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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: No complaints
Date: 2/10/2008
I’ve been on Tri-Cyclen for about a year and a half and have had no problems except feeling sick the first few pills of the first few months. I don’t know about depression because I’m clinically depressed in the first place. I haven’t had any weight gain that I can’t justify. Really, I have no complaints. 🙂


Subj: Sunday start?
Date: 2/11/2008
A doctor prescribed ortho tricyclen lo to me said that, I should take it the first Sunday after my period. Now does this mean I should start the first active (“white”) pill the first Sunday after day 1 of my period EVEN if I’m still bleeding a little? And I was also wondering if taking Advil or benadryl will decrease Ortho tri-cyclen lo’s effectiveness.


AskDocWeb: Yes to your first question, it doesn’t matter if you are still bleeding a little. Neither Advil nor Benadryl will have any affect on the effectiveness of your birth control.

Subj: Missing pills
Date: 2/11/2008
I missed 2 pills and started spotting and have really tender breasts and after the first missed pill I had unprotected sex then I missed the next days pill. I took 2 pills today but I am still having spotting with tender breasts and cramps. What could be wrong?


AskDocWeb: Missing too many pills puts you at risk of pregnancy. Please contact your doctor for instructions.

Subj: Withdrawal from birth control pills?
Date: 2/12/2008
I am 37 years old and have been taking birth control pills for several years. About three years ago, I started taking ortho tri-cyclen and recently stopped (about a week ago). Yesterday, I began experiencing a really bad headache and nausea. I’ve been taking medication, however, almost 24 hours later, I’m still experiencing the headache and nausea. Could this be a sign of withdrawal from the birth control pills?


AskDocWeb: We’ve seen some reports of withdrawal symptoms occurring from Yasmin but not Ortho Tri-cyclen. There are no withdrawals noted in the PDR (2008) for either drug. If readers have experienced withdrawal symptoms from any birth control pill then please share with others here.

Subj: Could I be pregnant?
Date: 2/13/2008
I have been on try cyclen low since for a few years now, I just started my period, well I am not sure if its my period because its brown and kind of soupy, but I shouldn’t start it until next week. Is it normal to have this or could I be pregnant?


AskDocWeb: If you haven’t missed any pills then you are not likely to be pregnant but it may be time for an office visit to make sure everything is okay.

Subj: Trinessa
Date: 2/13/2008
I have been taking Trinessa now for about two months. It hasn’t really cleared my skin up yet. I have heard some bad stuff about Trinessa and was wondering if I should change to Ortho Tricyclen and is Trinessa the generic of that?


AskDocWeb: Tri-Nessa is a generic of Ortho TriCyclen.

Subj: This pill has been recalled
Date: 2/13/2008
Honestly I wouldn’t take it me and 7 other girls that I know got pregnant on this pill because it has been recalled and no one told anybody.


AskDocWeb: Which pill was that?

Subj: Different types of BC pills
Date: 2/13/2008
I’m just trying to research different types of BC pills. But it seems as though there is a person out there with a horrible story about one type of birth control or another. Is there anything out there that has absolutely no side effects?


AskDocWeb: Sorry to say there is not a single one that doesn’t have some side effects.

Subj: Depo
Date: 2/13/2008
I had been on depo for about a year ago for a short time maybe for about three months, but then missed my appt to get the next shot then a few months later I found out that I was expecting. Well I just got on the shot about a month ago I am trying to get pregnant again do I have any chances?


AskDocWeb: Yes but it may take awhile. For those who have received only a single injection, the earliest ovation occurred was 14 weeks. The median time to ovation is 10 months after the last injection.

Subj: I have not had my period yet
Date: 2/14/2008
I’ve been using Trinessa since October and recently ran out in January. We still haven’t picked up my refill and now its February!!! I have not had my period yet and I’m worried that I might be pregnant!! What do I do? I have not had any of the pregnancy signs happen to me except my period hasn’t came yet! Please help?


AskDocWeb: Some women do not show any signs of pregnancy for quit some time. You can do a home pregnancy test, which is less expensive than a doctor’s visit, or just go see your doctor.

Subj: Missed a pill by hours
Date: 2/18/2008
I have been on the pill for almost a year. Have had consistent periods and never any bleeding in between. Recently I missed a pill by hours. Instead of taking it in the morning, I took it that evening. During the day I had surprisingly heavy bleeding. It seemed to have come out of no where, no cramps, no pain. It lasted a few hours (heavy like a period). I took my pill and it was through bleeding by the next morning. Is this breakthrough bleeding? Should I worry about being pregnant? I am sexually active? I would not know why I would bleed so rapidly and so heavy out of no where. I have been on some kind of Bc for almost 5 years now…


AskDocWeb: Missing a pill by a few hours is not usually a cause for concern and no worry about becoming pregnant. The breakthrough bleeding (that’s what it was) may or may not be a cause for concern. It’s best to check with your doctor, especially if it happens again.

Subj: Early menopause?
Date: 2/18/2008
I am 45. I tried so many birth control pills to regulate my period, not much help. I have been taking ortho tri-cyclen since about 2 years ago and it has worked great. But Since then I have gained 15-20 lbs. I have such great appetite that was worried to have thyroid problem. I had a complete test but everything was normal. I want to quit taking it hoping I loose weight and to be able to control my appetite but I am worried if I don’t take birth control pill I may have early menopause. Is it possible? No doctor has told me that but I am worried. Is it possible that going off the pill causes this problem? Also does this pill causes this unsatisfiable appetite?


AskDocWeb: A change in appetite is one of the side effects of Ortho Tri-cyclen® but quitting birth control pills will not cause early menopause.

Subj: Good review
Date: 1/30/2008
I started Lo a couple months ago, and I actually have had a good review of it. My periods are regular and lighter and it has helped my acne out. The only problems I have experienced with Lo was the first month and a bit I found that I was feeling sick and I have breast tenderness. I was wondering, is it normal that I have been on the pill for a couple months now and still have tender breasts? Also is it normal that on the first day of my period my period is darker?


AskDocWeb: Yes these symptoms are normal but if the breast tenderness doesn’t go away, see your physician.

Subj: Period started early
Date: 2/6/2008
I have been using Ortho TRi cylen low for about a year now. Yesterday I started my period a week before I was supposed to…what could this mean for me? Am I facing in kind of danger. This has never happened to me before and it kinda scares me. Please help me.


AskDocWeb: No you’re not in any danger, it may be caused by illness, forgetting a pill or just stress.

Subj: Period started early
Date: 2/13/2008
I have been on Tri-cyclen low for around 4 years now. For the last two months I have started my period almost a week earlier than I usually do, is this normal?


AskDocWeb: Yes this is okay.

Subj: What’s going on?
Date: 2/14/2008
Hello, in August I had an ectopic pregnancy and every thing was fine my tube was saved and after that in January I went to my gyn doc and let him know that I was trying to conceive and prescribe prenantal pills now a day late and now I’m spotting I don’t know what’s going on! Help.


AskDocWeb: You could be pregnant, see your physician.

Subj: When is it safe to take the antibiotic?
Date: 2/16/2008
Hi, I was prescribed amoxicillin a couple days ago. My husband and I had sex before the doctor’s appt that day. I am on orthotricyclen Lo. When is it safe to take the antibiotic since sperm can survive inside you for days?


AskDocWeb: It may take days for the antibiotics to start reducing the protection that the birth control pill provides. Keep in mind that the antibiotics do not reduce that protection to zero. Although the exact numbers are not given, some protection is still provided by the birth control pills. Please note that other drugs can also reduces the effectiveness of birth control pills.

  • anticonvulsants
  • rifampin
  • barbiturates
  • phenylbutazone
  • phenytoin
  • carbamazepine
  • felbamate
  • oxcarbazepine
  • topiramate
  • griseofulvin
  • St. John’s Wart

St. John’s Wart may also cause breakthrough bleeding. Remember to always have a back-up form of birth control on hand.

Subj: What happens SPECIFICALLY with hormones that causes acne?
Date: 2/19/2008
I had perfect skin while on Lo. I went off Lo a few months ago. I developed clogged pores and pimples. I started back on Lo and now have more pimples. I switched to regular OTC. But I’m wondering – WHY did the Lo cause more pimples. I understand it’s the hormone fluctuation, but I’m wondering what is happening SPECIFICALLY with the hormones that causes the acne.


AskDocWeb: There are several hormones involved with the cause of acne, progesterone, testosterone (an androgen), anabolic steroids, gonadotropins, corticosteroids, and ACHT. The ovaries produce both estrogen and testosterone. In women, estrogen is typically in much higher concentrations than testosterone, which masks the androgenic or “male” effects of testosterone. It is when androgens outweigh estrogen that a problem can arise. The Androgens activate sebaceous glands to make sebum, that oil on the skin that for some produces a healthy glow and for others, creates an oil slick. The more oil that is produced the more likely the pores are to clog.

Under normal circumstances the cells that line the sebaceous gland exfoliate onto the skin’s surface through the pores. These cells have a sticky surface and when mixed with oil they form a plug, preventing exfoliation within the gland. The bacterium (P. acnes) that typically lives in the skin thrives on the excess oil under the plug causing inflammation in the skin that results in zits. Because the gland is plugged and oil continues to form, the bacterium feeds on the oil and inflammation grows. This cycle continues until the gland can no longer contain the expanding pressure and it pops beneath the skin’s surface. Read more feedback

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