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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-Cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: It works incredibly well
Date: 8/19/2008
I’m 47 and have been on BC pills since I was 18. I don’t smoke, but I am overweight. I have been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen or the generic brand for over 15 years now. I take it for the control of Cystic Acne and it works incredibly well. When I stop, I break out in 2-3 cysts a month. I am concerned about being on the pill at my age, but I’m afraid the acne will come back.


Subj: Unexplained bruising
Date: 8/21/2008
I’ve been taking Ortho TriCyclen Lo for about a year & a half now. In June I was put on Zoloft for depression & anxiety. I never connected the two at all because I have suffered from depression in the past. Also just after starting to take the Zoloft, I began getting unusual unexplained bruising all over my legs. One bruise was enormous… others are tiny like the size of a pencil eraser. I had blood test done, to rule out any deficiencies but they all came back normal. Is this a side effect of either the birth control pills or a combination of my medications together? Has anyone else had this? Thanks!


AskDocWeb: Several circulation problems have been reported with birth control pills but bruising isn’t one of them. Neither is it listed as a side effect of Zoloft.

Subj: Still bleeding
Date: 8/21/2008
Hello, I love ortho tri cyclen lo. I have a question I have been on this pill seince May of this year. I had a miss carry in May and started taking them about 2 weeks after my miss carry and I was still bleeding. I have not really stop bleeding. I have had periods and stop on the 7 day and about 2 days later start again. I do take it everyday and the same time. I just dont know what the problem is. I have done pregant test I am not pregnant and I’d duch a lot after I stop my period may be that could be the problem cause as soon as I do that then I start spoting again can u help me.


AskDocWeb: Many women report excessively long periods during the first three months but you should still consult with your doctor to find out what is going on.

Subj: Numbness/tingling in leg
Date: 8/22/2008
I have been taking ortho lo for about a month now and I seem to have mild numbness/tingling in my right leg. Is there need for concern and will it go away? Don’t really have any other side effects except some breast tenderness. Thanks!

Mild numbness

AskDocWeb: There is enough concern to check with your doctor about the numbness and tingling, just to make sure it’s not something serious.

Subj: Had unprotected sex
Date: 8/25/2008
Hi I jus started tri cyclen lo about 2 weeks ago but I started on the Tuesday my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex I was wondering if that is alright. I heard if you take it on time then it should protect u from when u start is this correct? Please let me know or should I continue to use a condom…but I’ve already had unprotected sex.


AskDocWeb: You get the maximum protection after taking the pills for seven consecutive days. The use of a backup method of birth control, such as condoms, is recommended for that first seven days because of the risk of pregnancy.

Subj: Forgot 2 pills
Date: 8/25/2008
I have been taking orthotricylin-lo for almost 6 months now. I started taking it in March of this year and haven’t missed a pill since. However, my boyfriend and I had sex recently and I had forgotten to take the first 2 active pills 2 days before…Could I be pregnant?


AskDocWeb: Yes, you could become pregnant if you have sex in the seven days following the missing of two pills. A back-up form of birth control is recommended for those seven days

Subj: Lost weight and breast grew
Date: 8/28/2008
I was on ortho lo for 7 months, I then was off for a month and am starting it again on my next period. I really had no problems with it, I actually loved it. Mood swings not to bad, lost a little weight and my breast grew. Now that I’m going back on it I’m nervous that the smytoms with reverse. I know this is probably not true, but I am worried.


Subj: Just started ortho low
Date: 9/2/2008
call me crazy but I just started taking ortho low this morning and felt a little weis as well as nausea, headache, and pregnancy like syptoms. It might be in my head cause I’m a freak when it comes to taking pills and super parinoid about getting pregnant…but are these normal syptoms?


AskDocWeb: The pregnancy like symptoms are common because the drug is fooling your body into thinking it is already pregnant. Not sure what the “weis” is about…

Subj: Coming off the pill?
Date: 9/2/2008
I just discontinued orthocyclen and I sex with a condom (it didn’t break) a couple weeks ago. My period started but it is really light. I have taken several pregnancy tests, they have all been negative. Is this normal after coming off the pill?


AskDocWeb: Yes, your body has to adjust to the change in hormone levels, and that may take up to three months.

Subj: Blurry eyesight
Date: 9/7/2008
I’ve taken ortho-tricyclen for about five years now and have had several problems with my health and have not been able to find the source of the problems. I’ve experienced hairloss, weight gain, break outs, and severe migraines. Last week, I had a severe migraine and lost all vision in my right eye. It eventually came back within a few hours, but my eyesight is blurry now. I went to the dr and he said this is all due to being on ortho-tricyclen. He said if I didn’t get off this pill right now, I could lose my vision and never get it back. I’m only thirty years old and have two small children and my vision and health is very important to me. I would suggest to everyone to check into any birth control before starting. I’ve learned from my personal experiences what it can do to one person.


Subj: Spotting and severe cramps on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo
Date: 9/7/2008
I started taking Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo less than a month ago and during the second week I started spotting, with severe cramps, and it’s been 7 days. The cramps stopped and the bleeding is still happening. I’m used to 4 day periods, so this is just wierd. Is it a period? If I stop taking the pill, will this continue?


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you might want to check in with your doctor but others have reported the same experience when starting Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo.

Subj: Tremendous weight gain
Date: 9/8/2008
I have been on ortho tri cyclen for four months now. It started off working fine, but now I have sever acne and I have had a tremendous weight gain. Is this normal or is my body still trying to adjust to this new birth control?


AskDocWeb: It only take three months for your body to adjust to a new birth control pill. Any side effects that persist after that may be a source of concern. If your weight gain has gone above twenty pounds then you might want to discuss this with your doctor.

Subj: 2 hours earlier?
Date: 9/9/2008
I read on most of the questions on what happens if you take ortho tri cyclen lo 2-4 hours late, however, what would happen if I want to switch my time of taking it to 2 hours earlier? I know if I want to switch my times I should start at the beginning of the cycle, but can I just start taking my pill 2 hours earlier on my second pill week? Oh, and I’ve been taking ortho for 5 months.


AskDocWeb: Taking your pill 2 hours earlier will not make any difference in your level of protection and no problems have been reported by those who do that.

Subj: Bladder infection
Date: 9/11/2008
I have been using Ortho tri for a couple of weeks and I have recently gotten a bladder infection. Is this normal with the pill?


AskDocWeb: No, it is not normal to have a bladder infection when taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen. Some impairment of renal function has been reported but a causal relationship with Ortho Tri-Cyclen has not yet been confirmed or refuted.

Subj: A little issue?
Date: 9/12/2008
I have a little issue. I’ve been taking Ortho Tri-Cyclin for not even a month and I’m on the 3rd week of my pills and I’ve already started to spot blood. And I’m getting this slimy discharge coming from me. I don’t really know if that is normal or not. I was on Yasmin for 4 months but I had some complications with that so my doctor switched me to Ortho. Help! I’m freakinn.


AskDocWeb: When first starting Ortho Tri-Cyclen®, spotting is not uncommon during the first three months. The slimy discharge is likely to be the normal sloughing off of your uterus lining but if you are freaking out then by all means, call your doctor. You may also want to rule out the possibility of pregnancy or malignancy.

Subj: Gaining weight?
Date: 9/14/2008
I’ve only been on ortho tri-cyclen for a week and I’m getting kind of scared by what I’m reading on here. I don’t want to gain weight or start acting mean or depressed. And I really do not want to have a decreased sex drive. What are the odds of me gaining weight? I really don’t want to get fat.


AskDocWeb: That’s one of the statistics that is not published by the makers of birth control pills. Judging by the feedback here, it is common although you may be one of the lucky few that lose weight.

Subj: TriNessa
Date: 9/19/2008
I’ve been using TriNessa for about 3 weeks. As far as the breast tenderness, it seems to come and go away. I expecting them to grow since I’m really flat. Guess I have to wait little longer until I get used to the pill.


Subj: I’m confused
Date: 9/23/2008
So, I’m currently 19 & I’ve been on the pill for over a year now. I’ve been mainly switching between the brands Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo & Yaz. I just switched back to Ortho & I’m on my last week of “active” pills. Well, Sunday I noticed some very light blood only when I wiped. It soon disappeared that day. The next couple of days my cramps have been getting bad & today I found brown blood in my underwear. This has never happened to me before! I’m just fully confused. I’ve taken my pill on time everyday at the exact same time (6pm) & my boyfriend & I use condoms every time we have sex, they haven’t broke, plus they are spermicidal. I’m confused why this happened! Sure, I have been stressed but I’ve been stressed before on the pill. Is it anything I should worry about or might it just be that I’m back on a different pill again. Oh, & I recently became vegetarian so my diet has changed. Thanx!


AskDocWeb: It may be from switching pills but it wouldn’t hurt to check with your doctor.

Subj: Quit the pill
Date: 9/23/2008
I started taking ortho tri cyclen lo in march of this year. I went to see my dr because I was having chest pain so she said to stop the pill, I did quit the pill and I have been using condom with my husband so its been 35 days and I haven’t had my period jet is this normal?


AskDocWeb: Missing the first period after discontinuing birth control pills is not all that uncommon, if it happens again then it’s time to check it out. Read more feedback

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