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AskDocWeb: Raynaud’s phenomenon (RP) is a peripheral circulatory disorder characterized by sudden episodes of digital artery spasm, often set off by cold temperature or emotional stress. Although the cause of RP is not fully known, it appears to involve inappropriate adrenergic response to cold stimuli. Treatment of RP includes the use of agents that promote digital vasodilation. The calcium-channel antagonists are the most thoroughly studied class of drugs for the treatment of RP. Approximately two thirds of patients respond favorably, with significant reductions in the frequency and severity of vasospastic attacks. Nifedipine use is often limited by the appearance of adverse vasodilatory effects such as headache or peripheral edema. The newer second-generation dihydropyridines such as isradipine, amlodipine, nicardipine, and felodipine also appear to be effective in patients with RP and may be associated with fewer adverse effects.

Subj: Question
Date: 11/12/2008
I asked a question like 2 weeks ago where do I find my answer? Thank you for your time!


AskDocWeb: You need to bookmark the page where you asked your question. Unless your question was off topic, that’s where it will be answered.

Subj: Expiration date
Date: 11/17/2008
The expiration date on my pills say Nov 2008. I was wondering if they will work until the end of the month or if they are ineffective at the start of November?


AskDocWeb: When you use the “contact us” page you must tell us what product you are asking about so that we can give you an appropriate answer.

Subj: Black spot under toenail
Date: 11/17/2008
There’s something that has been worrying me I have noticed that on my toe nail on my left foot there a black stain under my toe nail that seems to be growing from the root of my nail or bone. Do you recommend me to go see a doctor to get it checked? Do you think that this can be a cancer? There is pain and like a burning pain especially at night, plus lately all my bones have been hurting me a lot. Also have been experiencing having headaches usually start from the back of my head left side and feel like if am gonna loose conscious. Please respond promptly. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: What would happen if you lose consciousness while at the top of a stairway, or while driving? Please see your doctor as soon as possible. The sooner you treat most medical problems the better the results of treatment.

Subj: Samples, price and minimum pack
Date: 11/26/2008
I need to know the samples, price and minimum pack off the products: Saccharomices/Mg ferment Saccharomices/silicon ferment Saccharomices/Cu ferment Saccharomices/Zn ferment And technical notes.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Manuel, this website publishes the side effects of health products, reviews and consumer comments. There are no samples here.

Subj: Posting
Date: 12/4/2008
Could anyone posting in this forum please include the drug details in the “subject” field so other users browsing the forum can easily identify what you are requesting. Example: BAD = “what is this pill” or “please help identify this pill” GOOD = “round pink pill with a v 2105” or “what is white oval imprint 15” If you are simply replying to a post, then ignore this comment! Also, please check to see if your question has already been answered by using the Search facility before you post. You will find the link to Search on the top right hand side of your screen. If you are replying to a post using information found using the search function, please acknowledge the efforts of the original poster.


Subj: Shopping center?
Date: 1/6/2009
Hello, sir. I want to know where is your shopping center near middle east? Is there anyone in Turkey or Dubai or country near them?


AskDocWeb: There is no shopping center. This is a product review website for consumer reviews.

Subj: Concern about the effect
Date: 1/8/2009
I start taking 15 mg, almost 4 weeks ago. I have lost only 5 pds, and I am a little concern about the effect of the medication. My blood pressure is OK, I have dry mouth and some joint pain… Please advise, if I should continue, if I lost only 5 pds. in 4 weeks, or I should stop? Also, when is recommended to take the medication: in the morning on the empty stomach, or after eating something light? Your reply will be greatly appreciated.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Elisabeth, if you don’t tell us the name of the medication, we can’t help you.

Subj: How long does it take?
Date: 1/18/2009
Can you please tell me how long these tablets take to work? I been taking them for two weeks and don’t feel any different at all. I have not been to toilet for 5 days now. Is this a side affect??? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: What is the name of the tablets?

Subj: Botox
Date: 2/5/2009
Can Botox raise blood pressure?


AskDocWeb: The Botox doesn’t but it is possible that someone’s emotional reaction to getting it could raise blood pressure.

Subj: Colitromin
Date: 3/17/2009
Please explain what colitromin is.


AskDocWeb: Colitromin or Ery-Tab is an antibiotic used to treat many different types of bacterial infections, such as tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, Legionnaire’s disease, chlamydia, gonorrhea, skin infections, and others.

Subj: Topomax
Date: 3/18/2009
Topomax saved me! I suffered with trying many mood stabilizers since bipolar diagnosis but this gave back who I am. Xtra benefit, it has helped me lose weight as well.


Subj: Grapefruit
Date: 4/19/2009
Can I eat grapefruit if I’m taking levothyroxiny?


AskDocWeb: Grapefruit juice may slightly delay the absorption of levothyroxine, but it seems to have only a minor effect on its bioavailability.

Subj: Thanks!
Date: 4/26/2009
Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!


Subj: Burning mouth syndrome
Date: 6/30/2009
Hello and thank you for your forum! Do you know of anything that will help with burning mouth syndrome? Also burning lip syndrome? I have tried so many things and none of them work very well. Any help would be appreciated, thanks,


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately the cause of burning mouth syndrome often can’t be determined but there is a little information here.

Subj: Which one is the best
Date: 7/8/2009
Which one is the best one to use on my face?


AskDocWeb: You will have to give us a hint as to which products you are considering because our psychic proved to be unreliable.

Subj: Product not successful
Date: 7/20/2009
I bought two bottles, one for myself and another for my daughter. The product, not successful for my daughter or myself. May I recover any of my money for these products?


AskDocWeb: If the product you bought was a prescription drug, there is no possibility of a refund. If you purchased a supplement, you may be able to return the bottles, both empty and unused, for a refund. To find out if you can do that or not you would have to read the return policy of the business that sold it to you. What product did you purchase?

Subj: Sample kit?
Date: 7/22/2009
Do you have sample kit for first user? If so, how do one get it?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Roseline, there are no samples of anything available here. The purpose of this website is to share information on side effects.

Subj: I was wondering
Date: 7/28/2009
Hello, I was wondering if you could use a salicylic acid cleanseer or exfoliater while also using this product?


AskDocWeb: Which product?

Subj: How long
Date: 8/17/2009
How long does it take to arrive?


AskDocWeb: Which product?

Subj: Body hair?
Date: 8/25/2009
Does this product cause any growth in body hair?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it also makes your eyes red, your nails blue, and your skin yellow. But are we talking about the same product?

Subj: Pin worms
Date: 9/16/2009
How do you get rid of pin worms that you have had for over 10 years?

Pin Worms

AskDocWeb: That sounds like a lot of suffering for something so easily treated. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications are available to treat pinworms. They come in liquid, chewable tablet, and pill forms. It is important to note that pinworm medication does not kill pinworm eggs. Because of this, it is usually suggested that people with symptoms get a second treatment 2 weeks after the first treatment to kill any new worms that may have hatched from eggs during that time. If you can’t afford a visit to a doctor, just ask a pharmacist to recommend an over-the-counter product.

Subj: Natural alternative for Synthroid?
Date: 10/5/2009
Synthroid Is there any natural hormone replacement for thyroid? My thyroid was removed one month ago due to thyroid cancer. Synthroid is giving me too much side effects such as headache, joint pains, blurry vision. Please help


AskDocWeb: The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends several natural supplements to improve the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-lipoic acid and L-tyrosine are recommended. Herbal supplements include bladderwrack, Green Tea, coleus and guggul. If you can find a health care provider that is educated in natural alternatives they can determine what will work best for you.

Subj: Questions
Date: 10/8/2009
Yes I emailed a couple of questions a while back, and I was just wondering if they have been answered or not? I dont see any of my questions on the web page. Almost every week I check, but no such luck. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: It can take several weeks for your post to appear and not everything get posted. Remember that our focus here is on side effects. Any other questions or advice should be Adasked here. Read more feedback

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