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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Spotting
Date: 1/21/2008
Hi, I’ve been on ortho try low for about a year and 1/2 and somehow got ahead of my regular day. I’m ahead one day. Since then I’ve been spotting like a regular period. Is this normal, or should I see my doctor?


AskDocWeb: Spotting or breakthrough bleeding is not normal, please see your physician.

Subj: On, off and back on again
Date: 1/22/2008
I’ve been on OTC lo for a little over a year. In December I finished a pack and didn’t start my new one for about 10 days. My period started with two pills left in the old pack and it was a very light period, which isn’t that normal. Could the fact that I wasn’t taking the pills for most of the period cause this? Also, since I’ve started on that new pack my nipples have been quite sore and have lasted for a couple of weeks. I’ve never really experienced this and wondered if it could be hormonal since I was on BC and then off of it and then back on it?


AskDocWeb: You should talk to your physician because you were off of them for ten days, which can cause several problems.

Subj: Terrible cramps
Date: 1/22/2008
I have been using Ortho T for about 3 months now. Acne is still the same plus, I have terrible cramps about 2 weeks prior to my period. Plus it’s made me too sensitive and I find myself crying for any little thing. Also, my breast hurt throughout the month. The pain is still there even after my period. Should I try Ortho T Lo or is all this in my head?


AskDocWeb: This is not all in your head, you may need to change birth control pills if your symptoms didn’t go away in the third month. Don’t put up with all of these symptoms, speak up with your physician.

Subj: The lo version is not for me
Date: 1/23/2008
I am 24 and have used orthotricyclen since I was 16. It worked wonderful. But during the last six months, my doctor’s office began giving me the lo version because they ran out of the regular. During my time with the lo version, I had no sex drive, breast tenderness (I hated when my boyfriend touched my breast, I’ve gained five pounds (my normal weight was always 108, but in the last six months I’m now 111), my menstrational bleeding went from five days to four days, I am always sleepy, my stomach is always bloating, my acne breakouts are much larger and deeper and have some headaches. The lo version is not at all for me!


Subj: Extremely moody
Date: 1/23/2008
I just had a baby 7 weeks ago, and I’ve been extremely moody towards EVERYONE and everything, I can’t eat or sleep, I told my OB/GYN so she put me or ortho lo, and I’ve been on it for 3 days, I’ve gotten SO much worse just after 3 days. I don’t know what to do.


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you need to consult with your physician for a follow up.

Subj: Acne has been uncontrollable
Date: 1/23/2008
Ever since I discontinued ortho tri cyclen (almost 2 years ago, taking it for 6 months)my acne has been uncontrollable. Previous to birth control I have had no acne problems. I’ve tried all types of acne products, have a good diet and exercise and do not smoke. I was wondering if there is anything I can do about it since it seems to be something that is off balance in my system? Help!


AskDocWeb: You might have a dermatologist examine your skin and find out what they recommend for your specific situation.

Subj: Having a regular period
Date: 1/23/2008
I just started taking ortho-tricylen December 30th and I know during the week of the green pills you’re supposed to get a “period”. But I’m just having like, a regular period. And I heard they were supposed to be lighter?


Subj: Expired packs
Date: 1/23/2008
I have been on ortho-tri-cyclen for 3 years and I recently switched to trinessa. Two of my packs will be expired by the time I get to it. Will it be safe to take it? I am mostly taking it for clear skin and a regular cycle. I am in a long distance relationship, so not getting pregnant isn’t the primary reason I am on it.


AskDocWeb: No, please do not use expired medications.

Subj: When to start
Date: 1/23/2008
I finished a pack of ortho-tri-cyclen-lo, which I’ve been taking pretty regularly. I order mine off the internet through my insurance company, so went to order them with plenty of time for them to get here before my last pack was out, but for some reason the order didn’t go through. So it’s now 4 days since I should have started the new pack and I don’t know if now that I just got my new pills today I should start today or wait till Sunday which is my normal start day? Is one way more effective than another?


AskDocWeb: You can’t start on just any Sunday, the directions say to start the Sunday after your period starts.

Subj: Eczema on my breast, chest area and neck
Date: 1/24/2008
I have been taking ortho tri-cyclen for 2 months now and have had skin problems since I started taking it. By the second month of taking this I developed eczema on my breast, chest area and neck. I never had skin problems prior to this birth control and believe that it is the culprit. I was given this to try and help me through painful periods and have had no such luck. I have also been very bloated have lost weight and have been experiencing loss of appetite. My headaches have been more painful since starting this and am having them on a daily bases. Has anyone else experienced these problems? I am going to the dermatologist next week to ask some questions as to if this is possible.


Subj: Bad reaction to orth tri-cyclin
Date: 1/24/2008
I have been using ortho tri-cyclin for 1 year and 2 months. I have been receiving very bad pains in my lower abdomen, abnormal periods and I had a type of a-typical cells in a abnormal pap smear. I was told that I had one of the first cases of a bad reaction to the orth tri-cyclin.


Subj: Glad I’m not alone
Date: 1/24/2008
Well, I’m glad I’m not alone. I started taking ortho tri lo a few weeks ago….started breaking out and ran out of work in tears today…extremely unlike me. Looks like I’ll be trying another alternative to birth control!


Subj: Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo reviews
Date: 1/24/2008
Hi- I just began using Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo last week. I have been doing well as far as I can tell. I am; however, experiencing diarrhea and some breakouts on my skin. Is this normal? I was reading some of the reviews on here, and I got a little worried. Do all women experience what they have? Do all women get moody? Do all women experience weight gain? Is there a better form of birth control to use? I have never been on it before, and they told me that this is the lowest dosage. Should I be fearful to use it? Please write me back at my e-mail address.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Abby, we don’t have time to write individual replies. The purpose of this website is to share information about side effects.

Subj: Stopped taking the pill
Date: 1/24/2008
I have been on othrto Tri Cyclen Lo for almost 3years (I’m 20 years old). I want to get pregnant. Me and my boyfriend have been together for the 3 years I have been on the pill. I stopped taking the pill Jan 21st 2008 and I just started spotting an Jan 24th 2008 is this normal and does that mean I could get pregnant faster or is that the normal time I should start spotting? And I also have some cramping pain is that normal also.


AskDocWeb: Starting to spot within three days of discontinuing the pill is okay. You can become pregnant anytime after discontinuing the pill and cramping is normal too.

Subj: Had sex 5 days after I started
Date: 1/24/2008
I just started taking trinessa and am on my first month. I had sex 5 days after I started it, and after became aware it takes about 14 days to become active…I’m almost done with my first pack and I have had tender breasts and feeling nausea every now and then. Also the next day after having sex I was spotting old blood, now its not so much spotting, its a little more. I know these can be side affects from the pill, but I was wondering if I could be pregnant and what I should do exactly?


AskDocWeb: You might do a home pregnancy test first but see your doctor.

Subj: Acne with Trinessa
Date: 1/25/2008
A little over 1 week ago, I started taking Trinessa due to a severely irregular cycle. I have NEVER had issues with acne – but in the past couple days, I have had a significant amount along my jaw, and several other places. I didn’t really think that an outbreak due to Trinessa would occur just within one week, but I thought I would ask just to be sure. Is it typical for acne breakouts due to Trinessa to occur within the first couple weeks? Or is it likely that this is just a coincidence?

Acne with Trinessa

AskDocWeb: It could be a coincidence but also, when you first go on the pill your hormones do fluctuate for awhile.

Subj: Forgot to take a few pills
Date: 1/25/2008
I have a question, I have been on Try cyclen lo for about 4 months now. I forgot to take a few pills last month, but for the most part I am punctual in taking them. This month I started bleeding one week after the last day of my period. This has been going on for a week now, and I am getting worried. Is this normal?


AskDocWeb: The more pills you forget the more likely you are to get pregnant. Please consult with your physician.

Subj: Thick brown discharge
Date: 1/26/2008
I’ve been taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for about a year or more now. This past month I’ve forgotten to take the pill until really late at night 3 or 4 times. I just recently started having a thick brown discharge and I was wondering if it could be from the pill. I’ve never had this before, even when I first started it. The last time I had sex was 3 1/2 weeks ago and I’ve had my period since then. I’m just worried that this could be a sign of early pregnancy?


AskDocWeb: It may also be something else so please see your doctor.

Subj: Want to start a family
Date: 1/26/2008
Me and my husband want to start a family and I am on my last pill I was just wondering how long it will take for the Ortho Tri-Cyclen to get out of my system so my husband and I can start our family???


AskDocWeb: It is possible to become pregnant within days after you quit taking the pill.

Subj: Mix up in pills?
Date: 1/27/2008
I have been using ortho lo a year. Everything was fine, occasional mood swings, and some more depressive tendencies, some nausea. About a month and a half ago I took one less white pill and one extra light blue. Since then I have had terrible headaches, and an extra period… is this because of the mix up in pills?


AskDocWeb: It may also be something else so best check with your doctor to be on the safe side.

Subj: When do you get your period?
Date: 1/27/2008
When do you get your period with this pill? Is it when you start the green pills or when you finish them?


AskDocWeb: When you start the green pills. Read more feedback

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