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Nexium Side Effects

If you’ve used Nexium, please help others by sharing your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.
Subj: Neck and shoulder pain
Date: 3/5/2009
I have been on nexium for nearley a year now. I have gained thirty pounds on this medicaton. It got rid of the heartburn but started hurting bad just under my breast and it bothers my breathing as my stomach gain so much weight I actual look pregnant It hurts bad just under my breast bone and into my back. I also get sore in my joints. My neck is the worst from my shoulder neck up into my head I never had this until I went on nexium. Could this be a side effect from nexium?


AskDocWeb: It is not listed as a side effect but if you read the feedback you will see that others are reporting pain in the same places.

Subj: Side effects
Date: 3/6/2009
I am 28yrs old with a history of colon cancer in the family. I went to see my doctor for a mild case of heartburn. I was prescribed to take 1 tab a day of Nexium for 28 days. After a week of taking Nexium, the heartburn is gone but I started having some sort of muscle aches on my back and lower chest that lasted for a week, frequent trips to the bathroom, irregular bowel, anxiety, weight loss, dryness of mouth in the morning, flatulence, frequent burping and passing of gas. After I have completed the 28 days treatment, I started losing my appetite, had back pain, I feel cold in the morning, bloatedness and a lot more. I am on my 6th day off Nexium and scheduled to have Endoscopy and Colonoscopy in 4 days. I hope and pray that all of these are just side effects. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


AskDocWeb: Most of those symptoms have been reported by other Nexium users. Remember to tell your doctor about all the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Subj: Using nexium for 2 plus years
Date: 3/7/2009
Have been on nexium for approx 2 yrs due to barrets. Recent discovery of interaction with plavix (very scary) had Dr take me off nexium as I must remain on plavix. Had another endoscopy & Barret’s stable so Dr put me on zantac 150 twice a day. Problem is that I am now having heartburn even with Zantac. Did using nexium for 2 plus years make the reflux worse? And if yes any thoughts? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Sorry Sam, we don’t have any data on the effects of using Nexium beyond 6 months, which is the maximum recommended length of time for use.

Subj: Statistics for those who are older?
Date: 3/13/2009
My 91 year old husband has been taking Nexium for several months now. Lately he has been experiencing a sudden pain in his head immediately after taking it . I am concerned, as I am planning on discussing this with his physician. I do know that clinical trials are not done on the elderly. I have learned that headache is one of the side affects. What troubles me is that the dull pain that he has experienced is not always at the same area of his head but seems to change, even though it does not last too long. Would like to know if there are any statistics available for those who are older. My husbands memory seems to have been affected by taking this medicine, even though he only takes 40 mgs. daily.


AskDocWeb: A study of nearly 14,000 hip fracture cases in Britain reports elderly people who take drugs like Prilosec, Prevacid, or Nexium may make it difficult for the body to absorb calcium. According to Dr. Olufemi Abiodun at Marshfield Clinic, “The longer you are taking this medication they found out that they risk of fractures actually goes up almost exponentially.” The researchers report a 44 percent increased risk of breaking a hip during a fall.

Subj: Milk of magnesia
Date: 3/15/2009
Will taking milk of magnesia interfere with the effects of my nexium?


AskDocWeb: It is okay to take antacids while taking Nexium because they do not interfere with its effectiveness.

Subj: Irritable bowel syndrome
Date: 3/17/2009
I take colestid for irritable bowel syndrome with severe diarrhea because it works better than anything else my gastroenterologist had given me over the years. I’ve been on everything, I think. Any suggestions on a better, newer med.? I have to take the granules because of a gastric bypass a couple years ago plus I couldn’t swallow the big pills anyway. I can take pills now though. Even the colestid (which I know is a cholesterol medicine) doesn’t usually work. I down bottle after bottle of immodium a.d. every month but it’s been so bad my dr. tested me for an intestinal infection. It’s a little worse since my gastric bypass but not a great deal.


AskDocWeb: Colestid (colestipol hydrochloride) is a medication that absorbs bile acids from the intestines. One thing you might want to consider is the health of the “friendly” bacteria that live in your digestive system. Some bacteria are required for the healthy digestion of your food.

Subj: Taking the purple pills
Date: 3/18/2009
I have taking the purple pills for a bout 10 months, it seems to be the only pill that really helps with my acid reflux but about months ago I began to have chronic nausea and upper abdominal pain. I am in a rut, because I have tried EVERY OTHER KIND OF MED FOR acid reflux and nothing works. But I am just a kid, and don’t want to miss out on things because I am always nauseated.


AskDocWeb: You will have to work with your doctor to find out what is causing this and the best treatment for it.

Subj: Metallic taste and dry mouth
Date: 3/25/2009
I am just wondering if the side effects of nexium hp7 are reversable e.g. metallictaste and dry mouth.


AskDocWeb: Yes, both will go away when the medication is discontinued.

Subj: 10 years of Nexium
Date: 3/29/2009
I’ve taken Nexium for about 10yrs. I’ve recently developed pain in the stomach and in the esophagus. I have difficulty eating or my stomach will be bubbling up.


AskDocWeb: According to the 2008 Physician’s Desk Reference the use of Nexium is not recommended for longer than 6 months. If you consult with a specialist you may be able to resolve the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

Subj: Chronic cough
Date: 3/30/2009
I have been perscribed Nexium for a chronic cough, saying that I have Gerd. I have no symp. of digestive disorder NONE no matter what I eat. I took Protonix as a sample and after 4 days was almost past going due to the muscle pain and fatigue. I was told to stop and take Nexium. I am afraid of the side affects and really doubt the presence of Gerd anyway. Any suggestions?


AskDocWeb: If you haven’t done so yet, you might consult with an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Subj: Hair loss?
Date: 4/1/2009
I am taking Nexium for 1 year. November 2008 I started to loose my hair. Can Nexium be the reason for my Hairloss?


AskDocWeb: Hair loss is not caused when Nexium is used by itself. When it is combined with Amoxil (amoxycillin (A)) and Klacid (clarithromycin (C)) as in Nexium Hp7, hair loss is one of the side effects.

Subj: Thinking of 2nd opinion
Date: 4/2/2009
Had my first “attack” Feb 2009. ER and upper scope my GI determined GERD. Dr. suggested I take 40 mg prevacid 1/day and lose weight. Irony is I lost 15 lbs on WeightWatchers prior to attack Feb 09. Now he switched me to nexium 40mg 1/day. Since I’ve been on PPI meds I have had 3 more attacks and the pain radiates to my back and chest. Now I’m nauseated and have constant stomach and back pain. Could my dr. have possibly missed a clogged gallbladder duct? I can’t tolerate the GERD attacks but I can’t tolerate the nausea and back pain either. Thinking of 2nd opinion. Please help. Going crazy.


AskDocWeb: A second opinion might be a good idea, as long as it comes from a gastroenterologist.

Subj: 4 years on Nexium
Date: 4/5/2009
Been taking nexium for 4 years now am I saposed to be taking it three times a day or once one pill seems to work for me for the whole day…


AskDocWeb: According to the Physician’s Desk Reference the use of Nexium is not recommended for longer than 6 months.

Subj: Concerned about B-12 deficiency and osteoporosis
Date: 4/7/2009
I had a Nissen 1 year ago and still have severe reflux so I am taking 80 mg. Nexiun twice daily. Should I be concerned about B-12 deficiency and increased risk of osteoporosis (I was previously diagnosed with osteopenia)? Are there different nutritional needs when the dose is this high? I am a 93 pound 55 year old woman. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: The reduced secretion of gastric acid and pepsin produced by Nexium can reduce the absorption of vitamin B-12 however, clinically significant vitamin B-12 deficiency is unlikely unless there is prolonged use (2 years or more) or dietary vitamin intake is low. This is a consideration for long-term users.

According to the 2008 Physician’s Desk Reference (page 628, Indications and Usage) controlled studies of Nexium do not extend beyond 6 months. In our opinion, “PPI osteoporosis” is a subject that needs more study in order to identify the consequences of long-term use beyond 6 months.

Subj: 2 questions about Nexium
Date: 4/8/2009
Hi, 30 yrs. old and taking Nexium 40mg a day for the last 3 months. I have 2 questions: 1. I have heard that Nexium is the only pill that can really heal the problem and that you not supposed to take it for more than a few months. So why people are taking it for many years? Is it safe to take it for so long? 2. Since I’ve start using it, I am suffering from permanent swallen of my stomach and I have a 6 month pregnant belly. Can it be from the pill or just a coincidence with a different problem? Thank-you,


AskDocWeb: Answer to question 1, which is really 2 question; Our opinion is that long-term users may not be aware of the 6 month limit. If a manufacturer says that a drug is for short-term use only, it seems that they can avoid the whole issue of long-term usage. We have been unable to locate any research that addresses the question about safety in long-term use.

The stomach that protrudes to the point where it appears to be a pregnant belly has been complained about by a couple of other Nexium users but we haven’t seen anything that connects it with the drug.

Subj: Blurred vision
Date: 4/11/2009
I have been suffering with gastric reflux for three weeks, taking nexium for three days, some relief. I will be seeing a gastroninterologist on Tuesday. I noticed my face feeling a little funny puffy with blurry eyesight after taking a nap. I am thinking of stopping the nexium until my doctor visit. I also have a mild form of lupus sle and do not want to compliate matters with the nexium. I am currently also trying ACV and/or Aloe vera juice. Can you help me?


AskDocWeb: There are a number of cautions that go with the internal use of
aloe vera. Blurred vision is one of the possible side effects of Nexium that should be reported to your doctor as this may indicate a problem. Other side effects that should be reported to your doctor include confusion, drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, nausea, flushing (feeling feverish), headache, and dry mouth. Read more feedback about Nexium.
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