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Nexium Side Effects

If you’ve used Nexium, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.
Subj: Nausea and vomiting
Date: 8/4/2011
I’ve only been using Nexium for three days and I have extreme nausea and throwing up. Also, my mouth is really dry. Is this from the Nexium?


AskDocWeb: It may be, nausea and vomiting are possible side effects of Nexium that should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Major weight gain
Date: 8/10/2011
I have been on Nexium for about three years. I have experienced major weight gain, especially around the midsection, joint and muscle pain to the point that I am almost immobilized especially in the morning (I take the Nexium before bed). I also have lethargy, fatigue, tingling in legs and feet, heaviness in arms and legs and a host of other symptoms. I have had numerous blood tests and heart exams and been seen by a vascular doctor. They can find nothing wrong. Is all of this caused by the Nexium?


AskDocWeb: Weight gain is not one of the officially recognized side effects of Nexium although there are several dozen reports of that just on this website. Joint pain, drowsiness, feeling weak, and low energy are symptoms listed as rare side effects of Nexium so those are a possibility.

Subj: I decided to try a friends Nexium
Date: 8/11/2011
For ten days I had the worst chest pains ever and panic attacks on top of that which made me light headed and dizzy. After researching I decided to try a friends nexium. I take acid pills for acid reflux and so when i seen the symptoms of gerd and it sounded like my problem I took the purple pill, and in an hour i sure did start feeling so much better. Chest pain slowly disappearing as well as my panic attack, hyperventilating and light headed! I cant wait to get medicare and seek a dr and get put on nexium. After 10 days of this pain, I cant wait to wake up and feel even better in the morning. I dont like the fact of seeing all the people on here gaining weight tho! Oh what a relief to breath and not feeling like I have a terrible chest cold, pnomomia or asthma!


AskDocWeb: Oh Marsha, while we are pleased to hear that you obtained some symptom relief, you could be getting yourself into trouble by using someone else’s prescription drug. There are two ways that could happen. One is a medical reason; it may be dangerous to your health, and the other way is legal; in most places it is illegal to use a drug prescribed to someone else. Please call your local pharmacist to find out and stay safe.

Subj: After getting off Nexium
Date: 8/19/2011
I’ve been on Nexium for a little over 2 years. I recently had a miscarriage. I see there is information stating that “women expecting to get pregnant should not be on Nexium.” What is a safe amount of time, after getting off Nexium, to get pregnant? I’d rather wait a little longer to try then to have another miscarriage. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: We were unable to find your quote on our website. However, the FDA lists Nexium in Pregnancy Category B, which means it is not expected to cause any harm during pregnancy. It is considered “likely safe” but there are no adequate, well-controlled studies with its use in pregnant women. Since the half-life of Nexium is so short (1 to 1.5 hours) it is completely out of your system in less than 24 hours. Good luck with your next pregnancy Marybeth.

Subj: Continuously gaining weight
Date: 8/23/2011
Date: 8/23/11 I have taken Nexium for years and seem to continuously gain weight. I had no idea the two could be connected. I’ve had cancer, colitis and diverticulitis. I’ve had problems trying to lose weight. But I have to have something for Acid Reflux because it got so bad at times that I’d wake up at night gasping for breath and then I’d finally throw up some of the acid that kept coming up into my throat. It’s scary. But as long as I take the Nexium I do okay. I may try to find something that doesn’t make me gain weight.


Subj: Topzole
Date: 8/24/2011
Hi All. Just got out of hospital, was on Nexium, it was given to me via saline solution and all seemed pretty much ok. My doctor then put me on Topzole, I can tell you I have never been so sick before, first extreme thirst, insomnia, shivering uncontrollably, hot sweats, intense headache, vie been told to stop taking it which I obviously have, does anyone know how long it takes for topzole to leave the body? Thanks in advance.


AskDocWeb: The half life of Topzole is about 24 hours. That’s the amount of time it takes for half of the drug to leave your system. Typically it takes about 5 times the half-life for the body to completely eliminate a drug.

Topzole is a brand name of Pantoprazole, which is sold in South Africa. This proton pump inhibitor is also sold under other brand names including Somac, Pantoloc, Protium, Pantecta, Protonix, and Pantoheal.

Subj: Heartburn
Date: 8/27/2011


AskDocWeb: What about it?

Subj: Can Nexium alter your sense of taste?
Date: 8/31/2011
I have been taking Nexium for quite some time and 3 weeks ago had my prescription increased to 2 times a day (morning and night). In the past 7-10 days I have noticed that my taste seems to be altered – most noticeably when I drink wine (both red and white). Can this be a side effect of taking Nexium twice a day? I am a bit concerned as my mother died of a brain tumor and she noticed a change in her ability to taste foods prior to being diagnosed with the tumor.


AskDocWeb: Yes, Nexium is one of the drugs that may alter your sense of taste. According to prescribing information from AstraZeneca, the incidence rate of effects on taste is less than one percent but it is possible. (See this list) The effect on taste has been described as taste loss, taste perversion, and taste disturbances. When Nexium is used in combination with Amoxicillin and Clarithromycin the incidence of taste perversion rises to 6.6%. You should also consider the fact that one of the symptoms of GERD is a sour or bitter taste in the mouth.

There is a related side effect called parosmia, also known as troposmia or cacosmia, that may also affect your sense of taste. It’s an olfactory dysfunction that is characterized by the inability of the brain to properly identify odors. The sensation of parosmia is almost always unpleasant. This too is a possible side effect of Nexium with an incidence rate of less than one percent.

Subj: Nexium and dry heaves
Date: 8/31/2011
i just started nexium today and it causes my stomach to be upset and it causes me to dry heave. should i stop taking it?


AskDocWeb: Dry heaves should be reported to your doctor. It may have been caused by the drug but there are also a long list of other possible causes besides a drug reaction. These include food poisoning, gastritis, overeating, hypoglycemia, anxiety, low blood sugar, bowel obstruction, ileus, appendicitis, hepatitis, brain tumors, pancreatitis, migraines, metabolic disturbances, alcohol and high intracranial pressure, to name just a few. Check with your doctor.

Subj: Red urine
Date: 9/13/2011
I just started taking nexium for h.pylori eradication. And after my second dose of it, I have developed a red coloured urine. I’m worried please help asap.


AskDocWeb: Red urine is not necessarily bloody urine. Despite its alarming appearance, red urine isn’t necessarily serious but it does need to be evaluated to see if it contains blood. If it does then you may be referred to a urologist for an evaluation of the cause.

Subj: Fatigue and confusion
Date: 9/14/2011
I have Barrets esophagus and I have to be on an acid reducer- I’ve been taking prevacid for 10+years- suddenly stopped working now I have to take 40 mg of Nexium 2x daily. I am now unable to absorb Vit. B12 and I get injections every month. I have not gained weight with Nexium but I believe that it is causing my fatigue and confusion. I wish that doctors were more aware of the side effects- I had brain scans before I mentioned a lack of vitamin b- I hope there is a shot or pill for whatever my body isn’t absorbing this time.

Nexium is the only thing working for me- can’t go off the meds- I’m precancerous and have to be scoped every other year- I have a doctor’s appointment- just thought I’d share- make sure you are taking calcium- seems to be a big problem with the PPIs. I’m only 45 and I have been on these drugs since they first came out.


Subj: Gain weight?
Date: 9/20/2011
Can you gain weighte taking nexium?


AskDocWeb: The prescribing information for Nexium lists both weight gain and weight loss as possible side effects that occur in less than one percent of patients using this drug.

Subj: Airway totally blocked
Date: 10/6/2011
First time in 75 years had episode of airway being totally blocked for over 10 seconds yesterday. Have been on Nexium for 6 weeks..must be the cause!


AskDocWeb: Ten seconds can seem like a very long time, especially when you can’t breath. Difficulty breathing is listed as a possible side effect of Nexium that that may require immediate medical attention and should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible.

Subj: Blocked airways
Date: 10/8/2011
After 2 months on NExium for cough had a terrifying experience when my airways were blocked for 15 seconds. Have no health condition to warrant this. Could it be reaction to Nexiumx?


AskDocWeb: Difficulty breathing is listed under the heading of “Serious allergic reactions” as one of the possible side effects of Nexium. Patients having difficulty breathing or swallowing should contact their doctor immediately.

Subj: Put on 7 pounds
Date: 10/11/2011
I was on Nexium for about 3 months and have put on 7 pound. I did not alter my diet and I exercise regularly. I decided to come off these pills and try something else for my gerd. Can anyone please tell me how long before I see results of weight loss?? It’s been a week since I’ve stopped the Nexium, and I haven’t lost a pound.


AskDocWeb: Considering the fact that it took 3 months to gradually build up that 7 pounds it may take several weeks to get rid of it. And that is assuming that the weight gain was the result of taking Nexium, which may or may not be true.

Subj: Bleed easy?
Date: 10/19/2011
Can nexium cause your skin to tray and bleed easy?


AskDocWeb: There is a note in the patient information for Nexium that cautions those who are being treated with both proton pump inhibitors and warfarin may need to be monitored for abnormal bleeding, which could potentially be fatal. Nexium is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). If bleeding is a concern then consult with your doctor. Read more feedback about Nexium.
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