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Subj: Hair loss and Conditioner
Date: 10/14/2009
Hello I used Nisim shampoo for the first time yesterday 14/10/09 I massaged it into my scalp left it for about 4 to 5 mins rinsed it out and found that I lost many many hairs some of it was coming out in clumps is this normal for first time use? Would it stop eventually? As it was very scary to see I must say, should I continue the use of this product? Also I used another branded conditioner after the nisim shampoo as I don’t yet have the nisim conditioner is it ok to do that? Thanks for any replies.


AskDocWeb: Massaging it into your may have been a mistake if you rubbed too hard. That can dislodge loose hair that you were about to lose anyway.
If you haven’t had a physical within the past year you may want to consider getting one to eliminate health conditions like thyroid problems, lupus, and diabetes. Any of these can increase normal hair loss.
We have no data on the use of other conditioners with Nisim. You may want to look up the name of your conditioner (do a search on: “conditioner name” “hair loss”) to make sure no one is complaining about hair loss with that particular brand.

Subj: Extract serum?
Date: 10/16/2009
I am thinking about trying the nisim products and I was wondering, will the shampoo and conditioner work without using the extract serum?


AskDocWeb: The three products are designed to work together as a complete system to fight hair loss. Although it may help, we doubt if it would work as well without the extract serum.

Subj: Nisim review
Date: 10/20/2009
Been using Nisim shampoo, conditioner, extract and vibrating brush for 5 weeks. Love the shampoo & conditioner. Experiencing very little difference in hair loss. However just tested for Vitamin D deficiency (LOW) and that may be causing the problem. The hair brush is terrible. The rubber base holding the bristles separated after 2 weeks. I glued it. Last night the handle became extremely hot and the motor quit. I replaced the batteries. Within 30 seconds it was hot again and quit.


AskDocWeb: Thanks for letting us know about that vibrating hair brush Anne. The Nisim products we recommend are from and do NOT include vibrating massage brushes.

Subj: I just want hair length
Date: 10/23/2009
I have a question, I don’t have hair loss I just want hair length. Is it safe to use on someone who’s not experiencing hair loss? If I use this will I need to continue to us after I start? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer, there are no harmful side effects so it shouldn’t make any difference if you have hair loss or just want to prevent it. The only reason you might want to continue using it is if it was preventing hair loss, in that case hair loss would result from discontinuing the product.

Subj: I will try this
Date: 11/15/2009
I’ve been using the shampoo and the hair stimulating product since early October, daily wash (its been one and a half month 7 weeks today) etc etc! With no result, I will try this product for six months and tell you more about it at a later stage.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Gregory, six months is an appropriate amount of time for an honest test.

Subj: Difference between Procerin and Provillus
Date: 12/30/2009
I have tried Nisim products and I am considering for taking a supplement to go with it. I have been reading your website and information is very useful. I am just wondering the difference between Procerin and Provillus (the tablets). Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Here is a side by side comparison of the daily amounts of the ingredients in both products.

 Saw Palmetto 1000mg Saw Palmetto 1500mg
 Magnesium Oxide 56mg  Magnesium Oxide 150mg
 Zinc Oxide 12mg Zinc Oxide 15mg
 Stinging Nettle Stinging Nettle
 Pumpkin seed Pumpkin seed
 Eleuthero Eleuthero
 Uva-Ursi Uva-Ursi
 Muira Puama P Muira Puma Root
 none Gotu Kola
 none Di-calcium phosphate
 none Silicone dioxide
 none Sodium carboxymethlcellose 
 none Steric acid
 none Pharmaceutical glaze
 Vitamin B6 4mg none
 Botin 40mg none

Subj: Nisim
Date: 2/8/2010
I have not purchase the product Nisim,, trying to find helpful information. I have experienced hair loss, in the crown area and side, I would love to purchase this product, i just do not want to loose anymore hair. would you recommend that I purchase this product.


AskDocWeb: Yes, there enough evidence that it has helped others with their hair loss problem that we recommend it.

Subj: Types of product
Date: 2/23/2010
I just wanted to add this: they do not appear to have 3 types of product, just two. For oily hair, or dry. there is no “normal” that I can see on their website.


Subj: Keep note
Date: 2/25/2010
i just got the shapoo ill keep a note of how long my hair is now and how long it well be in 2months.


Subj: Is this normal?
Date: 3/26/2010
Hi ! Have just been introduced to Nisim. Have used it for a month. My hair is still falling. Is this normal?

AskDocWeb: Yes, it takes several months (4 to 6) before most people begin to notice results. The same is true for other products hair loss such as Propecia, Minoxidil, and Provillus.

Subj: Nisim Biofactors for Africans?
Date: 4/6/2010
My hair line is gone, probably due to pleating. Are there so far results of restoration of hair line after use of nisim biofactors especially for Africans?


AskDocWeb: So far there are no reports from Africans or African-American users.

Subj: After stopping Biofactors
Date: 4/26/2010
Hi, I used Nisim for 4-5 months and was pleased to see my hairloss had completely stopped. Then I stopped using the biofactors but continued using the shampoo. After, 4 months of no biofactors, I am suffering from the same hairloss I had in the first place. I have started the treatment again now. It has been a month and no improvement yet. My fear is, if I have to continue using this product long term, would there be any side effects?


AskDocWeb: Thanks for letting us know that the Biofactors works. One of the reasons for this type of feedback is to give those using the products a chance to let others know about side effects. So far none have been reported.

Subj: Nisim shampoo
Date: 5/4/2010
I’m a 47 year old woman who has had thinning hair for several years. I’m considering the Nisim shampoo. Do I also need the extract? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Yes, it is the extract that simulates the natural growth cycle of your hair. For best results, they recommend using it twice a day.

Subj: Nisim really works
Date: 6/30/2010
I have used this product for over a month now. The hair lost rate vary, but i think my condition did improved. For hair grow, it really works. I start seeing new hair grow in the affected area. There maybe acne growing or feeling itchy on your head occasionally. I suspect this maybe caused by the ingrow hair. Therefore, massage your head frequently should ease the problem


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