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Nexium Side Effects

If you’ve used Nexium, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Alcohol and Nexium Hp7?
Date: 12/13/2013
Can you drink alcohol on nexium hp7?


AskDocWeb: As far as we know alcohol is not mentioned in the do’s and don’ts of the consumer information for Nexium Hp7. However, we generally do not follow drugs from countries outside the USA so you may want to check with a doctor in your country.

Nexium Hp7 is a combination of Esomeprazole, amoxycillin trihydrate and clarithromycin.

Headaches after stopping Nexium
Date: 1/4/2014
Headaches after stopping nexuim I started by taking 40mg of nexium once a day and then was put on 40mg of nexuim 2x a day about 5 days after starting the double dose I started having pains in my forhead like a dull pain I continued taking the nexuim for another 3 weeks and then stopped cold turkey to see if the pains in my heasd continued I have been off of the nexuim for 2 weeks and the randoms pains in my head are still there everday, could it still be from the nexuim how long do the side effects take to go away after stopping taking nexium. Thank you


AskDocWeb: The plasma elimination half-life of Nexium is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours so it is completely out of your system in less than 12 hours. 3.8% of people using Nexium reported headaches. They usually do not last more than a couple of days after discontinuing the drug. If it lasts more than 3 days, see your doctor.

Fed up with discomfort
Date: 1/13/2014
I have been on nexium 40mg for gastritis since just before xmas 2013, now since a couple of days ago in the second week of january 2014, i am experiencing alot of discomfort again. I am fed up now, will try natural pine nut oil and iberogast.


Date: 1/15/2014


AskDocWeb: Small bowel obstruction (SBO) means the small intestine is partially or totally blocked. This may be caused by something in the way, a mechanical cause, or the bowel just doesn’t work correctly but there is no structural problem (Paralytic ileus).

Paralytic ileus, also called pseudo-obstruction, may be caused by:

  • Bacteria or viruses that cause intestinal infections (gastroenteritis)
  • Chemical, electrolyte, or mineral imbalances (such as decreased potassium levels)
  • Complications of abdominal surgery
  • Decreased blood supply to the intestines (mesenteric ischemia)
  • Infections inside the abdomen, such as appendicitis
  • Kidney or lung disease
  • Use of certain medications, especially narcotics

Mechanical causes of small bowel obstruction may include:

  • Foreign bodies (material eaten that blocks the intestine)
  • Gallstones (rare)
  • Hernias
  • Impacted stool
  • Intussusception (telescoping of one segment of bowel into another)
  • Postoperative adhesions or scar tissue that forms after surgery (Most common cause)
  • Tumors blocking the intestines
  • Volvulus (twisted intestine)

Two hours of research failed to show any causative link between Nexium and small bowel obstruction.

Nexium hp7
Date: 1/17/2014
I’m using nexium hp7, it’s leaves the worst taste in my mouth, and I feel a little sick and a bit bloated, I only have to take it for 7 days, but it’s really not nice, nothing gets rid of it, I also notice my gums are very pale, not sure if that is the medicine or not, it’s only my top gum at the moment, the bottom gum has more colour.


Bad reaction to Nexium
Date: 2/19/2014
I switched from Dexilant to Nexium yesterday, taking 40mg Nexium twice. Took one in the morning and one at bedtime. I woke up at 3am with all the symptoms it says to contact your dr about. (Dizzy, muscle spasm, jitters, muscle weakness. I was also nauseous and vomited). I called my dr and he told me not to take anymore of it but I failed to ask how long the symptoms would persist. They seem to come in waves but I have been in bed all day dizzy and tired and my muscles are still restless and tired. Wondering after just 2 doses how long should it remain in my system? I can definitely tell improvement as the day goes on but I saw on one post 72 hours ( but that was after long term use). Supposed to leave tomorrow for a 2 week trip. Thank you for any advice. Btw I love the dexilant. I’ve tried everything out there and it’s done the best.


AskDocWeb: The half-life of Nexium ranges from 1 to 1.5 hours so it is completely out of your system in less than 12 hours. Most side effects do not persist more than a couple of days after discontinuing the drug.

Constant back pain?
Date: 3/13/2014
My father is 76 and has been on nexium for 3 months for Barrett’s Esophagus. He has been having constant back pain for the last 2 weeks and has lost 18lbs. Is this a side effect?


AskDocWeb: Back pain is listed as one of the side effects that is “possibly or probably related to Nexium.” This side effect is reported by less than one percent of Nexium users.

How long does Nexium stay in your system?
Date: 4/7/2014
I’ve been on Nexium since 1998, at least, and have been having trouble for a year and a half, which has been attributed to back arthritis, woman issues, etc. After a colonoscopy, and uterine biopsy, ct scans, x-rays, mri’s etc… they have ruled out all things and I decided to look up some side effects for the long term medicines I’ve been taking… seems like Nexium is the culprit, and I stopped taking it a week ago. I have had some mild heartburn, for which I’ve taken some tums, but, other than that, so far so good…

I stopped taking the Naproxen too.. and though I’ve been very stiff and sore, I have been able to stay clean of both of them…. I do take a Tramadol twice a day, so, that helps me to move around.. how long will it be before this stuff is completely out of my system? And could the Nexium have caused the hot nodule on my thyroid that caused so many other problems? Maybe the kidney stones too?


AskDocWeb: Since the half-life of Nexium is only 1 to 1.5 hours, it may take up to 8 hours to completely clear your system. Naproxen has an elimination half-life that ranges from 12 to 17 hours so that may take three or four days. One of the rare side effects of Nexium is that it may cause an enlarged thyroid gland. Although rare, when it does occur this effect can be severe. (1)

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