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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Acne and bad skin
Date: 7/31/2008
Hi, I was just wondering how effective is Ortho tri-cyclen in helping clear up acne and bad skin. Its my first time starting on any bc and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to start but I’ve been reading a lot of cases where women feel their acne or other symptoms have gotten much worse since they started taking this birth control pill.


AskDocWeb: Make sure you know which birth control pill they are talking about. When it comes to acne there seems to be a big difference between Ortho Tri-Cyclen® and Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. Of those taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen® there is a 48% reduction in inflammatory lesions and a 34% reduction in non-inflammatory lesions. Those numbers do not apply to Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo.

Subj: Starting birth control
Date: 7/31/2008
I started taking birth control on the Sunday after my period ended, it was 5 days later. Is this OK? Or will it mess up my body and be uneffective?


AskDocWeb: The directions say to start taking the pills on the Sunday after your period starts, not after it ends. That may increase the side effects during the first month but you should be okay after that. Please read the directions.

Subj: Side effects scares me
Date: 7/31/2008
I have never had any medical problems and tried this strictly as birth control. I only used it for seven days…my legs began to ache and swell. Today is my first day not to take it…and I’m not planning to take it again. That was the only side effect for me. My legs have that pinching feeling you get in your arm when you check your blood pressure at one of those drug store machines. It scares me!


Subj: Switched birth control
Date: 8/2/2008
I’m 21 years old, and was on orhto low for about 5 years. I just recently 2 months ago switched to Ortho Micronor. I don’t have any concerns except that I have only had one period and should have another about a week. I’m not pregnant, but why am I not having my period? Thanks for the help!


AskDocWeb: When you change birth control pills your period may be irregular for the first three months while your body gets used to the new pill.

Subj: Missed 3 days
Date: 8/4/2008
I am taking OTL and I have missed 3 days can I still take 3 or do I start over after my next menstual?


AskDocWeb: The directions for Ortho Tri-Cyclen® say that if 3 or more pills are missed a new pack has to be started but just how you do that depends on if you are a Sunday starter or not. Sunday starters continue to take one pill a day until Sunday then throw out the old pack and start a new pack that same day. Day 1 starters don’t have to wait. They just throw out the old pack and start a new pack that same day. Keep in mind that you may not have your period this month but that is expected. However, if you miss two periods in a row then check with your doctor as you might be pregnant. Also if you have sex in the 7 days following missing 3 or more pills it is possible that you could become pregnant so use a back-up form of birth control.

Subj: How effective is it?
Date: 8/5/2008
How effective is the pill? I’ve taken it everyday (without missing a single pill) for 2.5 years. I’m constantly worrying about pregnancy when my partner and I get intimate.


AskDocWeb: Please see the table on this page.

Subj: Vaginal burning
Date: 8/6/2008
I have had vaginal burning since one month after starting sprintec, it has now been two months. I stopped taking the sprintec about two weeks ago and still have symptoms but not as bad, will these symptoms take a while to resolve as my system returns to normal? Have had negative uti and yeast tests.


AskDocWeb: Yes, it may take up to a few weeks to resolve the symptoms.

Subj: The silver lining
Date: 8/6/2008
Been on Orth for 1 month, been nauseous since with bouts of indigestion and a lazy slob. I wasn’t like this before Ortho, I don’t know if it’ll subside, I hope to God it does. The silver lining is that my face clear up, no pimples.


Subj: Velivet
Date: 8/7/2008
Started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen generic (Tri-Sprintec) last month. I switched to Velivet, a tri-phasic, from Jolessa (generic Seasonale, monophasic) to avoid the 1.5 month period. Velivet had tremendous mood swing issues, loss of sex drive, acne. Ortho Tri (generic) has been perfectly delightful so far. No weight gain – consistent with my other months on different birth controls. No mood swings, but some very mild nausea first two days and mild breast tenderness. I take it an hour before bedtime. Great pill – thanks.


Subj: Both Orthro Tri-Cyclen Lo and Orthro Tri-Cyclen
Date: 8/12/2008
I have been on quite a few birth controls over the past few years, all of which on I have experienced similar problems, but nothing has had as drastic side effects for myself as both Orthro Tri-Cyclen Lo and Orthro Tri-Cyclen have had. While on LO, I experienced intense breakthrough bleeding, extreme mood swings to the point of being almost depressed and feeling bi-polar, and a lack of sex drive.

While on Orthro Tri-Cyclen, I had a period 3-4 weeks out of the month without a break, acne, slight weight gain, moodiness and fatigue. I also experienced severe cramps throughout the month even while weeks away from the placebo pills, aka my expected period. These cramps were dibilitating and often affected my daily schedule, such as work and exercise. While maintaining a healthful diet and attempting to exercise daily through the cramps, I found it difficult to maintain my weight and aside from a realistic weight gain on the scale also experienced a bloated feeling throughout the entire month. Although I had just breakthrough bleeding, I constantly felt bloated an crampy as if expecting the mother-of-all-periods any second. I had been on this BC once before accidentally, the doctor’s thought they had given me Lo, and I remember having difficulty with my weight and these other issues then also.

I would switch to Yaz but I suffer from a kidney disfunction, which Yaz highly disagrees with, so I have been instructed to begin my next cycle with Femcon Fe, which I have heard nothing but bad things about.


Subj: Periods lasting 3 weeks
Date: 8/13/2008
I’ve been taking ortho tricyclen lo for 3 months. The first month I stayed on my period for 3 wks so I stopped taking them. I thought it was because I was taking diet pills, but it wasn’t. I started taking them again this month and the same thing started again. This time my sex drive isnt there and I’m moody like crazy. I’m not going to take these pills ever again. Maybe I’ll get the shot or just use condoms.


Subj: My period wont stop!
Date: 8/13/2008
I have been on my period since august 2, its now 12 days into my period when I normally have it for 7 days. I was on Trinessa the day I started my period. My husband and I decided we want to have a baby. So I stopped taking Trinessa on August 10 (8 days into my period) I stopped taking Trinessa the first day of my new pack. My period wont stop! What do I do?


AskDocWeb: There isn’t anything you can do about it on your own, you’ll have to call your doctor.

Subj: I get yeast infections constantly
Date: 8/15/2008
I’m also taking ortho-tricyclen lo and I get yeast infections so constantly. I never realized it until I read some of the other people’s reviews, but I had no sex drive either. I always thought I was just weird and it was just me, but now I know it could easily be because of this stupid pill. I gained like 8-10lbs from this pill too, but I haven’t gained anymore then that. I asked my mom to take me to planned parenthood to get the pill changed to a different birth control because prtho-trycyclen doesn’t seem to be a good birth control.


Subj: Weight gain?
Date: 8/17/2008
Does taking Ortho Lo really make you gain weight? I’ve been on it for almost a month and I haven’t noticed anything yet but I’ve been trying to lose weight all summer and I don’t want this to mess it up. I try to stay pretty active in the summer but once school starts up again I’m afraid I’ll gain weight because I won’t have as much time to work out.


AskDocWeb: It is common to gain weight when on birth control pills, and not just Ortho Lo.

Subj: Skipped pills
Date: 8/17/2008
hi. I was on my 2nd pack (month) on ortho tri-cyclen lo and on the 3rd week ( 2nd to last pill of the 3rd week) I realized I’d get my period in 2 days and didnt want to get it since I was going away on vacation. I skipped the two pills and the green placebo pills and just started a new pack. the first two days I was in the clear however on the 3rd day at night there was a dark blood discharge which lasted for a day. It’s been 5 days and I’m still bleeding and its more bloody now. When will it stop? It can’t be period, I’m in the middle of the birth control pack! also, every night I’ve been having stomach pain, cramps, and burning down there and when I have my period I rarely experiance cramps. help!


AskDocWeb: By skipping pills you may have messed up the timing of your cycle and it could take awhile for your body to adjust. Please talk to your doctor about the proper use of the pills and how to proceed from here.

Subj: Ortho tricyclen low
Date: 8/18/2008
I’ve been on ortho tricyclen low for about 4 months and 2nd month I started to spot for a week on the 2nd week into the pack and just this month on the 3 week into the pack I bled all week and now on the 4th week I missed my period. I’m not pregnant but is that unhealthy? Also I get angsiety attacks all of the sudden the past 2 months.


AskDocWeb: It doesn’t sound healthy going into your fourth month with such problems so talk with your doctor.

Subj: Complications with Ortho Tri-cylen lo
Date: 8/19/2008
OK. So I have been encountering some complications with Ortho Tri-cylen lo. Basically, my skin has gotten worse, I have some water retention (I HOPE), and I feel VERY VERY moody. I have a question: I wanted to start my period a week early. I have only been on the pill for 1 month 3 weeks. If I start taking the green pills after the light blue will I start my period and am I still covered against becoming preggers? And if I had unprotected sex once while on this pill but my partner didn’t ejaculate, what are my chances of pregnancy?


AskDocWeb: If the unprotected sex you had was after the first 7 days of continuous use then the chances of getting pregnant are very low. As for starting your period early, please discuss this with your doctor.

Subj: Still haven’t gotten my period
Date: 8/19/2008
Hello, this is my second month of taking ortho tricyclin lo. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that it is possible to skip a period during the stages of adjustment. Just a little concerned because the first month went fine, and this month I am almost finished with the fourth weeks dose and still haven’t gotten my period…is this possible without being pregnant, or should I be worried?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it is possible to have no period without being pregnant but if it happens again then consult with your doctor. Read more feedback

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