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Nexium Side Effects

If you’ve used Nexium, please help others by sharing your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.
Subj: Hair loss?
Date: 12/2/2009
Does nexium cause hair loss? Mine has thinned and was wavy now it want curl.


AskDocWeb: Hair loss is not caused when Nexium is used by itself however, when Nexium is combined with Amoxil (amoxycillin (A)) and Klacid (clarithromycin (C)) as in Nexium Hp7, hair loss is listed as one of the possible side effects.

Subj: Sudden weight gain
Date: 12/8/2009
I been on Nexium for about 8 months now and I have notice sudden weight gain. I was doing pretty good before taking this medication. I also been on the Nutrisystem program for about a year and I am still on it but it seem like it’s not doing as good as before being on Nexium. I know this has to be the reason this sudden weigh gain because my diet has changed and I’m still going to the gym three or four times a week with no results. What should I do? My doctor gave me a scope and I do have acid reflex disease. I also been on Prevacid it was doing okay for a while and I guess my body gotten so adapt to this medication it wasn’t doing as good as before, this is when my doctor switch me to Nexium. Now I am gaining this weight and I really don’t know what to do? Any Suggestions, I really need some help?


AskDocWeb: Sudden weight gain should be reported to your doctor because it could indicate a developing problem.

Subj: Drink alcohol with Nexium Hp7?
Date: 12/9/2009
Can you drink alcohol with nexium Hp7?


AskDocWeb: Alcohol is not mentioned in the do’s and don’ts of the consumer information leaflet for Nexium Hp7 (Esomeprazole, amoxycillin trihydrate and clarithromycin)

Subj: Thrombocytopenia medical liver disease enlarged spleen
Date: 12/9/2009
My husband has been on nexium for 4 plus years for GI bleeding, GERD and esophagitis. Routine blood work about 8 weeks ago it was found that his platelets were low but not critical (67,000). He was told to stop the nexium since it maybe the cause. After 4 weeks with out nexium they dropped to 57,000 and now yesterday down to 47,000. He has never drank alcohol. Except for being a little fatigued he doesn’t have any other symptoms. The ultrasound showed enlarged spleen and heterogeneous echotexture throughout the liver consistent with medical liver disease. We are waiting for the pathology report from a bone marrow biopsy he had done. We are in the waiting mode but wondering if any one out there has had this same problems with nexium? At this point we are not sure that nexium caused this problem but the doctors are leaning toward this. Please, any one taking nexium for an extended time get a complete blood count and check the platelet count. Any ideas??


AskDocWeb: There are reports that not just Nexium but Prevacid, Prilosec, and Protonix also lower platelet counts. Platelets are the components of the blood that makes it thicken, harden, and clot. Without them, bleeding becomes unstoppable and every minor cut or injury becomes dangerous. The normal range of is between 150,000 and 450,000. An abnormally low platelet count is called Thrombocytopenia.

Subj: THC on a drug test
Date: 12/17/2009
I am trying to find out if nexium will test positive for THC on a drug test and can not get an answer with out paying money for it. Can you please help me? I have no money or credit card. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Nexium is not on any of the cross-reactivity lists and we have had no reports of it causing a false positive on urine drug tests.

Subj: Rashes and all over my body
Date: 12/17/2009
I have been on Nexium for three weeks now, it worked great for my ulcer, but after 2 weeks I started haveing rashes and all over my body, I have been itching all over my body, I think I need to stop taking Nexium.


Subj: Aciphex and Nexium
Date: 12/21/2009
I had my few Nexium pill after I thought my stomach felt better from Aciphex. I developed a severe rash and my doctor therefore switched me to Nexium. Next day, it was a disaster. My stomach pain increased dramatically. I did not take Nexium after the first pill, and I took Aciphex again. It’s not working well as the first time. My question is if these two pills can be mixed, I don’t want to overdose myself, and second are there any stronger medications other than Aciphex and Nexium that would help fight stomach acidity? I am writing this at 4:00 a.m. and I cannot sleep b/c of the increased pain. Thank You,


AskDocWeb: Both Aciphex (rabeprazole) and Nexium (esomeprazole) are proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and both reduce the stomach’s output of acid. Taking them together could cause serious problems. Please do not mix any prescription drugs without first checking with your doctor or pharmacist.

Subj: Severe dry mouth
Date: 12/27/2009
I am taking Nexium 40 MG for acid reflux. I have had throat cancer and received thirty five treatments of radiation for this. My saliva glands were destroyed by this radiation and I have severe dry mouth. I also suffer from problems with swallowing. It seems as though my tongue is swelled. In reviewing the side effects of this drug is it possible that my dry mouth is being made more severe by taking this drug? Also could the drug be effecting my swallowing? There is so many side effects listed for this drug it is very confusing.


AskDocWeb: Nexium shouldn’t effect your swallowing unless you are having an allergic reaction to it but yes, it could make your dry mouth more severe.

Subj: Arms and wrist hurt
Date: 12/27/2009
I started out on protonix for esophagitis, and my arms and wrist started to hurt so, I stopped the protonix and tol my doctor. The doctor had me try nexium 40mg daily. I took it for three days, and again my arms and wrist as well ankles started hurting. I’m afraid to try anymore proton pump inhibitors.


Subj: Unstoppable nose bleed
Date: 12/27/2009
My husband had stomach problems for several years and finally a specialist suspected gastroesophageal reflux disease and prescribed Nexium for my husband. He took it for a few days and start to have unstoppable nose bleed (like a running tab). He immediately stopped taking the medication and nose bleed had not return since. The downside is he is still suffering from stomach pains.


Subj: Stopping and starting Nexium
Date: 12/31/2009
I was prescribed Nexium when I went to the hospital abroad with chest pain – they ran a bunch of heart/blood tests to make sure my circulatory system was fine and then concluded it was an esophagus problem and prescribed me 28-day 20mg Nexium. I have been taking the pill for 5 days and I still have chest pain after I eat but it is not as bad. I feel pretty weak all the time and my face is puffy. I am still not entirely sure if I should be taking this medication to begin with – they never confirmed an esophagus/intestinal/stomach problem, just ruled out other problems. Can I stop taking this medication altogether? If I do and my pain comes back, can I get back on it after missing a few days?


AskDocWeb: Look at the instructions for your prescription. If it says “as needed” then there is okay to stop and start again. If your prescription doesn’t say “as needed” next to the dosage then check with your doctor before stopping. When you say you went to a hospital abroad, that brings up another thought. There is a wide range in the quality of medical care from one country to the next. You might be interested to see how the World Health Organization ranks your country’s healthcare system.

Subj: How long does it take?
Date: 1/5/2010
I have been on Nexium for 3 months and am suffering excessive hair loss – I have now been told to stop taking Nexium. Can you tell me how long it takes to get out of your system?


AskDocWeb: Nexium doesn’t stay in your system very long. The half-life ranges from 1 to 1½ hours. That’s the amount of time for half of the drug to leave your system. Most of it is out of your system in just 3 hours.

Subj: Rapid weight gain
Date: 1/11/2010
I have recently started taking Nexium (about one and a half months ago)and I have gained 10 pounds without changing my eating or exercise habits. I have had some bloodwork and a few tests done to check for problems, but everything seems to be fine. I have been the same weight before this rapid weight gain for the past 2 years. Can Nexium cause this rapid weight gain?


AskDocWeb: Yes, rapid weight gain is possible and should be reported to your doctor because it could indicate a developing problem.

Subj: Acne break out
Date: 1/16/2010
I was on Nexium for about 3 weeks and noticed almost immediately that my face got super oily. I began to have an acne break out, I am 40 years old and I have never had acne, until now. I’ve been off Nexium for a month now and my acne doesn’t seem to be going away at all. I’m horrified! Will it eventually clear up or should I begin an acne battle with a dermatologist? I’m at a loss.


AskDocWeb: It appears that acne is now listed as one of the possible side effects of Nexium although it is rare. Other dermatologic side effects are also rare but include dermatitis, pruritus, erythematous rash, maculopapular rash, skin inflammation, increased sweating, alopecia and erythema multiforme.

Subj: Severe stomach pain
Date: 1/17/2010
I have tried Nexium on three separate occasions. In each case, several hours after I took the dose, I experienced severe stomach pain and almost constant vomiting for a period of two hours. The third time was also accompanied by severe diarrhea. Needless to say, I am not going to try Nexium ever again.


Subj: Nexium tablets
Date: 1/18/2010
I am taking Nexium tablets for acid reflux but I hear good news and bad news on it, how long should I see some relieve, I hate this feeling in my throat and I want to eat without feeling like I’m choking and coughing and yes the doctor put me on them to see how they go, I have only taken one so far.


AskDocWeb: Nexium works fairly quickly reaching a maximum affect in about an hour and a half.

Subj: Breastfeeding
Date: 1/19/2010
For how long nexium stays in the body? When can I resume breastfeeding if I used only one tablet?


AskDocWeb: The half-life ranges from 1 to 1½ hours. That’s the amount of time for half of the drug to leave your system. Most of it is out of your system in just 3 hours.

Subj: Rare side effect of the Nexium
Date: 1/26/2010
I used Nexium for 5 months from April to August of 2001, right after it came on the market. I developed severe joint pain, muscle aches and unexplained muscle burning. All went away after stopping the medicine. It was confirmed by a doctor that it was indeed a rare side effect of the Nexium. I had to totally control my acid reflux with a very plain diet. I have been reflux-free now for 5 years.


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