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Nexium Side Effects

If you’ve used Nexium, please help others by sharing your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.
Subj: Nexium hair loss?
Date: 7/5/2006
Is there any evidence that Nexium causes some hair loss or breakage?


AskDocWeb: No.

Subj: Nexium weight gain
Date: 7/9/2006
I have gain weight after taking Nexium for several months. Is there something else I can take that will not cause weight gain?


AskDocWeb: There’s Prilosec and a few others, but these drugs will affect people differently, consult with your doctor as to what might work best for you.

Subj: Nexium not working
Date: 7/19/2006
I’ve been experiencing very bad shortness of breath for about two months. Doctors diagnosed it as acid inhalation, due to the reflux. Since my hospital stay, I’ve been on double doses of 40 milligrams of Nexium a day and still, I don’t feel any relief. Shouldn’t the Nexium be working by now? My doctor is going to reduce me to one dose a day. In fact, I’m most likely switching to another ppi tomorrow, because my insurance company will not cover Nexium until I’ve tried and failed with cheaper ppi’s: Asiphix, Prevacid, etc. I thought I was getting better, but now, I’m not sure. Shouldn’t the Nexium be working strong by now? Thanks


AskDocWeb: Yes, if it was going to work it would be working by now. It sounds like you need an appointment with a specialist to find the cause of this problem. To continue taking something that isn’t working doesn’t make sense.

Subj: Alternatives to Nexium
Date: 7/24/2006
Since beginning Nexium, my husband has been experiencing diarrhea on a frequent basis. He needs to take something for acid/reflux. Would you give me the name of another medication to give him? Also, I think he drinks orange juice when he takes it. Would this be the cause of the diarrhea? Any suggestions would be aprreciated. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Alternatives to Nexium include Aciphex, Axid Oral Solution, Pepcid, Prevacid, Prilosec, Protonix, Tagament, Zantc and Zegerid powder for oral solution.

Subj: Want to stop Nexium
Date: 7/26/2006
Hi, I’ve been taking Nexium for over 2 years now — I know it works. I take half a pill a day. BUT, I’m concerned that my stomach has become addicted to it. I want to get myself off these darn pills but if I skip a day… I get bad acid indigestion. It’s like I have to take them for life and I don’t want to. I’m 55 male… can you help me please? My MD says to take them but I don’t trust doctors 100% especially on drugs.


AskDocWeb: The old fashion remedy was to take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day. Or you can go to a gastroenterologist. He may want to run a scope down your throat to check things out. Sometimes that’s the only way to find out what’s what. BTW, if you try the apple cider vinegar let us know if it works for you.

Subj: Nexium feedback
Date: 7/30/2006
Best yet. For the first time I had no heart burn or acid reflux as I slept last night. Great stuff!


Subj: Nexium headedness
Date: 7/31/2006
I have been using Nexium 40 mg once a day in the morning before breakfast for about 4 months. But the problems of nausea and gas persisted. Recently my doctor suggested taking it at bedtime. It improves my sleep and keeps my GI tract free of acid but in the morning I feel lightheaded and have severe nasal congestion. Is this typical? What should I do?


AskDocWeb: Light headedness is not typical and should not be happening. Be sure to tell your doctor about it.

Subj: Nexium and enlarging prostate?
Date: 8/2/2006
Hi, I want to ask if there a relation between taking nexium and enlarging prostate. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: No, there’s no relationship between the two.

Subj: Severe cramps and diarrhea
Date: 8/2/2006
I have taken nexium for about two years and have been recently stricken with severe cramps and diarrhea within two hours of taking the pills. I wondered if there was a possible error in the processing plant and maybe there was more than the stated 40 mg. I know on days were I took two pills this would occur. It solves the problem of the reflux but I think I will have to go back to prevacid if the diarrhea continues.


AskDocWeb: If the processing plant made a mistake like that it would be all over the news, not very likely. The maximum dosage seems to 40 mgs per day. Sounds like you need your doctor’s help.

Subj: Nexium side effects
Date: 8/4/2006
I took Nexium 40mg twice a day for about a year and a half. I had every side effect that is listed on this site and a few others. I started having migraines after being on Nexium for approximately six months. When I brought this to my doctors attention he told me that he had never heard of Nexium causing headaches. Now I have eye problems and have been told that I am loosing my sight. Has anyone else heard of this? Please help.

AskDocWeb: No we haven’t heard of these symptoms either. We suggest that you have a head CAT scan to see if there’s another problem, and don’t wait.

Subj: Nexium weight gain
Date: 8/6/2006
I have been on 40mg. of nexium 2x per day and have completed my treatment for H.Pylori bacteria – I have GERD, esophogitis, gastritis, hiatel hernia, IBS – and had my gall bladder removed due to stones – here is my problem – I have gained 15 pounds since beginning the nexium 4 weeks ago – I will be getting off of nexium in the morning and calling my doctor. I didn’t realize the weight gain was associated with nexium until I started researching on the internet. Is there any heartburn medication that DOES NOT cause weight gain?


AskDocWeb: Here’s a list of brands currently being used for symptomatic relief for heartburn/hyperacidity.

  • Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Relief tablets
  • Dulcolax Milk of Magnesia
  • Ex Lax Milk of Magnesia liquid
  • Gas-X with Maalox Extra Strength, chewable tablets and softgels
  • Gaviscon Regular Strength, liquid and tablets
  • Gaviscon Extra Strength, liquid and tablets
  • Maalox Max Maximum Strength Antacid/Antigas liquid (and quick dissolve)
  • Maalox Maximum Strength Total Stomach Relief Strawberry liquid
  • Maalox Regular Strength Antacid/Antigas liquid (and quick dissolve)
  • Mag-Ox 100 tablets
  • Nexium Delayed-Release capsules
  • Pepcid AC, tablets, chewable tablets, and gelcaps
  • Phillips’ chewable tablets
  • Prelief tablets and powder
  • Priosec OTC tablets
  • Rolaids tablets and Extra Strength tablets
  • Rolaids Multi-Symptom Antacid & Antigas tablets
  • Tagamet HB 200 tablets
  • Tums E-X Antacid/Calcium tablets
  • Tums E-X Sugar Free Antacid/Calcium tablets
  • Tums E-X ULTRA Antacid/Calcium tablets
  • Zantac 75 tablets

Subj: Want to stop Nexium
Date: 8/7/2006
I too am taking Nexium 40mg a day for over 5 years, my weight has increased by about 60 lbs. My question, I want to stop cold turkey, I have missed a dose or two before with great pain afterwards, if I just wait it out will the symptoms get better or am I doomed to take Nexium forever?


AskDocWeb: We suggest you talk to your doctor before doing anything. Your doctor will be able to help you decide if you can safely go without Nexium or not.

Subj: Nexium weight gain?
Date: 8/25/2006
My 11 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with erosive esophagitis. She has been prescribed Nexium indefinitely. She has had a problem with her weight and I am concerned about the side effects of weight gain. Is weight gain common in children and if so, is there any alternative that will treat her condition and not cause her to gain more weight?


AskDocWeb: Weight gain has been reported by less than 1% of Nexium users but, about the same number have weight loss. At this point in time you don’t know which group she will be in, if either one. There are other products available but they haven’t worked as well as Nexium.

Subj: ALT and AST 6 times normal
Date: 8/26/2006
I went to my doctor due to consult for IBS. He scheduled an endoscopy and colonoscopy and started me on Nexium. I have been taking it for approx. 7 weeks, while my tests showed no Gerd or acid reflux. My family doc did a liver panel this week and my ALT and AST were approx. 6 times normal range. I had more tests done Friday and won’t have results until next week. Could it be the Nexium? I am not a likely Hep. candidate. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Yes, it could. In 1% or less of users, Nexium appears to cause both ALT and AST levels to rise.

Date: 8/29/2006
I seem to experience worse symptoms after taking the 40mg Nexium. There is more burning in the esophagus and my throat becomes constricted and I get tingling in my 5th finger and after the 4th finger also. This may also be with chest pains. How long does it take before the Nexium becomes effective (been on it for 1 week) and is taking Zantac (150 mg) to relieve some burning appropriate. The pharmacist said it wasn’t the best but I just got a message from my MD saying it would be OK!


AskDocWeb: It sounds like Nexium isn’t meant for you because it doesn’t seem to be working at all. Better see a specialist, a gastroenterologist and have some tests done.

Subj: Nexium weight gain
Date: 9/5/2006
I have been taking nexium for almost two years with no symptoms except weight gain. I work out and diet and nothing happens. This freaks me out. What can I do? I take 40mg once a day. Is there an alternative or do all those kind of drugs cause weight gain? I am not happy!


AskDocWeb: The alternatives were just posted above.

Subj: Chest pains and excessive gas
Date: 9/5/2006
Taking nexium for heartburn. However I seem to be getting alot of gas pains and pains in chest. Can I take something for the gas, what would you recommend. Also is taking advil with nexium on the same day harmful.


AskDocWeb: In most cases Advil can be taken with Nexium but you shouldn’t be having chest pains and excessive gas. We recommend reporting your symptoms to your doctor.

Subj: Nexium dosage
Date: 9/20/2006
I take nexium 40mg everyday. I notice 1 a day isn’t working, is it ok to take one in morning and one at night


AskDocWeb: You can increase your dosage but only by the direction of your physician.

Subj: Nexium insomnia?
Date: 9/21/2006
Can Nexium cause sleeplessness at night?


AskDocWeb: Less than one percent of Nexium users experience insomnia but yes, it is possible.

Subj: Symptoms came back
Date: 9/22/2006
I used Nexium for a little over a year for Gerd but when I stopped using chewing tobacco my need for it disappeared so I stopped. A couple weeks later I started developing very bad gas and what feels like burning hemorrhoids although I can’t really see to be sure. Is it possible that terminating nexium has caused my stomach acid production resume and increase past the point for my digestive system to handle the higher acid output?


AskDocWeb: It’s possible but we suggest you see a gastroenterologist before you develop worse problems. Read more feedback about Nexium.
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