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If you use Minoxidil, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Change in color of hair
Date: 2/6/2016
The minoxidil imax 5% is realy much effective than i expected. In the first week it shows working, as a change in color of hair.


Questions about discontinuing Minoxidil
Date: 2/7/2016
I’ve seen this product on the internet a few days ago and I’m considering to try it but I have a few concerns. I’ve lost many of my hair at the beginning of my twenties. Since about 6-7 years I have not experienced further hair falling, so now I have a constant number of hair strands but it’s sparse and thin.

I’ve read that in those cases when the minoxidil solutions were applied during the hair falling phase, then the hair loss is stopped and new strands started to grow. Yet when the treatment was discontinued the newly grown hair has fallen out. I know that the number of hair strands depends on many thing like the oxygen and nutrient supply of the hair roots, number of blood vessels, ect. And if your skin cannot provide it then you will lose your hair. My question is that if I start using this product, but after some time I stop the treatment, will my regrown hair falling out as well? Moreover, could the hair I have right now falling out too? Thank you for your answer in advance!

Tugain 5% minoxidil

AskDocWeb: As we understand it, once the topical minoxidil is discontinued the new hair that minoxidil caused to grow start falling out over a period of several months. The rate at which you lose the hair that you had when starting treatment returns to what it was before using the product.

Avogain 5%
Date: 2/8/2016
Dear Sir, i would like to inform you that i was using Avogain 5 % three months ago as i cut my all hairs as they were small i was feeling some result as my hair grow and long so then i was not using the Avogain 5 % so now my hair is falling so much. may we can use it in long hair or need to shave all head and then we need to use it. may you suggest any soap or lotion also for it. Regards


AskDocWeb: Avogain 5% is one of the formulations of minoxidil and the directions for use appear to be the same. There is no mention of any need to shave or cut the hair before use so long hair seems to be okay as long as you know that, to be effective, it needs to be applied to the scalp. Applying it just to the hair does nothing to increase hair growth or stop hair loss.

Triclenz Hair Cleaner Shampoo
Date: 2/8/2016


AskDocWeb: Sorry V., we have no consumer reports on that product.

Shed from left side
Date: 2/8/2016
I have been using this solution for two weeks and my hairs started to shed from left side am l using it wrong please tel me how to use this solution it contain minoxidil 5% and aminexil 1.5%


AskDocWeb: Losing hair from just one side of the head may indicate a problem that requires medical attention.

If you purchased it from a legitimate source then it came with printed directions. Follow the directions on the package or prescription label carefully.

New hair is also falling!!!
Date: 2/10/2016
I’m 30 years male & experiencing moderate hair fall from age of 22. When hair fall was tremendous I met a dermatologist and started using minokem 5% and prohair. I got some good result after 3-4 months and continue it. After using it for more than 3 yrs I transfered to a different place and stop using minokem for few months.

Now the water of that place is such that my hair starts falling at a vicious rate and with in 4-5 months I have become almost bald. Then again I consult with the dermatologist and he asked me to start minokem again with prohair and well grow anti hair fall serum. Initially hair falls continuously, so I shave my hair and continue using medicine. Now after 1-2 months I saw hair fall reduced and very small amount of hair appears on some bald part though those hairs are extremely thin and doesn’t help reducing baldness.

Now after using it for 4 months I met the dermatologist and he asked me to continue treatment. But the problem is my hair starts falling again and most of them are tiny little new born hair. So I’m very much confused whether this medicine works or not? If it’s producing some new hair then why those hairs are falling again? Should I continue the medicine? Please help me by answering these…. Thanks & regards


AskDocWeb: The major problem with stopping and starting again seems to be, what appears to be a delayed reaction. It may take several months for the scalp to adjust to being treated and again may take months for the scalp to lose the new hair after treatment stops. In order to get consistent results treatment must be use consistently on a daily basis.

If i stop using mintop 10%
Date: 2/11/2016
Hii..i am salim im using mintop 10% according to doctor he told me to use mintop 10% till six month so i wnt to know if i stop using mintop10% after six month so what happen i will face again hair fall problem or it is ok to stop after six month and please inform me i have to use this mintop 10% for limited period or i can use this mintop10% for lifetime thank you


AskDocWeb: Everything we have read about this says that if you stop using it then the new hair falls out within a few months. There doesn’t seem to be any limit on how long it can be used.

For beard growth
Date: 2/11/2016
Sir I’m using minoxidil 10% from 40 days for beard growth. After one month I saw new hairs growth.. It was very light n thin first now it can b visualised but not so thick as my mustache.. Plz tell me how to use.. I apply it on my side chicks as I have less beard thr.. And ?? massage it for 10-15 mint.. Should I massage or apply n spread… And will this benefit will b permanent or life long I have to use it twice day..

I also got pen treatment on my beard.. They injected some medicine by it.. And also suggested me to get adgain capsual at night after dinner


AskDocWeb: Sorry, the use of minoxidil for beard growth is not approved in our country.
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