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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Reoccurring yeast infections
Date: 6/4/2009
I have been on ortho tri cyclen for almost three years now and I just recently started having reoccurring yeast infections. This didn’t start happening until the manufacturer was changed. I was wondering if there are any other birth control that I could replace my current one with. Me and my boyfriend are very sexually active so birth control is a must other than condoms.


AskDocWeb: Yes, there are several birth control options, other pills, the ring, IUDs, etc. that you can discuss with your doctor.

Subj: Irritable and depression
Date: 6/4/2009
I do not actually take it. My fiance has been on ortho lo for longer than we have been together. Its been well over 2 years. The question is that 1 week prior to her period. She becomes highly irritable and we always have a fight. She also complains of depression mainly in that week but sometimes other days as well. Could it be the Ortho lo even though she has been taking it for so long?

Concerned BF

AskDocWeb: Yes that is possible, not all side effects go away with continued use.

Subj: Haven’t had a period yet
Date: 6/8/2009
I stopped taking the pill last summer, and got back to being regular right after. Then I stopped the pill on May 8, of this year, and haven’t had a period yet. I’ve taken home pregnancy tests but they all come back negative… I’ve been told the pill can take up to 30 days to get out of your system, but its been past that now. Should I see a doc about getting blood tests done? Or is this normal?


AskDocWeb: It may take a couple more months for your hormones to return to normal even after the pill is out of your system but it is always safer to check with your doctor.

Subj: Telogen effluvium
Date: 6/10/2009
I just started ortho tri cyclen lo three days ago to try and improve my acne. I just finished a nasty case of telogen effluvium where I lost about 15% of my scalp hair. Will this pill likely cause me to lose more hair? Percentage wise, how many women typically lose hair on this drug? Should I just stop taking them before I’ve been on them too long? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately it appears that the manufacturer does not publish percentage statistics about hair loss. The 2008 Physician’s Desk Reference reports that hair loss has been reported in users but a causal association has been neither confirmed nor refuted.

Subj: What will happen now?
Date: 6/11/2009
I have been on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for a few years. Due to horrible recent financial problems, I wasn’t able to buy my next pack of pills. I stopped taking them after the third week (dark blue pills). I would normally get my period on the 4th day of the “spacer” pills (which would normally be tomorrow). What will happen now? And how should I go about starting the pill again when I can get them?


AskDocWeb: Over the three months following discontinuing of birth control pills, the hormone levels in your body gradually return to normal. You should discuss the difference between being a Day 1 Starter and a Sunday Starter with your doctor.

Subj: Could I be pregnant?
Date: 6/11/2009
I took ortho-tricyclen for a year and then discontinued it after finishing my last pack. I had unprotected sex Day 12 & 13 of my period (I missed 4 active pills). A week after, I started experiencing breast/nipple tenderness, constipation, back pain, abdominal cramping, tiredness, and frequent urination. I’m waiting to take a HPT… Could I be pregnant?


AskDocWeb: Yes, missing 4 active pills puts you at risk for pregnancy.

Subj: My chance of getting prego
Date: 6/12/2009
I started taking Ortho tri-cyclen lo before we left for overseas about 7 months ago. I do have a boyfriend and yes we are sexually active. Since we are overseas it is much harder to stay on a schedule to take the pill, I’ve been trying to make sure I take it on time but it just never happened. And now I ran out of pills and I’m having some shipped here but I’ve been out for like 2 months…how big is my chance of getting prego before they get here in a couple weeks???


AskDocWeb: Please talk this over with your partner and make sure he understands the situation. Some women get pregnant within days of discontinuing their pills. You can reduce the chance of conception by using a back-up form of birth control such as condoms, spermicide, and even, gasp, abstinence. It is important to remember that, depending on where you are in your cycle, the new pills may not provide immediate protection when you start taking them again. You may still need to use the back-up form of birth control along with the pills for the first week.

Subj: Not a big fan
Date: 6/13/2009
I was on Ortho Cyclen for about 9 years before I became preg. About 4 months ago I was prescribed Ortho Lo, and am not a big fan. It cleared up my skin, but I have now been bleeding for over 3 weeks straight! It’s ridiculous. The dr. said it’s because I do not take my pill at the EXACT same time every day! Ortho Cylen was never like this. Apparently you need to take it within 15 min every day or you WILL have breakthrough bleeding. Nice to know…


Subj: Severe lower abdominal/stomach cramps
Date: 6/16/2009
I switched from the Nuvaring to Ortho Tri-Cyclen a few months ago. I took a two month break between birth controls. I am in my second week of the Ortho Tri-Cyclen and am beginning to worry why I have severe lower abdominal/stomach cramps. The first month I was on the pill, I had a heavier than normal period, mood swings and breast tenderness, but I expected all of this. The pain I am experiencing in this second pack of pills, I didn’t experience with the first pack, and I am concerned it may be coming from a different source. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is it normal for your body to take several months to adjust to new hormonal therapy? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Although it can take up to three months for your body to adjust to the new hormones you should check with your doctor about any side effect that becomes a concern.

Subj: Can I still get pregnant
Date: 6/17/2009
I’ve been off Tricyclen Lo since May 8. My last period was April 29- May 2 .. I haven’t gotten a period yet. All my tests come back negative including the blood work from last week. Is there any possibility of being pregnant? And can I still get pregnant even though I haven’t had my period? I went off the pill last summer, and got my periods right on time the next month.. so I’m caught off guard by my body pulling this stunt.


AskDocWeb: The lack of a period is one of the first signs of pregnancy. And yes, it is possible to get pregnant even though you have no period.

Subj: Decided to skip period – not so good
Date: 6/17/2009
I’m on ortho tri cyclen and I’ve been on it for months. I decided to skip my period for prom. I did it a month prior to test it out and it worked perfectly. This month… not so good. I got my period early on the last week of taking the regular pills. I am currently taking the placebo pills now and I’ve been bleeding for a week. I have less than a week left till I start my new pack of pills. It is sooo heavy and I am having terrible cramps. I’m assuming I will have it until I start the new pack and get the pills in my system. This would be a total of bleeding for two weeks. Am I unfortunately correct?


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately the cramps may last longer than you think. Please talk to your doctor about this so that you can safely get back on a regular schedule. And thank you for sharing your experience with trying to skip a period. Hopefully it will convince others that skipping a period is a bad idea.

Subj: Depressed and constant headaches
Date: 6/17/2009
I just started taking Ortho lo about 4 days ago, and I am feeling very depressed and have constant headaches. This morning I got up and just started crying for no reason! I usually don’t cry like that. This is the first birth control I have ever tried, so I am hesitant to keep using it but I also want to give it a shot. I am starting a demanding job in 1 week…working 80-100 hrs/weekly. I do not want to be emotional and have headaches all the time.


Subj: Likeliness of pregnancies
Date: 6/17/2009
I need some advice, I’ve been on Ortho tri cyclen for about five months now, and I haven’t had any unusual side effects yet, but my main concern is pregnancy. I’ve just gotten out of high school and I’m gonna start college for the first time and I would really like to know what the likeliness is of pregnancy on this pill and if I need to switch. When I started taking the pill I was with my ex boyfriend who has cancer and has gone through kemo before. We’ve had sex with out condoms almost every time, but now I have a new boyfriend and I’m afraid to have sex with out a condom even if I do know he’s STD free because I don’t know if I’ll get pregnant or not. I’ve been using a condom with him every time we have sex I’m just concerned about if the condom were to break or if we just forget. Can someone please tell me the likeliness of pregnancies for a woman on Ortho Tri Cyclen?


AskDocWeb: The percentage of women who experience an unintended pregnancy in the first year of using Ortho Tri-Cyclen is 0.5%, that is one half of one percent.

Subj: Ortho-Tricyclen Low made acne worse
Date: 6/17/2009
I used Ortho-Tricyclen Low to treat my acne. Nevertheless, it made it worst! I got pimples on my chest, back and face. I highly do not recommend it.


Subj: Any chance I could be pregnant?
Date: 6/18/2009
I started using birth control the first of this month 6/1 the day that I stopped my period tho there was still spotting and I had unprotected sex on 6/16 (2 weeks later) is there any chance I could be pregnant?


AskDocWeb: If you are using Ortho Tri-Cyclen for birth control then you were protected after the first 7 days.

Subj: Blue pills
Date: 6/19/2009
Two things, I forgot to take my birth control for a week. I was on the blue pills and I want to take them again what do I do? Do I just start up again where I left off? Also, the first I took my pills I was very irritable and upset.


AskDocWeb: What happened is not clear from your post. The safest thing to do is to call your doctor, explain what you did, and what you want to do.

Subj: Stopped the pill because of side affects
Date: 6/20/2009
I have been taking Ortho Tri Cyclen lo for only a week and during the first week and I had missed the pill two days in a row but I was having unprotected sex at the same time. I then stopped the pill because of side affects. And now I am bleeding for 2 days now. Why is this happening? How long does this last for? Is it because I stopped the Pill? Or should I be worried about pregnancy?


AskDocWeb: Quite likely it is because you stopped using the pill which can bring on your period and change your cycle for awhile. If you remain off of them then it can take up to three months for your hormone levels to become normal again.

Subj: How long does it usually take?
Date: 6/21/2009
I was on ortho tri-cyclen for one yr and I decided to go off two months ago. I was fine during the first month and now my skin has breaking out so bad, my skin was clear when I was on ortho tri-cyclen. I know that my body needs time to get adjusted due to withdrawal of hormones. How long does it usually take for my hormone to be normal again? I’m so tempted to go back on the pills again but when I on it I had anxiety.


AskDocWeb: Your hormones can take up to three months to get back to normal after discontinuing birth control pills. You might take a look at Retin-A for your skin problem. There are a lot of women using it for a beauty cream because it is so beneficial to the skin. Read more feedback

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