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If you use Minoxidil, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Neoxidil 2%
Date: 10/8/2013
Side effects of neoxidil 2%

AskDocWeb: The active ingredient in neoxidil 2% is minoxidil. You can find the side effects listed here.

Minokem 5%
Date: 10/9/2013
Sir I’m 23 old boy..I’m havin a problem of hairfall bit gaps r visible in frnt scalp..doc advised me fr minokem n 5% to use in morning n before sleep, will it make a positive effect…my hairs from front are thin, I have just started using it..but will it give positive effect?? Please reply

AskDocWeb: It does have a positive effect for some people but that can take a few months to show up. Please read about the possible side effects of minoxidil. That’s the active ingredient in Minokem.

Side effects
Date: 10/12/2013

AskDocWeb: They are listed here.

Hair color and texture changed
Date: 10/13/2013
I have been using for 3 months. It has worked for me and I could see results in just s few weeks. The only thing is now my hair color and texture has changed. Now I am thinking about not using it anymore. I get my hair highlighted and now it will not hold the color. It is wierd.

AskDocWeb: Yes, those are side effects that don’t get much mention but they are possible.

After 48 weeks
Date: 10/13/2013
Hi, my use of minoxidil 5% has been positive with hair getting added on my scalp. my questions is, what happens after about 48 weeks- can the hair that i have recently gained also be lost once the effects wear out?

AskDocWeb: Sorry Ajay, there is no clinical data about what happens after 48 weeks so that is unproven. Customer feedback suggests that it continues to have much the same effect but that is just a guess.

28 year old female
Date: 10/15/2013
am a 28old female… my fore head is big…shall i use tugain5.. if i use it will hairs grow in my forehead & should i use it continuously..

AskDocWeb: This forum is limited to discussing side effects. For medical advice consult with your local doctor or AdAsk Doctors online.

Want to regain hair in front
Date: 10/20/2013
Hi…i am just 18years old… suffering from last 6 my friend suggested me to use mintop 2%.Then i started useing so that can i regain my hair in front fore head..? If i how many days i can regain it..? Can u give suggestions..

AskDocWeb: We suggest you consult with a dermatologist to find out if there is a health problem that might be causing hair loss. Although many people use Minoxidil as a receding hairline treatment, there is little evidence that it is effective in that area. If Mintop works for you, which is not guaranteed, it may take several months of twice daily application before you see new hair growing.

Minoxidil stopped working
Date: 10/22/2013
i have used minoxidil for a year first i used for six months and it became thicker and my hair grew back but i quit it after the six months of using so my hair got balder so i used it again and after tow months as i remember it grew back and it was beautiful but i started ti use it once a day instead of twice so it started to full again and it became balder and balder and i started to use it twice again but it did not change any thing i have been losing my hair from two months until now and it became very bad although i am using it daily twice a day. Please i need answers.

AskDocWeb: It may just need more time to work, maybe a couple more months. If not you might try a stronger formula such as changing from 2% to 5%. If you are already using the 5% strength then you may want to check with a dermatologist for recommendations.

Minidoxil 5% didn’t work
Date: 10/27/2013
I had hair fall for the past few years. I have been using Minidoxil 5% on doctor’s advice since then and my hair fall didn’t decrease and hair line has receeded. I am 26.

AskDocWeb: Unfortunately minoxidil does not work for everyone. If you can afford it, a hair transplant might be an option but be warned, they are expensive.

Tried several products but none helped
Date: 10/29/2013
HI, I am 26 years of age I applied Pilomin 5 % when I was 21 years I applied it for 6 months and Find a result on my Scalp I also used some vitamins tabltes at that time and Used a Shampoo called NUFORE. But this cost me more expensive so I left that and after some time I applied NUZEN herbal hair oil the moment I applied that Oil I found more hair loss in my head. I did a lot of Experiment in Order to stop my hair fall. I also applied Shampoos like Garnier and all but I can’t find any result in my scalp it’s fall often. I look like as if I am of 35 years of age. I changed my country one month before I was in India before and living in Gulf Now. My hair gets fallen more and more. Help me please.

AskDocWeb: For anyone in their 20’s we suggest getting an in-person physical, a medical examination to rule out the possible disease and parasite causes of premature hair loss. Different causes of hair loss require different treatments. For example, it will do no good treating your scalp for a fungal infection if your hair loss is caused by a thyroid problem.

Questions about Anagrow and oil
Date: 10/29/2013
Hi, I live in India (Delhi) and Ive been using Dr. Reddy’s Mintop Forte 5% for 10 months and havent felt any discomfort as such. I take Finax (1mg) as well regularly and see some improvement in my vertex. I have two questions here-

1. My trichologist at Richfeel is now asking me to go for Anagrow, world’s first hair thickening treatment using plant stem cell. They promise thickening of the thin hair on my vertex in 8-10 months. Should i go for it?

2. I have also been advised coconut oil regularly for the scalp as Mintop dries it but its contraindicatory as well (according to my trichologist) so how do i use oil as well as Mintop? What shud the time intervals be and how frequent. Finally, which is the best oil for me available in the market? Look for ward to your guidance. Thanks

AskDocWeb: We have seen no clinical evidence that Anagrow has any effect on hair growth. If you have that we would be pleased to review it.

Oils are not officially considered scientific treatments for hair loss or hair thinning. The problem with getting clinical research on oils is that there is no profit motive to spending hundreds of millions of dollars on something that can be purchased over the counter. However, a few small studies have been conducted on the validity of essential oils as effective treatments for hair loss. One study, published in the November 1998 edition of the Archives of Dermatology, found that massaging the scalp with a combination of thyme, cedarwood, lavender and rosemary essential oils improved hair growth after several months of consistent use. Unfortunately there are many different formulas, processes, and directions for use and none have been standardized so follow your personal doctor’s advice.

Do not use rosemary essential oil if you have high blood pressure.
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