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Subj: Quitting Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo
Date: 3/23/2005
I am currently taking: ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN(r) LO BCP’s. I Want to discontinue usage because I have been experiencing ALOT of BLEEDING in BETWEEN pills. I am taking my pill correctly with a cup of water… but I always seem to bleed like 2 weeks or 3 weeks in a row then I get my period when I get on the green pills as well. I spend more time gettin my period then ever! I am sick of it and want to quit using this pill. When should I stop and what will happen to me after I do? -Thanks for helping me with this matter. It is much appreciated!


AskDocWeb: You can quit by just not starting a new pack of pills. Over the following 3 months your periods will return to your natural rhythum.

Subj: One month on Ortho Tri-cyclen
Date: 3/24/2005
I’ve been taking Ortho Tri-cyclen for a month, I’ve missed one day, but took the pill as soon as I realized I had missed it. I started bleeding before I started the green pills is that normal? Also my periods usually just last 5 days, but I’ve been on it for 7 days now, is this all normal with this birth control, or is something wrong?


AskDocWeb: It takes a while for your body to adjust to the birth control pill. Your period is likely be normal next month.

Subj: Trinessa
Date: 3/24/2005
Trinessa is made by OMJ (Ortho Mead Johnson) and licensed to Watson Labs. The are the same product. Stop by any local pharmacy and ask to see the carton the Trinessa comes in. It will show Mfr OMJ.


Subj: Questions about sex the first time
Date: 3/24/2005
I am a virgin and I was wondering when my boyfriend and I have sex, is it possible that he won’t fit? Or will it be very painful to me?


AskDocWeb: You can relax, it will fit. In fact, the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be. Also the more foreplay you have, the more comfortable you will be.

Subj: Scared about pregnancy
Date: 3/25/2005
Hi, my names Katie and I’m 15… I’ve been taking allese birth control for awhile. There were other months where I forgot to take pills but I caught up on them this month. I haven’t forgotten any and I had sex today and I’m on my 14th pill and I used a condom and it fell off and I’m not sure if he went in my? so I’m scared I’m wondering if I keep taking the pill, when it comes to my period time if I will still get my period even if I am pregnant??? PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!


AskDocWeb: There are chances you may. In the first month of pregnancy you can have a light period.

Subj: Making acne worse
Date: 3/26/2005
I had moderate acne through my teens, and decided to go on Ortho Tricyclen, which cleared up my skin. I went off the pill and for three months my skin seemed even better, so I thought I had just grown out of acne. But then my moderate acne slowly began to return, so I went back on OTC. The “initial breakout” this time was pretty bad, with cysts and all, but I stuck with it for three months and my skin was pretty clear again. I could no longer afford the pill, so I went off again 3 months ago and my skin stayed clear for most of that time until a few weeks ago when I started breaking out horribly and suddenly, unlike the first time I went off the pill. I was desperate so I managed to get back on the pill and have been on it for one month and my skin is even worse. I am worried that it will not clear up and will cause scarring. Could this be from going on and off the pill so much that is making my acne breakouts worse over time? Should I stick it out for another couple of months?


AskDocWeb: Ask your doctor for something for your acne. We would say yes, due to your going on and off the birth control your acne has become worse. Stay with it.

Subj: Concerned about getting pregnant
Date: 3/23/2005
Hi, my boyfriend recently came inside me and I am on the pill but what is the chance I could be pregnant and when would I be able to take a test and know?


AskDocWeb: Whether or not you are pregnant depends on how long you have been on the birth control pill. If you have been on the pill for more than two weeks, you are not likely to be pregnant. As to how soon after conception do the tests show it, the newest tests available at your doctor’s office will show pregnancy two weeks after conception. The home pregnancy tests will let you know 1 to 2 weeks after missing mensis.

Subj: Lo for acne?
Date: 3/27/2005
I have been on orthotryclen for a few years. I have acne with it. I was considering the lo-is it better for acne? How do you know without trying it? Otherwise I think the only side effect I have is depression but that is about my acne.


AskDocWeb: No, according to the feedback from women using it, Ortho-Lo is not better for acne than Ortho Tri-cyclen.

Subj: Ortho-Novum
Date: 3/28/2005
I was taking ortho tri-cyclen for 6 years. I had some of the same symptoms. I was sick the first month. I loved my new boobs(they went away though). I too would get nauseous from doubling up on pills. I switched because I started spotting during the 3rd week of pills and was very emotional, always crying. So I switched to the ortho cyclen for one year and was still spotting but during the 2nd wk now. I was not as emotional which was good and I don’t want to feel like that again. So, planned parenthood gave me a prescription for ortho-novum. The pharmacy did not have it and gave me necon. I am scared to take it having never heard of it. What is the difference in all these pills and how do you know which one is right for you??


AskDocWeb: That is what you are paying your doctor to determine. Your doctor and pharmacist both work to keep track of the generic versions of these drugs. If you have no breakthrough bleeding or other side effects associated with the pill, and your doctor says that’s the right one for you, then it probably is. Doubling up on the pills will sometimes cause nausea and/or breakthrough bleeding.

Subj: Concerned about Depo Provera
Date: 3/28/2005
I’ve been taking this for a week now the shot called the “Depo Provera” And I need to know what will happen if I was to continuing smoking cigarettes. and what will happen if I was to drink alcohol while taking this shot. Is there any risks? I’ve heard that if I smoke while taking this shot that I can mess up my insides and not get pregnant ever again. Is this true? can you let me know the information of this shot. I know somewhat of it. But I want to know what will happen if I take this shot.


AskDocWeb: There is no evidence to support the myth that cigarette smoking causes sterility. That seems to be part of the antismoking hysteria that is currently popular in the United States. You will be able to become pregnant after discontinuing use of Depo Provera. The only way we know of that the depo messes you up is that it causes a significant loss of bone mineral density. The longer you use it the greater the bone loss and this may not be completely reversible. It should not be used for more than two years and then, only if other birth control methods are inadequate. You can drink alcohol while on the depo shot.

Subj: Depressed, angry and paranoid on lo
Date: 3/28/2005
I went on allese when I was 17 and basically went nuts. I got really angry easily and cried easily. And then I went off eventually. Went back to normal. Now years later, I am back on. But now ortho try-cyclen lo. I am beginning to feel the same way. It is causing a huge strain in my relationship. I’m depressed, angry and paranoid. I don’t know what to do. Is this the lowest amount of hormones or is there something else? Or what can I take to help my mood. I used to take St Johns but I cant anymore cuz that counteracts with the pill. Please even little help will be appreciated.


AskDocWeb: Your symptoms seem to be common to those on lo. Talk to your doctor about changing your birth control pill.

Subj: Cyst and Ortho Lo
Date: 3/28/2005
I have started my 2nd pack of Ortho Lo. I only started my period on the 2nd day of the pills. I have also had nausea (usually in the evenings) and pain on my left pelvic area (I was diagnosed with cyst about 2 in on left and right ovary 2 weeks ago). I have had an ectopic pregnancy before and the pain is similar but not worsening like it was then. My period is also black/brown and getting heavier with clots. I took a pregnancy test 4 days ago and it was negative. What should I do? Should I call my doctor?


AskDocWeb: Yes, call your doctor. The cysts could become larger and surgery may have to be considered to remove them.

Subj: Going back to regular Ortho
Date: 3/28/2005
I have used Ortho-tri-cylen for about 6 years. It was working fabulously with no problem. However, when Trinessa came out I have tried it to save money. I have been on it since the summer. In the first 3-4 months I put on about 20 pounds and gained a cup size in my breast area. I’m going to try going back to regular Ortho.


Subj: Awful to have to choose
Date: 3/29/2005
I went on ortho (regular version) in August 2003, and was on it for about 11 months. The main reason was to combat my acne, but also as a form of birth control as I am sexually active (had used condoms for three years up to that point with no scares, but wanted help with the acne). Physically, I loved ortho. I lost 10 lbs, gained a cup size (which was great since I’m on the small side), and my face cleared up beautifully. Emotionally, however, I was a train wreck. I was angry, depressed, blaming, mean, crying, and a complete roller coaster. It was awful. I went off the pill this past August just to have my life back. My breasts shrank and I gained back the 10 lbs, which were both fine, but my face has been awful for the last five months or so. The worst it’s been since high school. I’m now on my second day of ortho lo, hoping that it will clear my face up without the moodiness, but I have to say that based on the posts that I’ve read so far, I’m not overly optimistic. It’s awful to have to choose between having clear skin or a normal life psychologically. I’ll post again regarding my experience with ortho lo, but if it hadn’t been for the extreme moodiness I would still be on the regular ortho.


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