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Minoxidil Feedback

If you use Minoxidil, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Is it working?
Date: 2/12/2011
Sir, I am a 22 yr old guy experiencing hairloss since a past 2 years or so at the frontal region, the here in this region is fuzzy and falls out easy, I’ve started using minoxidil 2% it has been 2months, i havent noticed results yet, the hairs do fall but the roots ve strengthened a bit.. Is the product helping??? Need help, Thanking you,


AskDocWeb: It may take from three to nine months to tell if Minoxidil is working and not everyone sees a benefit so you will have to wait and see.

Subj: Growth of facial hair on forehead, cheeks and sides of face
Date: 2/16/2011
Hi All, I am an African American woman who has used both 2% and 5% minoxidil for hairloss to the front, sides and center areas of my scalp. I found that both did regrow my hair nicely however, the 5% that i utilized on my front and sides gave me facial hair on my forhead, cheeks and sides of my face. I simply discontinued utilizing the 5% on that area decreasing it to 2% and now I am fine. I am sure you men might not mind this as much, but for me it was too much hair growing in unwanted areas.


Subj: Effects of minoxidil after one year
Date: 2/18/2011
hello, I’m 21 and I have used minoxidil 2% for 18 months. It worked well for one year (the fall seemed to have stopped) but since 6 months my hair has fell again. So I consider switching to minoxidil 5%. Do you think that it’s the thing to do? Is it normal to see an attenuation of the effects of minoxidil 2% after one year? Thanks


AskDocWeb: There is not enough research data available to tell what is normal after one year. However, the 5% formula is recommended for men so it is worth a try.

Subj: Facing extreme hair fall
Date: 2/20/2011
I am 19 years old.. just turned 19.. i was facing a lot of hairfall.. first i thought its due to the winter season but later i was worried because it was more than 2 months i was facing a continuous hairloss.. i went to the doctor he wrote me minoxin 5% which for 1 week showed less hair fall then before but after that the rest of 1 and half week showed excessive hairloss. its going to be a month now that ive been using this medication.. should i continue it?? or stop using it because i am facing extreme of hairfall rather the process coming to an end.


AskDocWeb: According to the product information for Minoxidil you are to tell your doctor if your hair loss continues for more than 2 weeks after starting use. Understand that this product does not work for everyone. There is at least one type of hair loss that is made worse by the use of minoxidil. Also, tell your doctor if your hair growth does not increase after using Minoxidil for 4 months. As a general rule, it is a good idea to give a hair loss product at least 3 to 4 months to see what it can do for you.

Subj: Sudden hair loss
Date: 2/26/2011
Hi I have started taking Minoxodil and have experienced sudden hair loss. I think that is the so-called shedding phase. What shall I do? Shall I stop using the drug?

that is me

AskDocWeb: In most cases the increased hair loss from Minoxidil is temporary. Sudden hair loss can be scary, especially since the manufacturer says that Minoxidil can take several months to work, if it works. The manufacturer says that users may experience an initial period of increased hair loss and that if it lasts more than 2 weeks, check with your doctor.

Subj: 39 year old male
Date: 2/28/2011
Firstly thanks for this hairloss treatment/forum website and the advice you offer. I’m 39 years old male from INDIA and have type 1 diabetes (IDDM) for the last 15 years. With the medication treatment below, i had a good hair growth and got back lost hair to quite an extent with some very very light bald patches. during the treatment i got my head shaved every month for about 8 months as advised by the dermatologist. as he said the medication absorption in the scalp will be better if i shaved my head during treatment.

Minoxidil: Manexil Gel 5% – 2 times/day for 6 months Hair for U Lotion 5% – 2 times/day for 3 months Coverit Lotion 10% – 2 times/day for 3 months Arcolane Shampoo 2% – daily wash hair for 12 months

Finabald 1mg (Finasteride) – 2 tabs/day for 12 months Vitamins/Supplements tablets: NuHair Capsule – 1 cap/day for 3 months Follihair – 1 tab/day for 3 months

Carofit – 1 tab/day for 3 months

Kover-H – 1 tab/day for 3 months but i stopped the treatment after a year and my hairloss started and within about 4-5 months, i have lost hair and have the same amount of hair which i had before i started the treatment.

I consulted another dermatologist and he frankly told me, if you want hair, then you have to apply minoxidil all my life and if i stop it, then hairloss will start again. as ive read from the above responses you have advised to use the following hair loss treatments: Nisim Biofactors – Shampoo Provillus – Tablets Priorin – Capsules Procerin – Tablets and Foam Profollica – Pills and Gel Advecia – Tablets Thymuskin – Shampoo

I would like to know, Are all these allopathic medicines or natural/herbal medicines and shampoos? How long do I have to use these to see results? Will the hairloss start again if I stop taking these medications? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Hi Roy. It sounds like you want a cure for hair loss. Unfortunately there is no cure at the present time. All of the products for hair loss on the market today have one thing in common, in order to keep the benefits, they have to be used continuously. Once you stop using them you lose any benefit provided by that product.

We talk about a lot of different products for hair loss here but we do NOT recommend using all of them at the same time. Since the focus here is on possible side effects, our preference is to hear from those using a single product for at least 3 months. If more than one product is used at the same time and you experience a side effect, there is no way to know which product caused the problem. Our only advice is, follow the advice of your dermatologist. Remember that if you want to keep the benefits, you have to keep using the product.

Please note that there are some herbs that interact with medication.

Subj: Laser hair treatment
Date: 3/5/2011 skin doctor recommend me to use mintop minoxidil..but i already started laser hair it safe to take both in same time? or is it harmful to take this drug with laser hair treatment?


AskDocWeb: A study presented at the 2007 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) found that when the laser hair treatment was combined with minoxidil, it resulted in noticeable improvements, especially in female patients.

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Subj: Which mintop to use?
Date: 3/7/2011
Hi I am 22 years old and have been having hairfall from the last 3 years. Now my hairline in the front is very reduced. I tried ambica hair oil but it didnt work. My scalp is a bit oily or maybe normal im not sure. I am contemplating using mintop but not sure whether to use 2%, 5% or 10%. Please advise me on this. I want to stop further hair loss and regain my lost hair..Thank you.


AskDocWeb: We can tell you what dermatologists in the USA recommend. The active ingredient in Mintop is minoxidil and dermatologist say 2% for women and 5% for men. The stronger solutions have been reported to cause the growth of unwanted body hair.

Subj: More hair loss with Rogaine
Date: 3/12/2011
I am a 46yr old woman that is suffering from stress due to work. I noticed that my hair was thinning so last month I started using rogaine 2% . Since starting it I have noticed even more hair loss adding to my stress. If I stop using it will the shedding turn to what it was before romaine?


AskDocWeb: It may take awhile but yes, the rate at which you are losing hair will return to what it was before you started using the product.

Subj: Hair growing on my neck and cheek
Date: 3/13/2011
Hi, I’m 29, Male. I’ve been having hair loss problem since 6 years ago and I believe it’s Male pattern baldness (M shape and thinning at the top). However, I have not used any hair treatment products like Minoxidil except those antidandruff shammpoo. I do observe some hair grow on my neck and cheek. Is this normal? Sometime i would pluck the hair from my neck.


AskDocWeb: Yes, males typically grow hair on the cheek (do you mean a beard?) and to a lesser degree on the neck. Which antidandruff shampoo do you use?

Subj: Inconsistent use of Minoxidil
Date: 3/20/2011
I started to use topical minoxidil a couple of weeks ago but i really cant use it regularly. i apply it once a day and some days just pass without using it. i know that this regime will not exactly give me the best result, but what should i be expecting with this system?


AskDocWeb: The directions say to apply minoxidil twice a day. If you used it only once a day you would be using half as much as intended. If you add missing a few days now and then we would not expect to see much in the way of results. Inconsistent use of minoxidil is probably a waste of time.

Subj: Any effect on man’s sexual power?
Date: 3/21/2011
i just want to know that minoxidil minx-3% good for hair fall and is this effect on man sexual power?


AskDocWeb: Minoxidil stimulates hair growth. The only effect on a man’s sexual experience is if too much is absorbed through the skin. That may occur if you try to use it more than 2 times a day or use too much at a time. An overdose may result in a decrease in sexual ability or desire.

Subj: Can I apply it every other day?
Date: 3/22/2011
Hi AskDocWeb, I am using 5% topical Minoxidil, great results! ? can i apply it every other day now i have acheived my results i like to keep it working. thnx


AskDocWeb: Reducing the frequency to once every other day would be one fourth of what is recommended by the manufacturer. So far, no one has reported success with that approach. Read more feedback about Minoxidil.
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