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Nexium Side Effects

If you’ve used Nexium, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Bad reaction
Date: 7/12/2013
I’m 26 years old and I just gave birth on Jan 10, 2013. I had bad heartburn while pregnant. After I had my son I was fine. Now 6 months later, I had acute burning in my left side under my rib cage. I tried to treat with otc drugs but they didn’t help. The doctor just put me on Nexium. The first day I felt foggy/strange/full of panic. I ended up having to go to the ER. They gave me Zantac with the Nexium. Zantac gives me headaches and more panic. I took the Nexium yesterday, and 4 hours after I had a racing heart, dizziness and feelings of panic. I am prescribed 1 40 MG dose a day. Going to the doctor on Monday to see if we can get this solved.


Soften stool and bitter taste
Date: 7/14/2013
Took the nexium treatment for a week, because I was diagnosed with helicobacter. I have gotten soften stool, not full blown diarrhoea and a bitter taste in my throat…should I be worried

AskDocWeb: Well, one person’s diarrhea can be another person’s soft stool. However if your stool is watery, call your doctor right away. Bowel movements that have the consistency of soft-serve ice cream are normal variations that occur with changes in the diet.

One of the common side effects of Nexium is a change in taste. This has been described as bad, unusual, unpleasant (after) taste, and bitter/metallic taste. It is sometimes referred to as taste perversion.

Pain in toes?
Date: 7/14/2013
I have been experiencing pain and discomfort in my toes recently. Could this be a side effect of nexium?

AskDocWeb: There are a number of reports of joint pain (Incidence rate unknown) by those using Nexium. However, we would look for other causes before jumping to conclusions.

Effect of Nexium on protititus?
Date: 7/17/2013
I take 20 mm nexium will it effect protititus, ??, I find golf helps my acid reflex a lot, or just hitting golf balls,

AskDocWeb: We aren’t sure if you meant Prostatitis or Proctitis. Prostatitis is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. Proctitis is an inflammation in the lining of the rectum, the lower end of the large intestine leading to the anus. More likely it was the latter since Nexium has no effect on the prostate gland.

To date there are too few reports of patients developing proctitis while taking Nexium to draw any conclusions.

Small seizures
Date: 9/21/2013
My 10 week old son is taking nexium orally via syringe. He has had a loss of appetite and 3 days ago my paed increased his dosage and he has been having small seizures. If i stop today, how long will it take for this to stop happening (if it is the nexium causing it)?

AskDocWeb: Of course the seizures need to be reported to your pediatrician. Drug-induced tremors or seizures will go away when the medicine that is causing them is discontinued. How long that takes depend in part on the half-life of the drug. Fortunately for Nexium that is short, 1.5 hours at most.

How long does it take to work?
Date: 10/9/2013
I have had really bad chest pain/ burning for the last few weeks. Dr put me back on Somac as I had reflux before. Past weekend, it got worse. Back to dr…changed me to nexium. took one last night it helped a little, took one this morning and now tonight it is really bad again. How long before it should work? I have to see dr again on Friday and see how i am then.

My dad has Barrett’s syndrome. She was talking about me seeing a Gastroenterologist for an Endoscopy. This terrifies me. Might show an ulcer or worse. This pain is bad. I haven’t eaten anything but toast in 4 days as it goes straight through me. Is that part of the reflux? Or a different problem? Does nexium take a while to work? Could I have damaged my oesophagus? Will nexium help that? So many questions I know. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

AskDocWeb: Nexium is not a quick fix as it can take up to four weeks to get the full effect. While it is possible to have some damage to your esophagus, some tests are required in order to find out just what is going on in there. Be sure that your doctor addresses your concerns about any test that you feel uncomfortable with.

Pain in back and arms
Date: 10/14/2013
I have been on nexium for for 3 days and have pain in my back and arms. Feet are burning too. Is this a side affect.

AskDocWeb: Reports from the clinical trials on Nexium showed back pain in less than one percent of patients. Likewise less than one percent reported paresthesia, a sensation of tingling, tickling, prickling, pricking, or burning sensation of a person’s skin.

What is my issue?
Date: 12/6/2013
Hi, I had feeling that my insides were swollen so I went to doc and she gave me nexium and test for h pylori. After 11 days test came neg and I felt like I had a lot of side effects so I stopped nexium.

I began using diviol and it was working good until one day I had ver bad stomach pain and tenderness right below breast bone. Felt as if my upper stomach was hard like rock and was gonna burst. This was even worse then before nexium. I went to doc, I was put on patriot 20m. After 3 days I went down to 10m because of bad side affects. Then started 40 m of nexium instead for about 12 days and then switched to 20 m for the last 5 days.

I am 26 years olD I have recently stoped drinking last 4 months, I eat only non acid foods (grilled fish and veg) I drink just water). My only symptoms are bloating, indigestion burp/hicups, hicups came after starting nexium and I get a weird air pocket feeling in my right back side. My stomach seems better on 40 m with less symtoms then 20m . What might my issue be? I have a gi appointment but it’s now for another 2 months I was scheduled back in Sep.


AskDocWeb: Sorry John, this forum is limited to discussing the effectiveness and side effects of Nexium. You will have to wait for your tests to get a diagnosis.
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