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If you use Minoxidil, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Is it true?
Is it true that rogaone diffuse to other areas of the scalp. I put only on top side of scalp. Woke up to find the back of my hair. Very hard like of I put hair spray. And it started to break. Of this is true will it ruin the rest of my hair. Also. Does rogsone stay on the scalp for few days before starting to work. I’m concern that it will stay in my system for ints to come. Of I only used it a couple of times.


AskDocWeb: Going to sleep with Rogaine on could allow it rub off onto your pillow and from the pillow to other areas of your head, or even on your face.

Once applied and while the hair is still wet, Rogaine should not come in contact with clothing, hats, pillow cases, cushion, bedding or furniture (such as sitting on an upholstered couch or chair). The active ingredient in this product (minoxidil) stains fabric. If you get it on your pillow cases or sheets, it may leave an indelible orange mark.

The product is intended to be used twice a day so that it stays in your system and continues to promote hair growth.

Time frame
I posted earlier thank you for your response to my questions. In your response you said that the brittleness will get back to normal only temporary Can you give me a time frame. I have been off for almost two months. And only used it for two days. How long will it take. Months. Years. Cause my hair is still breaking off when I comb it. I am worried that its still in my system. Everyday I wake up its different in texture. Very strange. But scared. Plz help. With time frame more or less


AskDocWeb: Please see the answer for Mary at the bottom of page 62.

Dr. Lewenberg’s formula
I am currently prescribed Letrezole which is used to suppress estrogen driven cancer. it is causing hair loss and have seen a product that combines minoxidil and tretoin that is sprayed on to the hair. it is called Dr. Lewenberg’s formula and was in a breast cancer magazine. Any thoughts?


AskDocWeb: Dr. Lewenberg’s formula has been around since the mid-1990s. It appears to have been reformulated several times. The tretinoin (Retin-A) increases the absorption of minoxidil as well as stimulates production of new layers of skin and hastens the turnover of dead skin. Like other minoxidil products it has to be used continuously in order to keep the benefits. One notable difference from other products is that the skin of the scalp becomes more sensitive to sunlight and UV rays. That typically occurs before any new hair can be grown to protect the scalp so sunblock or a hat is generally necessary for patients with large areas of exposed scalp.

Manexil Gel 5%
I used manexil gel 5 percent for like 3 months and had an excellent hair growth. I stopped it then and after a month or so I experienced high hair fall and my hair condition went worse. I have shaved my head and started using manexil gel again. However, the hair growth is not much,. I can see hair growing at the back, but at the e front itz not


AskDocWeb: It usually takes several months to see results. How much time have you given it?

Manexil Gel 5%
I have shaved my head and started using manexil gel again. However, the hair growth is not much. I can see hair growing at the back, but not in the front. Whenever I used to shave my head before, I could feel the sharp hair in the front. Should I continue using this gel? Also, it now comes in a blue colour box instead of the grey one. Is the new one the same as the old one?


AskDocWeb: It is not unusual for manufacturers to change their packaging. Read the ingredient list and see if you notice any differences.

Mintop on my pillow
I’m 20 years old. I used to lift heavy weights in the gym and use supplements. After some days i found that my hair quality has become very thin and some hairloss(5 per day). I quit gym and went to doctor who prescribed me mintop 2%. I applied it for 1 month but then i left it cause i heard of its side effects and also that my hairloss is very less. But even after quitting i am getting a feeling that mintop is still present n my pillow covers and bedsheets because sometimes when i get up i have some shed hair on my pillow as well as mintop-like symptoms(irritation in eyes, puffiness of face) which go after the pillow cover is used for some days. So my question is even after washing will mintop remain on my pillow? And will the small amount of hair that i shed when i was on mintop come bck again?


AskDocWeb: If Mintop has stained your pillow cover then it is unlikely that washing it will take out the stain. Otherwise washing is enough to remove any remaining product on the pillow cover. Note that cleaning the cover does not remove any product that has soaked into the pillow itself. That may need separate cleaning.

There is no way to know whether or not you will get back that small amount of hair that you shed while using Mintop. It’s normal to lose a small amount of hair daily. Good luck.

Reason for hairfall
I using minoxidil 5% since one month I’m losing my hairs a lot and getting bald from the crown. I’m a female I want to know when will the hairs start growing and the hairfall stop. I must be getting married in the nxt 6 months my thyroid is normal but i have done crash dieting since last year what must be the reason for hairfall?


AskDocWeb: There are a number of reasons that people lose hair, two of which are stress and dieting. Losing weight too rapidly can create a vitamin deficiency, which in many cases can lead to hair loss. Many people find that dieting itself can be very stressful, which can also cause hair to fall out.

It typically takes 3 or 4 months of using minoxidil before results are seen. The product information for minoxidil says to tell your doctor if your hair growth does not increase after using Minoxidil for 4 months.

Caution: The 5% strength of minoxidil is known to cause the growth of unwanted facial and body hair in some women.

How safe is minoxidil?
I started using Shen min in the summer of 2011 after being diagnosed with Telogen effulvium caused by stress. I took 2 a day for about 3 months. The dermatologist said the hair loss would continue for 6 months but stopped after 3, not sure if due to the Shen Min. I had no side effects. Last Spring my hair started falling out again, so I sent for more Shen Min and the fallout lasted about 5 months and has tapered off. Again, I don’t know if Shen Min is the reason it stopped. I haven’t gotten back thicker hair, it’s still very fine, but if it stops falling out, I’m happy with what I have. Still no side effects. Had no idea about the liver. Just didn’t read all of the fine print. Now I’m not sure what to do. I don’t like to have to start minoxidil, how safe can that me on my head for any length of time?


AskDocWeb: The 2% minoxidil is sold over-the-counter so at least it is safer than a prescription drug. However you may want to read user comments.
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