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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Serious acne
Date: 9/7/2009
I have been on Diane 35 for more than two years now. Before Diane I had very very serious acne, but Diane has helped clear that up. However, my gyno recommended I should switch to Yasmin, because Diane is too strong and will damage my liver and my ovaries. However, I am afraid the acne will come back and I don’t want to take any chances. Is switching to Yasmin a good idea?…


AskDocWeb: Your concern about the acne returning may be valid because the affect Yasmin has on acne is listed as unknown (Physician’s Desk Reference). There are other products that can help keep acne under control and some have additional benefits (See Retin-A).

Subj: Could I be pregnant?
Date: 9/9/2009
I’ve been on trinessa for a month now and I’m on the third day of taking the sugar pills but no period??? Could I be pregnant? I was on nuvaring prior to the pill.


AskDocWeb: According to the Physician’s Desk Reference the percentage of women who get an unintended pregnancy within the first year of using this pill is one tenth of one percent. Although that is a very small chance, it is still a chance. It is more likely to be the normal variation that occurs when starting the pill. It can take the up to three months for your body to adjust to a new birth control pill.

Subj: Expiration date
Date: 9/10/2009
I was wondering, if a package of ortho says that the expiration date is Nov 09 can you use that pack in Nov of 09 and then get a new dated refill after the pack is used?


AskDocWeb: The data we have says that the pills should not be used beyond the expiration date. We interpret this to mean that the pills are good through the last day of the expiration month.

Subj: Serious problems
Date: 9/10/2009
Yeaah, I’ve been on Ortho for about a month and since I’ve taken it my boyfriend and I have been having serious problems that I’m beginning to believe have been caused by the BC. I can never stop crying, being angry, and putting constant strain on our relationship. I wouldn’t say I recommend it.


Subj: Bleeding, severe acne, cramping, mood swings
Date: 9/12/2009
I am 27 years old and had been on ortho tri cyclen lo since I was about 16 for irregular menses. I had no side effects, it helped clear my mild acne, I actually lost some weight, it also made me period cramps nearly non exsistent. After having my second child, I did not go back on the pill right away. Recently my doctor told me I had PCOS & wanted me to go back on the pill to regulate my periods again. He prescribed me my usual ortho tri cyclen lo. As per change in insurance coverage, they gave me the generic version, tri-sprintec. I have only been on this pill for 7 days, and have been bleeding, severe acne, cramping, mood swings, I cannot eat, I cry over nothing and my legs and arms itch constantly. I never have experienced this before in my life on birth control pills. Should I stop taking them immediatly or is this normal for these pills? These might be the generic form of ortho tri cyclen lo, but my body doesn’t seem to agree. If this continues I would rather bite the bullet and just pay full price for my old pills. Please help.


AskDocWeb: It may not be normal but it does seem to be a common complaint with Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo, generic or not.

Subj: Generic for Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo?
Date: 9/15/2009
Hi I’m currently on ortho tri cyclen LO. Is there any generic brand that compares or is about the same? Been on ortho tri lo for about 3 years and I LOVE it just not the price??


AskDocWeb: Sorry Stacey, currently there is no generic for Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo.

Subj: Endometriosis
Date: 9/17/2009
I have Endometriosis and a cyst on my left overie. I have been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen for 8 years, and never knew I have Endometriosis, because the pills were keeping the pain away. But I recently got off the pill for about a month, because I was ready to have a baby, but started having sever pains and throwing up.. And this is what my OB found out I had. Also swelling of my uterus and Overie’s. I want to get off the pill again, because their not helping anymore, they want me to stay on them, to try to regulate my period, but its not regulating at all. What should I do? They told me to either get pregnent or stay on the pill. I choose to get pregnent. But I believe with women who have Endometriosis it’s hard to get pregnent. Is this true? And if it is, what can I do the increase my chances of getting pregnent?


AskDocWeb: While it is true that women with Endometriosis are more likely to have difficulty conceiving it is still possible to give birth to healthy babies. Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects up to 15% of women of reproductive age. The endometrial cells that line the uterus are deposited in other areas. This can lead to anatomical distortion and also the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines. The symptoms of endometriosis include severe pelvic pain, heavy menstrual periods, and nausea. There is a major risk of premature birth as well as other complication such as pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and antepartal bleeding. If you have difficulty conceiving you may want to consider assisted reproductive techniques such as intrauterine insemination or in-vitro fertilization. You are likely to need special care during pregnancy and should discuss this with your health care provider.

Subj: Tri-lo sprintec and antidepressants?
Date: 9/21/2009
I have been on antidepressants for the last six years, but recently (in an attempt to assist in the treatment of endometriosis) my physician prescribed tri-lo sprintec (the supposed generic of ortho tri-cyclen). She also told me that for the first three months I could not take my anti-depressant (wellbutrin XL) due to drug interactions with the birth control. However, in response to a serious fit of depression I’ve been going through for the past week, I’ve been researching the matter and can’t find anything stating there are any interactions between the two at all! I’ve recently been forced to change PCPs and will be asking the new one about this discrepancy, but if anyone else has any experience on the matter I would greatly appreciate it.


Subj: Breast swelling
Date: 9/21/2009
I just started my third pack of ortho-tryclen lo. For about the last month or so my breasts have been very sore, swollen, and have gotten bigger in size and feel heavier. I have also been very tired lately, no matter how much sleep I get. I forgot to take one pill, but followed the directions and took the pill right away. Could I be pregnant because of the breast swelling, or is this just a symptom of the pill?


AskDocWeb: Breast tenderness and an increase in breast size are both possible symptoms of the pill.

Subj: Ortho TRY-Cyclen lo makes your breast large?
Date: 9/21/2009
Hi, this is Kasey I was wondering if “Ortho TRY-Cyclen lo” makes your breast large? I would like to know before I get on it, And how long it takes to make your breast grow to a cup size? I would like to know ASAP because I’m getting on it soon. Thank you byess! Hope it works if it doesn’t then I’m going to get on something else that will work. Trying to get double CC. Can’t wait!


AskDocWeb: An increase in breast size is possible but it doesn’t happen to everyone. If it does, it could take several months and may be accompanied by tenderness.

Subj: Weight gain?
Date: 9/29/2009
My doctor subscribed me to ortho-cylen earlier today. The questions that she did not know was.. Does everyone on the pill gain weight? And if so how much? And how long until the pill becomes affective after I start taking it? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: According to the Physician’s Desk Reference you are fully protected after taking the seventh pill, that’s 7 days. Not everyone gains weight while on the pill but weight gains of 15 to 20 pounds seem to be common.

Subj: Did ortho changed the size?
Date: 9/30/2009
My daughter takes ortho-tri-cyclen 28’s. She just opened a new pack and the pills are smaller and she is wondering why and if ortho changed the size.


AskDocWeb: It seems that several manufacturers have changed the size of their pills in the last couple of months. You may want to watch for a change in side effects because sometimes small changes in the formula can result in changes in the pill’s affect.

Subj: Trying to get pregnant
Date: 10/1/2009
I was on the depo shot for 6 months and switched to orth tri cyclen for 3 then stopped all together because my husband and I are trying to get pregnant it been a year since my last shot and 8 months since my last pill. Does that mean the shot was still in my sistem?


AskDocWeb: We found a couple of references that may help you understand your situation better. The book “Contraceptive Technology” says: “Depo Provera is cleared from a woman’s body, about 6 to 8 months after her last injection. After discontinuing Depo Provera, women may also have a 6 to 12 month delay in return of fertility.”

The pregnancy guide “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” recommends consulting with your doctor if you are unsuccessful after a year of trying to conceive. Your doctor can evaluate your condition and help determine if you might need fertility treatments.

Subj: Break through bleeding
Date: 10/1/2009
I have been on Ortho for a few years now. I love it. No weight gain, no break outs, no bloating, no excessive eating, I really like it except for, a month ago now, I messed up my pills 3 days in a row. I started my period 2 days after that (yuck) 2 weeks later I was suppose to have my actual period. I continued to take my pills up until the day I was suppose to get my period and start on the green pills. I opened a bran new pack, and started over on a Sunday of course, it’s now October 1st, little over a month and I’m still spotting. I don’t understand? Will this break through bleeding ever stop?? Thanks


AskDocWeb: Missing your pills 3 days in a row can disrupt your menstrual cycle and that sounds like what you are experiencing. It can take a couple of months to get back on schedule.

Subj: Trail and error?
Date: 10/1/2009
Can’t decide if want to take OC or not, I am 46 non smoker. I would say I have med monthly flow about every 15 to 18 days for a week, sometimes have cramps get puffy and breast tenderness but not every time. In my twenties I used ortho novum 1/35 it was ok but did not like taking tablet every day, I loved the depo injection but doctor won’t rx because of age. I still break out before my cycle and have up and down emotions then I start and then it gets a little better, but start all over in 2 weeks. My worries are less libido, break through long bleeding, and not sure which oc to take I like the sound of Loestrio 24 FE what do you think of this brand. I have read so many bad things about all of this pills, and little good things which I am confused about what to take. I don’t want to have to do trail and error for months at a time.


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately medical science has not progressed to the point where we can avoid the trial and error process. Your doctor has the best chance of picking a good birth control pill for you based on your medical history and current condition. Read more feedback

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