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Nexium Side Effects

If you’ve used Nexium, please help others by sharing your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.
Subj: Endless itch
Date: 8/18/2009
I’m another person using Nexium who has developed a seemingly endless itch. It moves around all over but seems to be on-going. Seems to be related to nexium?


Subj: Thought I was having a heart attack
Date: 8/23/2009
I thought I was having a heart attack 2 weeks ago and went to the doctor. They said I had GERD. They prescribed me Nexium 20mg in the morning. I took this drug for 5 days. After the second day, I got really dizzy. By day 3, I was on the couch and had extreme anxiety and panic attacks. My eyes burned and my mouth burned along with my lips and tongue. I can’t eat and lost my appetite. I never had ANY of the symptoms before I started taking Nexium…are these normal side effects of the drug? And how long does it take before the drug gets out of my system? I discontinued the drug and will go back to my tums when needed and change the way I eat. Thank you


AskDocWeb: That is not the typical response to Nexium and those symptoms should be reported to your doctor. Nexium doesn’t stay in your system very long. The half-life ranges from 1 to 1½ hours. That’s the amount of time for half of the drug to leave your system.

Subj: Prevacid
Date: 8/24/2009
I use the generic prevacid that is 20mgs and I have a few Nexium pills at 40mgs that I take for emergency. Is it OK to mix them? I had the most severe waves of cramps in my lower abdomen and extending to my right lower back, and I took the Nexium and my cramping was gone in an hour.


AskDocWeb: As with any prescription drugs, mix them only if you have permission from your doctor. The instructions do say that antacids may be used while taking PPIs. They do not interfere with the effectiveness of the drug.

Subj: Headaches
Date: 8/25/2009
I have been prescribed to take nexium 40 in the morning and prilosec ot in the evening. After a month of treatment, I am now having headaches in the left rear lobe. Is this a common side effect of these meds? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Yes, there are many reports of headaches from taking Nexium.

Subj: Thanks
Date: 8/31/2009
Nexium 40 gave me the relieve I needed after a hard time of chest and abdomen pain, vomitting and discomfort, thanks for the manufacturers, to Dr. Nail Zreqat in Amman Jordan, and to your Web Site. bye 4 now…


Subj: Iron deficient?
Date: 9/2/2009
I have taken nexium 2x day for about four years for gerd. I have recently found out that I have mild anemia and that I am iron deficient. My ferritin level is 2.9. My B vitamins are great. My question is, can nexium make you iron deficient?


AskDocWeb: Nexium has not been associated with iron depletion or anemia in people with normal iron stores.

Subj: Can’t keep my eyes open
Date: 9/8/2009
I have been on nexium for 2 weeks. It has helped with the problems I was having but it seems to make me a little tired during the day but especially at night. I can’t keep my eyes open past 11PM. Anyone else having these symptoms?


Subj: Generating too much acid
Date: 9/9/2009
I’ve been on Nexium since July 2009. It worked really well and now (Sept.) not sure? I have dry mouth now but I do think it is still working. I think my stomach is still generating too much acid even with all the treatments. Any suggestions?


AskDocWeb: Remember that you can still use antacids while taking Nexium. Some of the best known antacid brands are:

  • Alka-Seltzer
  • Equate
  • Gaviscon
  • Maalox (liquid and tablets)
  • Milk of Magnesia
  • Pepto-Bismol
  • Pepto-Bismol Children’s
  • Rolaids
  • Tums

Antacids do not interfere with the effectiveness of Nexium.

Subj: Swollen upper lip and inflamed tongue
Date: 9/11/2009
I have been on first Prilosec then when Nexium came out went on it for GERD; in other words for a very long time. Seventeen days ago I awoke with a fat and inflammed upper lip slightly swollen and inflamed tongue. I thought it might be some of the other medications I am taking for HBP. I have discontinued most of them but the problem continues. Symptoms lessen at night, first thing in the morning I take my nexium, and the symptoms seem to increase after breakfast and through the day. Nexium?


AskDocWeb: Hum, it does make one wonder, doesn’t it. Your reaction is not as bad as Susan’s but should still be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Pantoloc
Date: 9/12/2009
I have been taking Pantoloc for almost a week now. Originally I was supposed to take Nexium instead but since they didn’t have any at the hospital they gave me Pantoloc. The problem is that Pantoloc seems to be making me very dizzy, sleepy and disioriented. Would it be safe to switch to Nexium the day after tomorrow, when the Pantoloc case is finished? and do you think it could help?


AskDocWeb: Switching medication should only be done with your doctor’s approval.

Subj: Enlarged abdomen, cramps, diarrhea and serious weight gain
Date: 9/16/2009
I have been on Nexium 40 mg, OD for about 3 months now for what my barium swallow reported as significant, spontaneous acid reflux. Since taking Nexium, I have headaches about three times a week, which is relieved with a couple Tylenol. I also have an enlarged abdomen (people are asking me if I am pregnant) and weight gain (despite not increasing my caloric intake or lessening my exercise routine)and my clothes are all tight. I have hypothyroidism and am taking something for that. My metabolism is sluggish due to the hypothyroid and I cannot afford to gain more weight. I was 175 @ 5’4″ as it was and after three months am now up to 185. This is nuts. Also, I have severe diarrhea about 3 times a week since on this pill and debilitating lower abdominal cramps prior to and during the diarrhea. My reflux was so bad, but since on Nexium it is completely resolved. I am heart broken because it is working but causing an enlarged abdomen, cramps, diarrhea and serious weight gain. I think I will go to the health food store and try to find that apple cider vinegar pill. This is a wonderful web site, glad I found it.


Subj: Nexium for longer than 6 months?
Date: 9/16/2009
I am currently taking Nexium and have been for the last year; prior to this, I took prilosec for years; both drugs work for me, but I have been told that I should not take Nexium for longer than 6 months [but my physician continues to prescribe it for me and has not told me it would be advisable to take another prescription for GERD]. Should I be concernced about this?


AskDocWeb: According to the Physician’s Desk Reference controlled studies do not extend beyond 6 months. Obviously many people are using it beyond that but the long-term affects are not documented. Our major concern is that Nexium can mask or hide the symptoms of other serious conditions. It does relieve symptoms but what happens if those symptoms are caused by something serious such as cancer. In our opinion, it would be tragic if the cancer wasn’t treated just because Nexium relieved the symptoms. Patients who experience relief of symptoms after taking Nexium should be aware that this does not necessarily mean that there is no malignancy or cancer present. This is not saying that cancer is present but please don’t ignore the possibility that it might exist.

Subj: PPI rebound
Date: 9/17/2009
First of all this site was a great help in me making the decision to end taking Nexium. Nexium virtually saved my life 5 years ago when I started taking it. I could not eat a thing without incredible indigestion, and wicked acid reflux. I had never had stomach issues before but I was a “perfect storm”, just bought a fixer upper house that needed a ton of work, just had my second child and she was still 3 months old, work was a worry for sure, I was travelling and drinking lots of coffee, booze, etc. I always had extra tomato sauce on my pasta… so I was just asking for it. Nexium was the only PPI that worked for me. I tried them all. I was on Nexium for about 6 weeks before I started feeling any of the nasty side effects. I would always have a slight headache and extended stomach and slight stomach pains but that was tolerable. After the 6 weeks I had a second scope done and it showed that my stomach was normal and my irritation was gone but I still felt like I had big time reflux issues so I stayed on the product. Cut to two weeks ago, I got fed up with the nasty side effects ( slight anxiety, slight depression, feeling like I was in a fog, twitching left arm muscle, my throat felt like it was constricting at times). So two weeks ago I went to my doctor and he said that I need to get off it but because of PPI rebound I should ween myself off the PPI. He changed me over to OTC Prilosec one pill per day for one week and then one pill every other day for two weeks and then to stop. Well the first three days I had this aweful burning feeling in my stomach… this is PPI rebound apparently because after those couple days (and 20mg 2X per day of Pepcid AC) the burning has completely stopped. Hopefully in another week I will be 100% off of the Prilosec and drug free. My stats are 44 year old male, I run 4 miles per day so I am in good shape. As since 5 years ago I gave up alcohol and coffee and chocolate. I am thankful Nexium helped me out of my tough time but I can hardly wait to be off of it.


Subj: Numbness
Date: 9/22/2009
I have been taking Nexium for over 8 years for acid reflux and for over two years I have had leg and feet numbness and now in my shoulder. I have been to all kinds of doctors and have had MRI’s and neurology tests and they have found nothing, I see that this could possible be side effects from Nexium. I started eating healthy, lost weight and exercise. Do you think it could be the Nexium and can you come off cold turkey? Please let me know. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Numbness appears to happen to less than one percent of users. Others that have stopped cold turkey after long-term use have reported rebound acid that lasts about a week and that antacids help with the transition.

Subj: Weight gain
Date: 9/23/2009
With regard to the weight gain that can be attributed to Nexium (I’ve been on it for five years), is this weight gain “proportional” or are there classic signs (like “pot belly”, etc). Also, is Prilosec OTC an acceptable and safe daily substitute for Nexium should I decide to switch? The Prilosec OTC box seems to indicate it’s a temporary solution. Thanks!


AskDocWeb: You can call it a pot belly, a beer belly, a beer gut, or a bulging stomach, we get the idea. Those who reported weight gain have not mentioned it being proportional. Prilosec OTC an acceptable and safe daily substitute for many people and it is worth taking to your doctor about this. Another possible alternative is Tagamet (cimetidine), which also works well for many people and costs a LOT less. Read more feedback about Nexium.
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