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Nexium Side Effects

If you’ve used Nexium, please help others by sharing your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.
Subj: Sudden weight loss
Date: 12/12/2007
I have been taking nexium for last week, now I am feeling relief in my symptoms in acidity or acid reflux but I have observed a sudden weight loss of around 3 kg in one week. I was 47 kg now I am 44kg. Can anybody advice me what to do?


AskDocWeb: Please report the sudden weight loss to your doctor.

Subj: Nauseous and not sleeping at all
Date: 12/14/2007
I have been taking nexium for several weeks now for h. pylori and acid reflux, still feeling nauseous and not sleeping at all, have tried taking sleeping tablets to no avail, any ideas?


AskDocWeb: Consult with your physician about what to do. The focus of this website is about side effects.

Subj: Penetrating chills
Date: 12/16/2007
Hi. I’ve been using Nexium for 4 years. Now, starting with the 40mg dose, which was upped to 80 mg per day last year. I have Barrett’s esophagitis as well. In the past 5 months I’ve noticed very penetrating chills (feel like they are deep under the skin, as well as a kind of “icy/hot” feeling around the abdomen. The Dr. doesn’t seem concerned but I’ve read several side effect warnings about this? Should I be concerned? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: If they continue, you should be concerned that something is going on that shouldn’t be. Remember that getting a second opinion is sometimes necessary.

Subj: Nexium side effects
Date: 12/18/2007
I have been on nexium for about 2 1/2 years. I have severe hip and joint pain as well as loud ringing in the left ear. These symptoms coincide directly with the time I started taking nexium. I am trying to stop taking it and hope for the best. By searching the internet I find that many, many people have these same side effects. I also have a weight gain of 25lbs.


Subj: Went on a low carb/low fat diet
Date: 12/19/2007
After over a year on 40mg Nexium, I quit two weeks ago. It lost its effectiveness over the last few months and I began waking up with acid in throat/mouth almost every day. Two weeks ago I also went on a low carb/low fat diet. Within three days, the acid in my throat was almost gone. I stopped having hip and leg pain and was able to exercise more (walking, mostly). I have lost 8lbs in these past two weeks and will continue on this course with my doctor’s approval, which he gave today.


Subj: Constipation
Date: 12/27/2007
Causes constipation — small, hard, round, stools. How can one relieve this symptom?


AskDocWeb: A stool softener may help but sometimes just adding more fiber to your diet will take care of constipation.

Subj: Gastritis
Date: 12/31/2007
I have gastritis and gas pressure in the chest sometimes up to the neck. This is going on for 40 years the intensity and sensitivity increasing with age. I have been on Nexium 40 mg for the last 4 years. Nexium improves tolerance of some food but I still have to take anti acid like Maalox multisymtom. If I need to take NSAIDs or antibiotics or even some mild medication I have to take anti acid together with the medication. I have stopped eating/drinking citrus fruits, colas, tomatoes and coffee/tea. Should I go out to a restaurant I would take Axid AR one hour in advance. Otherwise, I my gastritis and acidity goes up even though I have taken nexium 40mg in the morning. I would like to drop nexium but I found that my stomach can not stand against increased acidity. Sometimes I have acute gas pressure in the breast (colic). I suspect that I may have taken too much anti acid and that is producing too much gas. Please advise best medication/or avoid certain foods. Thanx,


AskDocWeb: Since this has been going on for 40 years have you considered the possibility that the cause may just be a bad habit? Most intestinal gas comes from swallowed air. Ask yourself the following questions: Is your head tilted forward when you swallow? Do you gobble your food? Do you chew gum? Do you drink through a straw? Each of these can cause air to be trapped and swallowed ahead of food and drink.

Some foods have a reputation of being flatulogenic or gassers. These foods include beans, bran, beer, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carbonated beverages, cauliflower, milk, and onions.

Then there are foods that are mildly flatulogenic; apples, apricots, bananas, breads and wheat-based products, carrots, celery, all citrus fruits, coffee, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, potatoes, pretzels, prunes, raisins, radishes, soybeans and spinach can all be classified under this group.

Subj: Severe erosive esophagitis
Date: 1/1/2008
I began Nexium 40 mg BID for severe erosive esophagitis with mild occasional GI symptoms, major concern because of parental loss from esophageal Ca. Since that time I have had about 5 episodes of severe nausea and vomiting, perhaps brought on by poor food choices (i.e. lots of cashews and nuts) (plus several episodes of a bile taste in my mouth that did not lead to full blown symptoms) that suggested possible gall bladder pathology. Ultrasound of GB was negative. I have been better since stopping nexium temporarily and then beginning dosing just daily or every other day, rather than BID. Any thoughts on this being related, and comparing efficacy of less frequent dosing in preventing conversion of severe erosive esophagitis to malignancy? THANKS for your input!


AskDocWeb: No, the purpose of this website is to share information about side effects.

Subj: Cramp in calf
Date: 1/2/2008
I have started training for a half marathon and am running 3-4 times a week. I have noticed that I keep getting a cramp in my left calf 10 minutes or so into the run and have to stop. It is very sore afterwards and I have read where Zantac/Nexium can have this as a side effect. I have been taking a 20 mg Nexium pill every day for a year now. Could this be causing my problem with cramping? I stretch and have tried different running shoes to no avail?


AskDocWeb: Less than one percent have cramps when taking Nexium but it does happen.

Subj: Several side effects
Date: 1/5/2008
I tried Nexium for a brief period of time, but experienced several side effects. A general overall tired feeling, sleep problems and stomach problems. I have also experienced these problems with Prilosec and some of the other medications I was taking for acid reflux, etc.


Subj: Switched to Nexium
Date: 1/10/2008
I was taking Prevacid for Gerd every since they put Prilosec as OTC and it was working great. I could go up to 3 days without taking it and not having heart burn. My insurance went to non-formulary and the doctor switched me to Nexium. If I miss 1 day I have heart burn and some days I have to take 2 pills a day. It doesn’t seem to work for me as well as the Prevacid.


AskDocWeb: You might check with your insurance company to find out if they will pay for the Prevacid after you have failed three other products.

Subj: Ferritin level
Date: 1/11/2008
I am just researching Nexium and I have been on it for approximately 6 years. I’m only 42 have had severe anxiety attacks, muscle aches, headaches, chest pains etc. I have actually had a heart attack a year and a half ago brought on by anxiety. Now I have a ferritin level of 7. Could these all be related to Nexium?


AskDocWeb: Others have reported muscle aches and headaches with Nexium usage. Ferritin is a protein found inside cells that stores iron so your body can use it later. A ferritin test measures the amount of iron in your blood. The normal range of ferritin for an adult female is 12-150 nanograms per milliliter. Nexium has not been associated with iron depletion or anemia in people with normal iron stores.

Subj: Weight gain, joint and muscle pain, heart palpitations
Date: 1/11/2008
I have been on the nexium for about 30 days and have been experiencing weight gain, joint and muscle pain, heart palpitations. Never even realized it could be the Nexium until I started reading several websites. Will discontinue immediately and wait for side effects to diminish.


AskDocWeb: Please do not stop taking any prescription medication without first consulting with your doctor.

Subj: Diarrhea and bloating
Date: 1/15/2008
I’ve been on 40mg nexium pills for about 2 weeks now, of which I’ve had diarrhea and bloating for about 1.5 weeks. Should I take nexium bi-daily? Or should I just stop it all together?


AskDocWeb: Please do not change the dosage of any medication until you consult with your physician.

Subj: Full feeling
Date: 1/15/2008
I’m not sure if I actually have acid reflux even though I’ve been on and off Nexium for several months. I experience a full feeling in my stomach, on through to my throat almost constantly, with no acid burn or feeling like I have to throw up. Is this uncomfortable feeling something else? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: In order to find out what else is going on you need to see a specialist, a gastroenterologist.

Subj: Excessive burping
Date: 1/16/2008
I have been on Nexium for about 4 years, however, in the past year and a half, I’ve experienced excessive burping, some coughing when eating and now the feeling of acid in my chest and throat. I have been under extreme stress for the past year and a half (death, family issues, etc.) Could this change be due to the stress or is the Nexium no longer effective? I’ve had an endoscopy done (2 – 3 years ago) but should I have another one done due to the changes?


AskDocWeb: Stress could have a great deal to do with this change but it could also be something else. Please consult with your physician about the possibility of another endoscopy.

Subj: Refluxamine?
Date: 1/17/2008
My husband was diagnosed with acid reflex. His symptoms are severe and he never sleeps at night now. He feels sometimes like he’s choking it’s so bad. He was on Nexium but has lost his insurance. I saw an article about Refluxamine. I have only seen positive feed back and it’s less expensive than Nexium. It guarantees no side effects what so ever. Do you know anything about this and would you recommend trying it? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: There seems to be a lack of information when it comes to the ingredients in Refluxamine. The only reference we could find that mentioned any of the ingredients said it “contains a molecular blend of Glycyrrhizic acid (GZA)…” which is widely used as a sweetener in food products and chewing tobacco. There is some clinical interest in Glycyrrhizic acid for a possible treatment of chronic hepatitis C and Glycyrrhizic acid also inhibits the growth of several DNA and RNA viruses in cell cultures. In some highly exposed subjects, side effects such as hypertension and symptoms associated with electrolyte disturbances have been reported. Without knowing what the other ingredients are in Refluxamine we make no recommendation for or against it.

Subj: Excess stomach acid
Date: 1/17/2008
1. Is there a correlation between weight gain and taking nexium? (I hope so) 2. My daughter took nexium for 30 days, her last day being Monday morning. Its now Thursday morning and her symptoms have not returned. Is this because her problem with excess stomach acid has corrected itself or because Nexium may still be in her system?


AskDocWeb: Some (or all) of the excess acid problem could have corrected itself. Nexium only stays in the system for a few hours. Read more feedback about Nexium.
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