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If you use Minoxidil, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Sexual health?
Date: 12/20/2015
Hi! Is there any side affects regarding sexual health later?


AskDocWeb: No, the only possibility of sexual side effects mentioned was in the case of an overdose, which would result from using too much or too often. If you follow the directions minoxidil will have no effect on your sexual health.

Beard growth?
Date: 12/20/2015
Can i use minoxidil 5 for my beard growth????


AskDocWeb: Topical minoxidil is approved for use only on the scalp. Using it anywhere else on the body is not recommended.

Date: 12/22/2015
Hi i am 25 yrs old. I have a dandruff and I lose a lot of hair daily. Now I am started using Mx5 from 10days but I am seeing lot of dandruff after started using Mx5. And is there any particular shampoo should I use or wat? Plz do suggest me asap


AskDocWeb: Have you tried an anti-dandruff shampoo, one that is specifically formulated to combat dandruff such as Nisim Biofactors?

Weight gain on minoxidil?
Date: 12/24/2015
I started off using 2% minoxidil and had no side affects. Then I figured I would “speed up” the process and start using the 5%. I was on the 2% for maybe 2 months? But while using the 5% I’ve noticed a 10 pound weight gain. I don’t know if its from using minoxidil period or if its the % that’s the culprit. Anyone know the answer. please?


AskDocWeb: The data we have on minoxidil says that you should check with your doctor immediately if you have weight gain (rapid) of more than 5 pounds.

Accidentally get Minoxidil on forehead or ears?
Date: 12/27/2015
Hi. I just started using Minoxidil 1 month ago and I’ve realized that I have been applying more than 2ml daily. The only side effect I am experiencing until now is itchiness on the back of my neck and ears but I wanted to know that, apart from this, if I take the prescribed amount from now on will it be okay? Also, if I accidentally get Minoxidil on my forehead or ears I immediately wash it so this doesn’t result in hair growth in these areas, right?


AskDocWeb: You are right, cleaning those areas immediately will prevent it from being absorbed into the skin.

Increased hair fall
Date: 12/28/2015
Hi, I had been using mintop for the past 1 1 year and seen considerable improvement in my hair quality. However I have been noticing increased hair fall for the past 1-2 months in spite of continous use. I never stopped using mintop. why is there sudden change in the results. please rep.


AskDocWeb: We have seen no research that would suggest it might stop working after some period of time. Remember that this is just a “treatment” not a “cure” as the underlying reason for hair loss remains. It may be that the Mintop simply can’t keep up with the developing MBP process or other cause of your hair loss. If you are suddenly losing an alarming amount of hair, check with your doctor.

Fast beard growth?
Date: 1/3/2016
Can tugain 5 solution help out for fast beard growth?


AskDocWeb: That would be considered an “off-label” use, which means research has not shown the product to be safe and/or effective for using it on the face.

Tugain 2% solution
Date: 1/6/2016
Hello sir I am 21yr/female I am using tugain 2% solution. I am applying it on night time on dry sclap n washing it off in morning. I want to no how many times I should apply it when can I apply hair oil n will it my hair.


AskDocWeb: The active ingredient in Tugain 2% solution is
Minoxidil and directions say to apply it twice a day for maximum effectiveness. There is no specific direction regarding the use of oil with minoxidil but it does say to allow the product to dry. Using oil before the minoxidil dries would seem to be counterproductive. Note that a small percentage of patients have reported changes in hair color and texture with the use of minoxidil.

Date: 1/6/2016
Is minoxidil is helpful for beard??? Is 10% better for beards.???


AskDocWeb: No. Minoxidil is not approved for use on the face.

Any side effects?
Date: 1/7/2016
Sir am using rogaine tropical solution (as m suffering from hair fall and thin hair) + minokem-n 5% solution for frontal bladness..will it work or will it cause any side effect??


AskDocWeb: There is a possibility of side effects which you can read about here. How well it works or if it works at all cannot be predicted ahead of time. However, it has worked for enough people to convince us that it is worth trying.

Zenoxidil/minoxidil gel 10%?
Date: 1/14/2016
Hi, I am 21 years old, due to dandruff i lose my hair every day, I consult dermatologist, he suggest to me to apply zenoxidil/minoxidil gel 10%.. Is is safe..


AskDocWeb: Some countries have approved the 10% formula of minoxidil but here in the U.S.A. the maximum strength considered safe is 5%. The higher the percentage the more likely you are to have side effects so you may want to read about them.

Missing eyebrow
Date: 1/16/2016
Sir my eyebrow some missing so i tried this hair 4 u.


AskDocWeb: So how well did it work? Do you notice any result?

No new hair
Date: 1/17/2016
Hi i am using tugain 5 % for last 1 year ..but i am not seeing any new hair..and increased my hair loss and completely destroyed my hair there any cure?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Tom, although there are several treatments on the market there is no cure for hair loss.
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