women mainly because of unwanted side effects such as the growth of body hair and facial hair.

Dandruff and itching
Date: 8/21/2015
Dandruff and itching – I have been using MX 5% from last 2months and I found good result also. But for this now I’m suffering in dandruff and itching on my scalp. Please give me some suggestions that how can I free from this problem.


AskDocWeb: This is a common complaint made by those who use products containing minoxidil. Any of the over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoos likely help.

Significant hair loss
Date: 8/23/2015
Hi, I had used rogaine for almost one year, I stop it 2 months ago due to skin sensitive. I started to incur significant hair loss and it seem it is worse than before I use rogaine. I am considering to resume rogaine. Will I get back hair I lost due to discontinue of rogaine 2 months ago. Thks


AskDocWeb: Once again, if you stop using this hair growth stimulant, the hair that it caused to grow will fall out. If you start using it again you may recover that hair but it is likely to take several months.

Started losing hair again
Date: 8/25/2015
Hi Im 24 years old and have been using minoxidil 5% for 6mnths ….i had good growth. …bt wen i reduced the use of it…i started losing the hair too much and had itching sensation over my head….any suggestions would be greatly helpful…..thank you


AskDocWeb: The amount of minoxidil that the directions say to use is the amount that research has found to be effective. If you use less than that then you can expect to start losing hair again.

After my treatment
Date: 8/25/2015
I have prescried with regrowth monoxidil 5%….after my treatment and solving of my problem should I stop or continue….do my hair again decreases after stopping the regrowth?


AskDocWeb: Yes, once the stimulating effects of minoxidil are no long present the hair that it caused to grow gradually falls out over a period of a few months. To keep the new hair you have to continue the treatment.

Morr 2%
Date: 8/26/2015
I m 20 yr old girl using Morr2 % since 1 month but hv nth observe any effect of that. what 2 do now? should I continue with it or nt. I m waiting 4 ur response. thank u.


AskDocWeb: The active ingredient in Morr 2% is minoxidil. It can take several months before you start to see results.

Patchy hair loss
Date: 8/27/2015
I have undergone mesotherapy twice for 15 sitting in last 5 years. As during treatment hairfall was reduced ant new hair growth started. Once treatment is stopped after few month it became to square 1. Now I’m using Amexidil 5% and viterma tablet with Xgain shampoo. Recently have noticed in the right side of the scalp a patchy hairfall. I’m applying Amexidil on dat twice a day but cnt see any resuly. Please suggest how to regrow hair on that patchy surface.


AskDocWeb: Patchy hair loss can be a sign of ringworm as well as a symptom of several diseases that may require medical treatment. Please talk to your doctor about this.

Twice a day?
Date: 8/27/2015
Hello sir, i m using minoxidil 5 % nd taking finax 1mg daily. But i applied minoxdil 5% only at night time before going to bed. Is it compolsury to applied minoxidile twice a day? If i applied once in a day what will be the consequences?


AskDocWeb: Ask yourself this; If you apply half as much effort that is needed in order to do a job, would you expect the job to get done? If the directions say to apply it twice a day and you do half of that, it is unlikely to produce satisfying results.

After 20 days
Date: 8/28/2015
after using 20 day hair falling conuis


AskDocWeb: The directions say to consult with your doctor if hair loss continues beyond two weeks.

Date: 8/29/2015
iam using pilomin-2 from 7 years, will it affectss my sexual life.


AskDocWeb: If you are following the directions there are no known effects on the sex life. The only sexual problem that has been reported was from those who were using too much and getting an overdose.

Brands of minoxidil
Date: 9/3/2015
Sir I am staying outside India, but for 3 months I am using mintop forte but unfortunate it finishs the whole oil and now i can’t go to india to procure the mintop forte oil of same brand so can i use Instead of Regaine minioxidil oil for my hair bladness it will create any side effect or not i want to know this sir. please tell me now i want to use the another brand oil any problem.


AskDocWeb: Minoxidil is sold under several different brand names and formulas. If what you buy has the same amount of minoxidil as what you used before then we would expect it to have the same result.

Increased hair fall
Date: 9/3/2015
I’m yogesh 24 years old I’m using minokin 5% since five days but there is problem I have increased my hair fall by using this product dnt knw why..will u plz suggest me


AskDocWeb: The active ingredient in Minokin is minoxidil and the directions say to consult with your doctor if hair loss continues beyond two weeks. Since you have been using it only five days you have nine more days to give it a chance to work.
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