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If you use Minoxidil, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Minokem 2%
Date: 1/14/2014
hi i am 21 years old i have hair fall problem i was consult to the doctor they advise me to use minokem 2% is there any side effect for it.


AskDocWeb: Minokem 5% appears to be a combination of Minoxidil, Tretinoin, and Azelaic Acid. Each of those ingredients have possible side effects.

5% or 10%
Date: 1/14/2014
hello sir my age 26y sir in my scalp hair is falling from frontal and fronta side but it not gentic in my family sir i want know which sutable for me 5%, 10% sir


AskDocWeb: We do not recommend the 10% for anyone because of the lack of clinical testing. The possible side effects of that higher strength formula are unknown and results are unpredictable. Do you know why you are losing hair? If it is caused by a fungal infection, the treatment would not be the same if it was caused by a bacteria or a malfunctioning organ. That is why we recommend getting a medical examination, to determine the cause – before choosing a treatment.

Receding hairline
Date: 1/15/2014
Hello sir, my age is 21. i recently observed receding hairline on both top sides of forehead. i visited dermetologist at PGI, Chandigarh. on test “P. versicolor” found in skin sample from forehead. as treatment i have been recommended 5% minoxidil with ‘keraglo men’ tablets and ‘levocetrizine’ tablets. however it is mentioned on product that its not for receding hairline, so should i use it?


P.S. I have family history of receding hairline.

AskDocWeb: Whether or not you follow the advice of your dermatologist is a decision that you have to make. If that advice doesn’t make sense or you have questions about it, talk to your doctor and discuss your concerns. Getting an explanation is part of what you are paying them for.

Grow facial hair?
Date: 1/18/2014
Sir i m 25 years old male, i have very few hair on my face i want to grow facial hair (bread) is minoxidil and amineyil topicl solution 5%help me to grow facial hair.


AskDocWeb: We couldn’t find anything about Amineyil. Could that be a misspelling of Aminexil? If so that is an experimental drug similar to minoxidil and is not approved for use in the United States or in Europe. We suspect that using them together would produce an unacceptable amount of skin irritation. Topical minoxidil has been approved for use only on the scalp. Using it on the face would be an off-label application and is not recommended.

Minoxidil topical solution
Date: 1/20/2014
hai..I am using minoxidil topical solution USP 2%w/v for 3months…is it there any side effect by using this long i can use it?? Pls suggest me sir.


AskDocWeb: To our knowledge a maximum time limit on the use of minoxidil has not been established. Most people use it as long as they are getting results. When you stop using it you lose those results.

How long to wait to conceive?
Date: 1/22/2014
How soon after stopping the use of minoxidil is it safe to become pregnant. I only used it for 2 days in my hair and then stopped which was about a week ago. Should I wait a few months to try to conceive?


AskDocWeb: The Food and Drug Administration has assigned Minoxidil to pregnancy category “C” which means that it is “probably safe” but risk cannot be ruled out. Although animal studies have failed to reveal evidence of teratogenicity, reduced conception rates and an increased incidence of fetal absorption have been observed in rabbits given 5 times the usual human dose.

When topically applied, Minoxidil has a half-life of 22 hours in the skin. The time it takes the body to completely eliminate a drug from the system is equal to about 5 half-lives. That means it will be completely out of your system in less than 5 days after discontinuing use.

Suggestions for 27 year old wife
Date: 1/23/2014
Hello sir,
My wife loosing lot of hairs in last 3 years. We consulted doctor regarding this. The dermatologist suggested minoxidil 2% after using 3 months she gained lustrous hairs. she stopped for a year because of pregnancy. Can my wife take mintop 2% again? Please suggest me if something should to be taken like propecia or some multivitamins or biotin.

She is 27 year old.



AskDocWeb: Propecia is NOT recommended for use by women because of the possibility of birth defects. Sometimes there is a stress reaction during birth that results in temporary hair loss that peaks about 4 months after giving birth. From 40% to 50% of women experience hair loss up to five months after giving birth. However, hair loss has also been known to worsen during times of high stress so getting upset about it only makes it worse. Since she had good results the first time she used minoxidil it is likely that using it again would be worthwhile.

Losing more hair
Date: 1/24/2014
I was suffering from psoriasis 2 year before doctor prescribed me a coal tar shampoo & diprobic solution well i got rid of most of it but not fully it still comes & goes after that i started losing my hair from side so doctor recommended me Minoxidil & Finax tablets. I started using them after 45 days there was no changes but i started losing my hair more. Dont know that to do.


AskDocWeb: If your symptoms change to the worse, it’s time to return to your doctor. Your treatment may need to be adjusted or additional tests may be required.

Using minoxidil
Date: 1/28/2014
I am using minoxidil for abt 1 month but i use iy ones in a day and some times twise a day the doc gave me some tablets which i take regularly but i notice that i still have hairfall.


AskDocWeb: Let’s be sure that we are talking about the same thing. Minoxidil comes in two basic forms, pills (tablets) that are taken by mouth and a topical solution that is applied to the scalp. This forum is for those who use the topical form of minoxidil that is applied to the scalp. Which form of minoxidil are you using?

Minokem 5%
Date: 1/30/2914
I am using minokem 5% last 3 month but my hair regrowth is very slow. Can i stooped minokem 5%?


AskDocWeb: Many people don’t see results until the 4th, 5th, or 6th month of twice daily use of this product. However, if you want to quit early that is your choice.

Minoxidil side effects
Date: 2/4/2014
I have applied minoxidil 2% solution over four months and got severe faintness two times since the application and also feeling tiredness, tingling and swelling of nerves on head. Should i continue it or not?


AskDocWeb: Those symptoms may be cause for concern. Fainting is one of the signs of low blood pressure and minoxidil is known to lower blood pressure. Please consult with your doctor.
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