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If you use Minoxidil, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Experimenting with various medicines
I am 75 yrs old and I am facing hair loss from Jan 2010. Dr advised me to take Rootz M5 solution m0orning & night. Also Menofit tablet once daily along with Evian 400 capsule and Shellcal 500 (calcium) daily. I continued for 14 months on Dr’s advice. Thereafter I was asked to take Evian and Menofit biweekly. As there was no improvement on the hair fall. In March 2012 I was advised to change the medicine to Carvic Capsule one at night and Betozed Forte tablet after breakfast. Tugain foam 5% to be applied at night and apply Anaphase Shampoo. There was no good result. The hair fall was more and no fresh hair was growing. Dr now adviced to stop Tugain foam and has now asked to use Minokem spray 5% at night. I do not know what will be the end result if various medicines are being experimented with. Pl advice whether this treatment is appropriate or not.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Shantha, this forum is limited to discussing side effects. For medical advice consult with Ad Doctors online.

Losing hair at 18
Hey, I am 18 from 8 months I started losing my hairs. I went to a MD doctor coz i was feeling some sort of weakness he asked me to get some blood reports done so “DEFICIENCY OF VITAMIN B12′ was diagnosed he started giving me b12 infections. later few days I consulted dermatologist he prescribed me some tablets & minoxidil 5% so should I use minoxidil or b12 injections can regrow my hair? “vitamin b12 is essential hair growth my b12” Hope you answer me soon I am so worried I am losing my hairs at this young age 🙁 plz help!


AskDocWeb: Once the normal level of B12 is restored, it may take a few months before you see noticeable regrowth of hairs. However, the minoxidil may help speed up that process. What tablets did your dermatologist prescribe?

Expired Mintop
Hi, i had hair fall when doctor suggested to me to use MINTOP, i got good results but again i have hair fall can i use the MINTOP solution which i used before( bc0z some left out solution is there) can we use MINTOP if it is expired just 1 month back?? please suggest me


AskDocWeb: As with other effective products for hair loss, in order to keep the benefits you have to continue using the product. However, using expired medication is not recommended. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date.

Growell scalp minoxidi 5%
I am 24 years old.i have been feeling hair fall for 3 years. then doctor suggested me to use “Growell scalp minoxidi 5%” and some vitamin tab. now i want to know about this medicine. will it work or not?


AskDocWeb: Growell appears to be made by ICM PHARMA PTE. LTD. in Singapore. So far there is no feedback from users of that product but we would assume that its effectiveness is similar to other minoxidil products. It is most effective for people under 40 years of age whose hair loss is recent.

Priorin N and Minoxdil 5%
Hello, There appears to be something wrong with your “comments” feature in your website so I tried contacting you directly ( I hope you receive this msg)

I’ve on “Priorin N” and Minoxdil 5% for two years now. I can say that hairloss has stopped, but not really helped with the receading hairline. Do you think i should switch to “Procerin” ? Have you done any research with regard to “Priorin N” and how it works? Thanks and regards,


AskDocWeb: It sometimes takes a few days for your post to show up because we occasionally take time off. We have not researched Priorin N but it appears to be a combination of Cystine, Millet, Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate), and Wheat Germ Oil. None of those is likely to do anything for your hairline. In fact, there is nothing currently on the market that we would recommend for improving the hairline.

Result is good but
Hi,i am 24 years guy working as a software engineer, i had hair fall problem since 1 year, i used mintop 5% for last 5 months, result is good but new hair is not generated, actually i use every couple of day..please sugget i would like to take any oral tablets with mintop…please help


AskDocWeb: To get the most benefit from Mintop the instructions say to use it two times a day. As you know, in most cases you get better results if you follow the directions. If you want to add oral tablets we suggest Provillus.

Mena or Ki?
Hi friend mena is product ki 2% 5% 10% up to 5 month take use but no any good result no growth new hair my had this is not gd product.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Kankon, that didn’t translate too well. What product did you use?

The smell is pungent
I’m 23 yr old female. I used mintop forte 5% for about 40-45 days. The results were very good concerning hair regrowth. Hair fall also almost stopped. My dermatologist prescribed Folibest shampoo, conditioner and tablets and ktoz hairwash which improved overall quality of hair and vanished dandruff respectively. The smell however is pungent and being a respiratory disorder patient it irritated me quite a lot. Other than this drawback I didn’t notice any side effect. It provided very good results but reversal started in few weeks I stopped using it. Now it’s been 3 yrs since I stopped using mintop forte 5% and all previous problems like thinning of hair, hairfall, itching are all visible on my head. Plz suggest something that will give permanent results. Thanku


AskDocWeb: Although there are several treatments for hair loss they have to be used continuously or you lose the benefits and end up right back where you started. Unfortunately there is no cure that would provide permanent results, at least not yet.

Increased hair fall
Sir whenever i started using minoxidel 5 % its increases my hairfall doctor said that it is a sign of new roots growing. but i discontinue using it after one month i was suffering frm dandruff what should i do???


AskDocWeb: The patient information for topical minoxidil says to tell your doctor if your hair loss continues for more than 2 weeks. If you doctor does not know what to do about that then you may want to consult with a specialist, a dermatologist. If you can find a dermatologist that specializes in hair loss, that would be idea.
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