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Subj: Missed a pill
Date: 1/31/2005
i have been on the othro tri-cycline lo for 4 months. On Sunday I should have started my new pack of pills, however, I had unprotected sex on that Sunday. I didn’t start my pill until Monday after noon. I took 2 white active pills on Monday. Is that okay. I know that there is 1 percent chance of getting pregnant when you are on the pill. However, because of what I did am I okay. Because the direction says that if I miss one active pill its okay in the first week and I don’t need to use protection. My concern is because I missed the first pill, is that something for me to worry about.


AskDocWeb: Because you have taken the pill for 4 months, your protection is well established. You will likely be just fine, but do follow directions from now on.

Subj: Severe sharp cramps
Date: 1/31/2005
I am on orhto tri cyclen lo and I have been gettin these weird cramps in my stomach. The pains are sharp and can be severe at times. The cramps come out of no where. One minute I will be fine and the next I have a huge cramp. It feels like the cramps I get when I have my period but I am not due to get my period. The cramps cause nausea. What should I do? What is causing the severe cramps?


AskDocWeb: You could be suffering from cysts on your ovaries. Suggest you visit your doctor and ask about having an ultra sound done.

Subj: Serious issues with Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo
Date: 2/2/2005
Hi, I’m new here but I’m having serious issues with Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I had pretty bad skin when I was in middle school, and when I was 17 I got on Ortho Tri Cyclen, because I became sexually active, and it also helped to clear up my skin, although I still got occasional break outs. I am now 22 and I switched to Ortho Lo in December and even though I like the lighter period and less symptoms, my face is HORRENDOUS. I hate looking in the mirror. I’m embarrassed. I’m supposed to be looking for a job when I graduate and I look like a 6th grader. In addition, the acne doesn’t go away as fast; it seems like my healing time has been affected. Not to mention, my moods are out of control. I burst into tears, I get enraged at the smallest things, I’m grumpy all the time. I HATE this pill, I only switched because I could get it for free, but I want to switch back so bad. Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover it and I’m a poor college student. It hasn’t been 3 months yet, so I’m hoping it will improve, but I’m going to consult my GYN soon I think, because this is horrible.


Subj: Changing to lo
Date: 2/2/2005
I have been on Ortho-tri-cyclen for almost two years, and now I have TRI-CYCLEN LO…I start my pack of the LO right after my old pack of O-T-C is there any effects to going to a lower hormone…do I need another form of contraception for a week? Thank you,

AskDocWeb: No, you do not need a backup form of birth control when switching pills.

Subj: Switching birth control
Date: 2/3/2005
I have been taking ortho tricyclen lo for about year now and me and my fiancee have sex without protection be he doesn’t go in me and he pulls out before it happens and my period is lighter than normal. Is it possible I could be pregnant or is it normal to have a light period? I switched bc pills about 4 months ago and then got back on ortho tricyclen lo. Do you think that might be my body just getting use to the ortho again? Please let me know something. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: As long as you haven’t missed a pill, you should be okay. Your body does go through some adjustment in getting use to the new pill.

Subj: Tri-Cyclen LO was terrible
Date: 2/3/2005
I took Ortho Tri-Cyclen for about 4 years. The only side effects I experienced were some breast tenderness at times, and some bladder irritation. But mainly I felt pretty good and experienced very little PMS and gained about 10 pounds. I switched to the Tri-Cyclen LO figuring the lower estrogen dose would be better for my age (over 35) and the side effects I was having. Unfortunately Tri-Cyclen LO was terrible for me and I cannot understand why a lower dose of estrogen would act like it’s a higher dose. I took it for 7 months straight hoping the side effects would go away, but they did not. I had very sore and swollen breasts after the 1st week of pills and during the 2nd week of pills I was moody and irritable. I still experienced the bladder irritation. I also had alot of bloating and stomach cramps. When I got my period it did not last long, but I had worse cramps.

I asked my doctor to switch me to something else and she gave me Cyclessa. Cyclessa alleviated most of the side effects, I think due to the higher progesterone dose. But I have developed alot of sinus congestion and some depression. My doctor didn’t think the sinus congestion was from the Cyclessa, but when I stopped them for 4 months my sinused cleared up as well as the depression. I am now considering a monophasic pill with a different progesterone but not sure what dose is best.


Subj: Generic Ortho Tri Cyclen
Date: 2/3/2005
I began taking the generic form of Ortho Tri Cyclen 2 months ago, and almost immediately began experiencing drastic mood swings and depression. I suddenly became cranky, and over-reacted to everything. During the last week of my cycle, my jaw area broke out in painful acne, and I became a basket case, breaking down and sobbing on a daily basis. I thought I was going crazy, I did not feel like myself, I didn’t want to leave my house, I stayed in bed as much as possible. When I finally connected it to my birth control, I experienced the biggest relief I have ever felt in my life. I am going to the gynecologist tomorrow to talk about switching to a pill that will keep my hormone levels balanced.


Subj: Hair loss
Date: 2/3/2005
I started BC pills 3 mos ago, and was using reg. Ortho Tri Cyclen. I was going through a very stressfull time in my life and in addition I had all these new hormones coming in my body. I lost a lot of scalp hair and was very noticeable since my hair was sooo much thicker. In the past three months with some treatment my hair has gotten thicker and healthier but it is still not as full as it was before. I have just switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen LO, and I am wondering, will my hair progressively get even better now that I’ve hit the 3 mos so the hormones should be getting settled in or is this as good as it will get??


AskDocWeb: It is pretty well established that stress causes some hair loss so your hair will likely get better now that that stressful time is now past. What kind of treatment have you been using for your hair?

Subj: Trying Ortho Tri-cyclen
Date: 2/6/2005
I’m about to start taking ortho tri-cyclen today and I’m wondering if it will help clear up my acne. I’ve had acne since the 7th grade and nothings worked. I’m hoping this will help clear it up and also regulate my periods. Is the chance of it clearing up acne higher than making it worse? And will my boobs get bigger? I’m just curious!


AskDocWeb: Yes, you have a much greater chance that your acne will clear up. Several women have reported growth in breast size, for others it did nothing in that area.

Subj: Had to stop taking Lo
Date: 2/7/2005
I was on Ortho tri-cyclen for years, and never had a problem. It got rid of my acne and the only negative side effects were feeling a little lethargic and gaining a few pounds. I’ve always been on the nervous side, but when I switched to Otho tri-cyclen Lo I started having frequent problems with anxiety and panic attacks. It got so bad I had to stop taking them the Lo version completely.


Subj: Lost sex-drive
Date: 2/7/2005
I have just started taking Ortho-Low, and I have lost my sex-drive, for a person who is extremely sexual this is quite upsetting. In addition, I have noticed a change in discharge, I am usually very lubricated, and now I am very dry or else have a creamy discharge, also different than normal. Losing my sex-drive, I know, can be normal, this will get back to normal right?? Is the change in discharge normal and will that return to normal. Thank you very much.

AskDocWeb: Others have also reported their sex life drying up (in more ways than one). Although it does sound like a yeast infection so better have a pelvic exam. And talk with your doctor the side effects you’re having with these pills.

Subj: First time on the pill
Date: 2/7/2005
Hey, I just started using ortho tricyclen lo about a week and a half ago. I started the first Sunday after my period began. I was supposed to take the pill at 8 every day but about three times I forgot and took them at 9. From the day I began til now I’ve been having unprotected sex and now I have slight brown discharge. Does this mean anything? Please help me. This is my first time ever on the pill.


AskDocWeb: Taking your pill an hour late won’t do any harm but, you doctor should have told you to use another means of protection (condom) for the first two weeks. Since you have only been on the pill a week and a half, you could be pregnant.

Subj: What could this be?
Date: 2/8/2005
I had protected intercourse with a guy 8 mo’s ago. Then I started getting a rash on my vagina. I found out he had herpes, but I never got the symptoms. I then seemed to get a yeast infection & bladder infection; I was tested/treated for both. I got every test known and don’t have STD’s, yeast, bladder infections. I also got a pap smear & biopsy & everything turned out normal. Yet, I still have an extreme vaginal irritation, soreness/swelling, vaginal dryness, itchiness/soreness in anal area also, sore lower abdominal cramps & sore burning lower back. Yet, the doctors say there is nothing wrong with me and have treated myself many times with over the counter yeast medications. I don’t know what else to do. My life is basically a living hell as I am always sore, can’t wear jeans, and always burning. What could this be?

AskDocWeb: This could be one of several things or more than one problem at the same time. Possibilities range from pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) to ruptured kidney or bladder to ovarian cyst to heavy metal poisoning. Suggest you seek the advice of a specialist, a gyn. Read more feedback

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