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About Ortho Tri-cyclen®

If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Switched from Ortho Tri Cyclen to Sprintec
Date: 6/20/2008
I’ve been on Ortho Tri Cyclen for a little over two years now (during that time I did try the generic versions a few months here and there) and never had any problem that I suspected. I gained a little weight (approx. 10 pounds) over the two years but I was underweight slightly when I went on the pill so it hasn’t really been much of an issue. I remember the first month on Ortho being pretty brutal but everything calmed down. My skin is now much clearer than it has ever been and my sex drive has remained the same. I had a slight increase in blood pressure but we’re not sure now if that’s from the pill or another cardiac issue (hopefully will find out next week). I’m about to switch from a triphasic pill to a monophasic pill (Sprintec) so I’ll have the ability to skip a period here or there for special occasions. I’m quite happy with Ortho Tri Cyclen and will be quick to change back to it if I have any issues with Sprintec.


Subj: This is not what I need
Date: 6/23/2008
Hi, I am 20 years old and have been on orthotricyclen lo for almost a year. My boyfriend and I had sex and the condom broke, I don’t always take the pill exact same time off the day, I’m really worried I could be pregnant, and being in college, this is not what I need. What should I do?


AskDocWeb: To find out if you are pregnant you can do a home pregnancy test twice, one week apart. Hopefully this experience will show you the importance of taking your pills on time.

Subj: Alesse didn’t work for acne
Date: 6/23/2008
Hey. My names Michelle, I’m 14 and was on Alesse for 3 months to clear acne. It didn’t work and so we went to our family doctor and he said that after about 2 months on Tricyclen it should clear up my acne on face, chest & back. I know that no one can tell me It WILL work but has anybody else had their acne clear up around this time frame on this pill? (my acne is pretty bad.) Also, on Alesse I didn’t gain weight, are my chances of gaining weight on this pill any lower or higher? Thanks so much,


AskDocWeb: From what we have read, the acne benefits become apparent by the third month. Almost 9 out of 10 women see improvements in skin condition. Weight gain is another matter. Some women gain weight, some lose weight, and some remain the same, all on the same pill. So far there is no way to tell ahead of time what will happen to you.

Subj: Perioal dermatitis on lo
Date: 6/27/2008
Hello…I have been to many dermatologist and they seem to think I have perioal dermatitis, it’s mainly on my top lip they’re blister like bumps and there red and I have some hyperpigmentation of the skin. I have went from ortho tricycline to the lo. But I started getting the dermatitis when they switched the pill. Please help!!


AskDocWeb: Sorry Amy, our focus here is on side effects. You will have to return to your doctor for specific medical advice.

Subj: Breast tenderness is driving me nuts
Date: 6/28/2008
I thought I was the only one! I started Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo about 3 weeks ago and.. I have never felt so crappy in my life. Nausea. Migraines. Stomach pain. Breast tenderness.. You name it, it seems like its all happening!! I’m not usually a complainer, but I laid in bed all night crying over a recent migraine. The breast tenderness is driving me nuts and I guess its noticeable, my fiance says they look “engorged” 🙁 The mood swings and crankiness are present as well, but for the most part that only hurts the people around me. I don’t recommend Ortho Lo, unless you’re really desperate for a BC method.


Subj: Forgot to take a pill
Date: 6/30/2008
Hello. I have been on Ortho Lo for a few months now and had a question about missing my period. My fiance and I always use protection and since we were on vacation, I forgot to take one of the first few green pills. The next night I doubled up. I just read in the pill directions, it says if you miss a green pill, just throw them out. Now I only have 3 pills left in the packet and have not got my period yet! What could be going on??? Thanks for your help.


AskDocWeb: Please read the directions again, carefully. There is a big difference between missing a single pill and missing two or more pills. If you threw out the packet and started another then the timing of your period could be off for awhile.

Subj: I think I’m pregnant
Date: 7/1/2008
I’m taking ortho tri-cyclen lo. I missed my pill for 2 days by accident. I think I’m pregnant, but haven’t done the test yet. But I have still kept up with the pills. What happens if you take the pill while being pregnant? Do you lose the baby?


AskDocWeb: No, you do not lose the baby. If you become pregnant while on the pill, the risk to the fetus is minimal.

Subj: Ortho tri-cyclen
Date: 7/1/2008
How long does it take for ortho tri-cyclen to become fully effective?


AskDocWeb: Seven days.

Subj: Unprotected sex?
Date: 7/6/2008
Hi! I’m an 18 yr old female. I started taking the pill on Tuesday(7/1), and I got my period on Thursday(7/3). When is it ok for me to start having unprotected sex?


AskDocWeb: It varies depending on which pill you are taking but for Ortho Tri-cyclen® the directions say you can safely have unprotected sex after taking the pill for seven consecutive days.

Subj: Oily skin and acne
Date: 7/7/2008
I heve been on TRI NESSA for long time and never have any skin problem. Now I’m off for one month and my skin is oily and I have small acne that was never my problem. What kann I do?


AskDocWeb: You can discuss this with your doctor or try an over-the-counter acne product, ask your pharmacist what he recommends.

Subj: My acne has now gotten worse
Date: 7/7/2008
I have recently begun taking this pill mainly for acne. My Doctor directly told me it would not make my acne worse, it would just remain getting better. My acne has now gotten worse than from when I first started taking the pill.


Subj: Sore breasts and bloating with Ortho low
Date: 7/8/2008
Ever since I started Ortho low my breasts have been so sore and my stomach is severely bloated. I can seem to stop the bloating and that isn’t normal for me. Are these common side affects?


AskDocWeb: Yes and these symptoms should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Morning after pill?
Date: 7/8/2008
I am not on birth control because I wasn’t planning on having sex (since I haven’t for a year). I did have sex with someone last night and the condom broke. Can I use my Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo as morning after pill? Is their a regimen? Please advise.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Kerstin, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo is not a morning after pill.

Subj: Had unprotected sex multiple times
Date: 7/9/2008
I’ve been taking sprintec for 8 months now, but in July they switched me to Tri Sprintec. Recently I had an issue where I was without my pills, took one on Sunday, forgot on Monday, had the issue that week where I had no pills for the entire week, still don’t. My most fertile days were that Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday. Had unprotected sex multiple times [same partner] within those 3 days and the days there after, what are my odds of being pregnant?

Tri sprintec

AskDocWeb: Since you were fertile those three days we wouldn’t make a guess one way or the other.

Subj: Panic attacks and anxiety
Date: 7/11/2008
I have been taking ortho tri cyclin lo for 7 days and since then I am having severe panic attacks and anxiety. I stopped the pill 3 days ago because of the anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety in the past and it went away for years.. and since I’ve started these they came back and they’re awful. I’ve had to call in sick this whole week.. and its like I’m afraid to go out in public now.. the Dr I gave me lexapro and it seems like its making me nautios and dizzy.. I’m really scared did this ever happen to someone? please help!


AskDocWeb: Some women have reported mental depression and nervousness but anxiety is not listed as a side effect of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo.

Subj: Getting off the pill and sore breasts
Date: 7/11/2008
I have been taking the pill for about 6 months. Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant and I was wondering if one of the side affects of getting off the pill is your breast being extremely sore… to the point that your bra hurts you??? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It is not uncommon to “feel pregnant” right after coming off the pill. It takes awhile for your hormones to return to normal. In addition, many women have sore breasts a couple of weeks before their period.

Subj: Chances of an irregular period
Date: 7/14/2008
I am very regular with my pills every month and never try to skip a period. However, I really would like to this month. I have read through some of the previously posted questions and would like to know what the chances of an irregular period are if I do this only for this month?


AskDocWeb: Since skipping a period is not recommended it appears that no one is tracking what happens to those that try it. Without data there is no way to know what the chances are of having an irregular period but it would seem to be fairly high.

Subj: Side effects from stopping ortho tri cyclen Lo
Date: 7/14/2008
Hi I was taking ortho tri cyclen Lo for about 3 months and I decided to stop about a month ago I stopped after my last active pill and didn’t take the sugar pill. I got my period two days after and I’m worried because I’m about a week late. Are there any side effects from stopping? Please help,


AskDocWeb: The pill makes your body act as if it is pregnant and retain fluids to support the growth of a baby. When you quit taking it you may find yourself making a few extra trips to the restroom for a few days as your body gets rid of that extra water. Of course when you stop taking birth control pills, you lose the contraceptive and non-contraceptive benefits the pill provided. As you return to your “pre-pill taking state” any breast tenderness, headaches, bloating, acne, etc. that you had before you began taking the pill may return. If the pain or side effects are intolerable, tell your doctor. They may be able to prescribe something to help.

Subj: Ortho tri cyclen lo
Date: 7/15/2008
I switched from ortho tri cyclen to lo several years ago and haven’t had any problems since I switched. Before, I had extremely painful cramps, stomache aches, low sex drive, and several mornings were spend sweating in the restroom. I have had none of these problems since I switched to lo.


Subj: Complaints about weight gain
Date: 7/15/2008
I have noticed a lot of complaints about weight gain after starting up on ortho tri-cyclen. I am about to begin taking it and I was wondering if a change in diet and exercise can reduce the amount of weight gain or if it unavoidable?


AskDocWeb: It appears that the manufacturer does not publish statistics on changes in weight. They do note that some women actually lose weight while on this pill. From the feedback it seems common for most women to gain weight. That does not make it unavoidable. Changes in diet and exercise are well worth the effort to keep weight under control. Read more feedback

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