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Minoxidil Feedback

If you use Minoxidil, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Minoxidil pills
Date: 11/19/2008
Hi, It’s my first month since taken the minoxidil. I have also stop taken the pills since last May, my ovulations and period was ok, Today or tomorrow I should receive my period. Can this change now? And can you get pregnant while taken the minoxidil?

AskDocWeb: Yes, you can get pregnant while taking Minoxidil however, this forum is for discussion of the topical form of Minoxidil that is used to treat hair loss.

Subj: Discontinuing Mintop
Date: 11/21/2008
Hi I am Naveen, 28. I have a problem of heriditary baldness. I have started applying Mintop 2% 3 years back & also I got little bit good result but since 1 year there is no any improvement in my baldness. Now I want to stop to use it, but I heard that if I will stop it’s use then hairfall will start at double rate. Is it so?


AskDocWeb: That does happen to some people but it doesn’t last very long. The good news is that you only lose the hair you would have lost if you hadn’t used the Mintop. After that your hair loss returns to your normal rate of loss.

Subj: Combine Minoxidil with Nisim Extract?
Date: 11/22/2008
For the past 2 years I’ve been using Minoxidil 5%. As a 37 male my hair is pretty stable and I completely stopped using Minoxidil altogether. I’ve switched to Nisim 3 main products: Shampoo, Conditioner and Stimulus extract. Will this be a good regimen going forward? Also if I wanted to go back in using Minoxidil can I combine it with the Nisim extract? Thanks.

AskDocWeb: Yes, many men are using more than one product for hair loss, just don’t apply them at the same time. We have no idea what would happen if you mix the two products together but it’s better to be safe than sorry. A bad reaction would likely show up as scalp irritation.

Subj: Can u pls tell me.
Date: 11/23/2008
How can I stop my hair loss. I’m woried my hair. can I use grow oil or mentop. pls tell me how can got back my hair. WHAT IS THE BEST TREATMENT FOR HAIR LOSS?

AskDocWeb: Mintop may help for a year or so but we are not familiar with grow oil. In order to decide the best treatment for hair loss you need to know what is causing the hair loss. Are you taking any drugs that cause hair loss? If so you may want to ask your doctor about alternatives. If your hair loss is caused by a simple vitamin deficiency something like Advecia may help.

Subj: Not a good idea
Date: 11/29/2008
I have read on this site that when Minoxidil is applied on a wet scalp, too much of it will be absorbed into your body leading to a fast and irregular heart rate. Does this mean that combining Minoxidil with pure EMU-OIL for the the superior penetrating properties of the latter is not a good idea, as that would lead to this same side effects? My second question is: Would I still lose the hair that has been grown by Minoxidil, should I switch to another (working) hair growth product? What I mean to ask is whether the hair grown by Minoxidil can only be maintained by Minoxidil, thus being immune/non responsive to any other product or treatment other than minoxidil? Thanks in advance,


According to the manufacturer your hair and scalp must be completely dry before using Minoxidil, if not then you are not following directions and they are not responsible for any possible consequences. If you want to make up your own customized formula then we suggest you consult with a dermatologist first. That may help you avoid unexpected side effects or other health problems. We have seen nothing to indicate that using Minoxidil might cause immunity to other products.

Subj: Minoxidil is too much work
Date: 12/5/2008
Ive stoped using minoxidil after about 10 days because its too much work to put it on twice a day. I comb my hair to the front to hide my receding hairline, especially the temples, and when I had to put on the minoxidil in my temples I had to comb my hair back and this would ruin my hairstyle. I bought saw palmetto pills to regrow hair and keep what I have but I’m afraid to use them cause there are some sideeffects. I’m 20 years old and after what ive researched I think that saw palmatto would work better than minoxidil. You guys can research it and tell me what you think.


AskDocWeb: We did that research awhile back. You can read the results here.

Subj: Minoxidil no help
Date: 12/6/2008
Hi, I’ve been using Minoxidil for close to 3 months. But not only has it not helped grow any new hair, it has extremely sped up my hair loss. Also, my head is very itchy, I seem to have developed rashes around the areas where I apply minoxidil, and an increase in dry skin on my head. should I keep using minox for 4 to 6 months like many do, or stop using it all together and maybe try Propecia?


AskDocWeb: We suggest you read the consumer reviews before making a decision so that you know the possible side effects.

Subj: Flakes on the scalp
Date: 12/6/2008
I’ve been using minoxidil for 2 years now and it showed a good increase on my hair. However, my scalp became drier that resulted to flakes on the scalp. Also, my face became drier and flakes started to build up that really irritates me. I have tried lots of moisturizer on my face but it did not cure my irritation on the face. What should I do? Thank you.

32 year old male

AskDocWeb: The most common problem with Minoxidil is scalp flaking and irritation but because the irritation on the face may be an unrelated condition, we suggest checking with your doctor or a dermatologist.

Subj: Hair thinning and sticky hair on scalp
Date: 12/9/2008
Hi, I am 25 year old female and since last 5 months I was noticing hair thinning and sticky hair on scalp. My hair looks oily after 12 hours of hair wash. I recently consulted a dermatologist and she suggested me to use 2% Mintop solution 1ml every night and H Vit Biotin tabs 1 every night and fefol capsules 1 every night. Now pls advise whether it will really help me make my hair thicker and healthier. I have been using for 1 week now. I just read it in the booklet provided by mintop that it causes visual disturbance, hepatitis. Just want to know is this solution safe? Please let me know. I do not suffer from any other health problems but Atopy (allergic episodes of itching and rashes and for that I take citrizin tabs every alternative day) pls help me and advise.


AskDocWeb: You will have to check with your local dermatologist about the safety of that product. Mintop is made in India and we are in the USA so we haven’t seen the booklet that comes with it.

Subj: Stop using minoxidil?
Date: 12/9/2008
I have used minoxidil topical solution 2% for 4 months now I want to stop using it, stop using it will create more hair loss?


AskDocWeb: Yes , like other hair loss products, whatever hair comes in because of the Minoxidil will fall out when you discontinue use. This typically takes place over the 12 months following discontinuing the product.

Subj: 22 years old
Date: 12/11/2008
Hello, I am 22 years old and I am using my hair since 18 years old and my hair is getting weaker…my forheard hairs are thin and its not growing longer its short and thin…my question is that menoxidel 5% work for me and make my hair thicker?


AskDocWeb: We can’t recommend it for long term use because according to Drug Facts from the FDA “Hair regrowth has not been shown to last longer than 48 weeks of continuous treatment in large clinical trials with minoxidil topical solution 5% for men.”

Subj: Increased hair loss?
Date: 12/14/2008
Today is December 15th and I started using minoxidil on November 23rd, it has been little more than three weeks. I have been experiencing scalp itchiness which is sometime hard to tolerate, but the worse part is that I am experiencing increase hair loss. The increase in hair loss scares me more than anything else. I am not sure whether to continue or stop the treatment. I read somewhere that in the first month there might be increase hair loss which will result in positive long term effect.


AskDocWeb: This has been reported by other men who use Minoxidil. They say the increased hair loss lasts about a month.

Subj: Decided to try minoxidil
Date: 12/15/2008
A friend and I decided to try minoxidil. We are both in our 50s. Is this medacation primarily used on the crown of the scalp, verces the top, and front? Another friend of mine used Bosley hair transplant, after I saw what was done to him, I can not believe the co. can claim the process to be a simple out patient procedure. It was any thing but that.


AskDocWeb: Minoxidil works primarily on the top of the head. It is not recommended for the front hairline although some people do have success in that area for awhile. Remember to read the patient instructions that come with the product or you may miss something important, for example, it is flammable while wet.

Subj: Headaches
Date: 12/16/2008
A good hot topic! But what is not mentioned is that why does it cause headaches, as I know the more blood comes to the head the better it is!?


AskDocWeb: Headaches are rare but if they become a concern they should be reported to your doctor. Read more feedback about Minoxidil.
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