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Minoxidil Feedback

If you use Minoxidil, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Help to grow hair back?
Date: 9/5/2009
IS minoxidil help to grow hair back? Am using minoxidil 10% for last two month…


AskDocWeb: If your scalp can tolerate the 10% then there is a good chance that it will work for you. If not, your scalp may experience redness, itching, burning, and dandruff.

Subj: Applying only 1ml
Date: 9/8/2009
I want to thank you alot for this benefit informations. I wrote many important notes I had ever know them. Please I want to ask you, I’m 22 years old and I used the topical minoxidil before more than 3 months. But I put more than 2ml/day often I put 4 ml because I lose my hair on large area from the front of my head to the top of the crown. Please tell me how to put only 1ml on this large area to avoid the drug side effects. Thanks again.


AskDocWeb: The minoxidil sold here in the USA comes with several applicator options, including a dropper marked with a 1ml calibration, a spray applicator, and an extended spray applicator (6 pumps of the spray applicator releases 1ml of minoxidil. If you use the spray applicator, don’t inhale the aerosol because it could affect your blood pressure. If your product did not come with these options then check with your local drugstore. They should have a 1ml dropper that can do the job.

Subj: Minoxin?
Date: 9/9/2009
Hi there, I am 29 year old man and I am losing hair from crown and sculp at the same time. Would you suggest me using minoxin 2% & 5% even though I dye my Hair every 3rd week. Will there be any side effects of it? Please help me out in this regard.


AskDocWeb: So far there have been no reports of problems with any kind of dye when using minoxidil. If you have any problems be sure to report back.

Subj: Minokem vs Mintop
Date: 9/9/2009
I am using minokem 2% from last 5 months but I am not getting any improvement. Can I use mintop?


AskDocWeb: You probably could but you might get better results by using the stronger 5% solution of either product.

Subj: Dark rings around eyes and collagen synthesis
Date: 9/11/2009
Minoxidil has worked wonders on my hair but dark rings have formed around my eyes. I have also noticed my skin is less elastic and there are some wrinkles. Is this normal or should I stop? Have read a report saying Minoxidil can stop collagen synthesis.


AskDocWeb: That does not sound like the typical response to Minoxidil although there are a few men reporting similar experiences. One possibility is that of going to sleep with the minoxidil on. It could then rub off onto your pillow and from the pillow to other areas on your face.

The effect of minoxidil has been studies on both human collagen synthesis and rat collagen synthesis. In 1987 The Journal of Biological Chemistry published an article by Murad and Pinnell that showed minoxidil suppressed activity of the enzyme lysyl hydroxylase in human skin fibroblast cultures leading to production of a collagen deficient in hydroxylysine. In the rat study Minoxidil also suppressed collagen synthesis by rat skin cells. Those studies only hint at possibilities but are far from conclusive. The concentrations of minoxidil used in the studies were very high, several times what you would be using. There is also no explanation as to the relevance of those results to hair growth.

Subj: Concerned about hair loss after quitting minoxidil
Date: 9/12/2009
Hi, thank you for putting up this review of minoxidil I found it very informative, there is one question though that I could not find an answer to. I read that if I cease using minoxidil, then the hair that has regrown will fall out again, but what about the hair that I still had in an area that was thinning, will those hairs also fall out? I’m concerned that if I apply minoxidil to an area where I still have some hair, that those hairs may be kicked into overdrive and get exhausted, and then when I cease use of minoxidil they too will die??


AskDocWeb: In the 4 years that we have been collecting comments about minoxidil, no one has reported that happening.

Subj: Seems to have stopped working
Date: 9/14/2009
Hi, I’ve been using regain for about a year now, after 5 months I noticed my hair started growing back, but it seems to have stopped working. I changed to the foam, should I change back to the liquid instead which I started off on? My doctor told me to use the foam but not getting the benefits, is there anything else I should try, thanks,

Leanne 30

AskDocWeb: The liquid and foam are just two forms of the same product. If one doesn’t work then it would seem that there is little chance of the other one working. You may want to check out other products such as Provillus or Procerin.

Subj: Minodoxil 5%
Date: 9/16/2009
Hey I am using mintop minodoxil 5% from 1 month. Earlier I used 2% but I did not seen any changes so 5% will make any changes. If yes how much does it take normally?


AskDocWeb: The amount you use is the same but the 5% is more concentrated and has a higher chance of helping.

Subj: Mintop 10
Date: 9/17/2009
Mintop 10 I been using Mintop 10 since a month and will I get good results out of it?


AskDocWeb: From our perspective the 10% strength is experimental and should be used with caution. The higher the concentration the greater the possibility of side effects. You would be doing others a service if you post your results here.

Subj: Mintop stop working
Date: 9/19/2009
Mintop stop working after sometime. What other lotion do you advise?


AskDocWeb: You may want to use a shampoo that is specifically formulated for those who suffer from hair loss: Nisim Biofactors

Subj: Scalp burn
Date: 9/20/2009
I am 62 years old, I used Rogaine 5% minoxidil solution. My scalp started to burn and fluid started coming down from my scalp to my face. I still did not stop yet for 3 days, my eyes are swollen up. How can I solve this problem?


AskDocWeb: That sounds like a pretty severe reaction and it may need medical attention, please consult with your doctor.

Subj: Side effects?
Date: 9/23/2009
Hi, am going to use minoxidil 2% for doctors advice…its good for me? It will create any side effects?


AskDocWeb: You need to know that it doesn’t work for everyone and there are a few possible side effects. They are listed here.

Subj: Minoxidil for WOMEN?
Date: 9/27/2009
I’m 21, female, and using minoxidil 5% twice a day. My dermatologist assured me that the hair regrown doesn’t fall out after stopping the medicine for WOMEN. She says that’s only the case for males. Is this true???!! I’m really worried, I don’t want to use this stuff for the rest of my life??!!!


AskDocWeb: Minoxidil is a treatment for hair loss but it is not a cure. According to the FDA continued use is necessary to keep your regrowth or hair loss will begin again. No distinction is made between men and women for this affect. This is likely to occur within 3 to 4 months of discontinuing use. In clinical studies of women aged 18-45 years with mild to moderate degrees of hair loss, the following response to minoxidil topical solution 2% was reported after 8 months of use: 19% of women reported moderate hair regrowth and 40% had minimal regrowth. The use of 5% minoxidil by women is contraindicated due to an increased risk of facial hair growth.

Subj: Side effects in the future
Date: 9/27/2009
Hi, I am a 28 yr old male and had been a victim of Hair loss like many. Although its hereditary in my family but still I thought science is quite advanced these days to reverse the affect of ur genes. So I decided to use Minoxidil 5% solution. Remember, I didn’t buy any product based on Minoxidil but I purchased the actual chemical from a chemist shop. Now I have been using it for the past 2 months (twice daily) and have seen a drastic difference. My hair fall has reduced by nearly 95% and it looks more healthier and dense. I even apply hair gel daily (which people say cause hair loss) but even then my hair is quite healty. The choice of applying directly the chemical(Minoxidil 5%) itself on my scalp was purely mine. Can someone advice me if it might have some side effects in the future or is it a wrong decison made by me?


AskDocWeb: We can’t tell you if it is right or wrong for you. That is something you will have to decide for yourself. The most frequently reported long-term effects are scalp irritation, allergic contact dermatitis, and increased facial hair.

Subj: Extreme headaches
Date: 10/5/2009
I’ve been applying this for more than a month now when suddenly just last week I’ve started experiencing headaches almost everyday…the pain is almost same w/ my migraine. I already stop applying minoxidil for 3 days now. Is it possible the xtreme headaches I’m experiencing now can be associated w/ this?


AskDocWeb: Yes, headaches are one of the possible side effects of minoxidil. Other possible side effects include but are not limited to:

  • Acne
  • Allergic contact dermatitis
  • Edema (water retention)
  • Headache
  • Increase in unwanted body hair (Hirsutism)
  • Nausea and diarrhea
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Scalp irritation, dryness, itching, scaling, and redness
  • Visual disturbances
  • Worsening of hair loss

If you suspect other side effects be sure to let us know.

Subj: Shedding phase?
Date: 10/7/2009
Question? I am considering purchasing minoxidil, as I have suffered hair loss for a while now. How bad is the shedding phase? I am a little afraid of losing what hair I have left! Does the scalp feel sore or itchy when using this product, what can I expect?


AskDocWeb: Most men don’t have a shedding phase, only a small percentage. The most common side effects reported from Minoxidil are scalp flaking and irritation. Read more feedback about Minoxidil.
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