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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Say no to Ortho-Tri cyclen lo
Date: 5/25/2005
I have been taking Ortho-Tri cyclen lo for the past 3 months and these are the worst pills I have ever been on. The mood swings are insane and I am severely depressed and any little thing will set me off to be in a bad mood. My boyfriend and I have been fighting because of the mood swings I have been experiencing. I have always been a very happy outgoing person and ever since I have been taking these pills I have become this horrible person to be around. I don’t recommend these pills for anyone.


AskDocWeb: Remember that you have the right to change your type of birth control pill.

Subj: New user of Tri Cyclen
Date: 5/26/2005
I’ve only been using Tri Cyclen for about three weeks now and ever since the day I’ve started taking them, I’ve felt so incredibly nauseous. I threw up so many times, and sometimes I’ve made myself throw up just to feel better but that never happened. I keep crying for no reason at all. I feel so depressed. It seems like a lot of people have the same problems as me. My doctor just tells me to keep taking the pills and it should all go away. But most of these people have been taking them for a while and their symptoms still haven’t improved. I hate how many other pills I have to take just to deal with the side effects of this pill. I have to take pills to settle my stomach and to stop headaches and stomach pains. Taking all these pills just makes me feel more depressed. I can’t stand the mood swings I’m having. Every single thing just seems to make me sad now. When I do feel happy it’s only for a short time and then whatever is making me feel happy bring me to tears, and these aren’t happy tears. I was just wondering what pills people on Tri cyclen switch to and have no problems with. I also haven’t had acne for my whole entire 15 years of life, and ever since I’ve started to take this pill, I’ve had this huge disgusting zits on my face. Something else for me to feel depressed over.


Subj: ORTHO TRI-CYCLE LO and weight loss?
Date: 5/31/2005
I was taking Yasmin for the birth control over 2 years but somehow it gains my weight a lot after that, I saw the GYN specialist for advice and he puts me on the medicine of “ORTHO TRI-CYCLE LO”, he said it will help me to loss weight…is that true? Does anyone know about it?


AskDocWeb: That may have been what the drug company told him but judging by the feedback we receive here, eight times as many women gain weight with Ortho Lo than loose it.

Subj: Birth control problems
Date: 5/31/2005

I have been on yasmin for 2 years and experienced many of the same side effects I have just read users of depo complaining of, especially loss of sex drive and vaginal dryness. When I went off BC more than a year ago I never got another period and my doctors told me I was polycystic and put me back on the yasmin. I also have facial hair growth and horrible acne problems since I went off the yasmin, but now that I have been back on it for a month the old problems are re surfacing. I can barely have an orgasm and my overall sex drive is pretty non existent. DO you think Ortho Try Cyclen may be a good alternative for me?


AskDocWeb: Birth control is suppose to allow you to enjoy sex without getting pregnant, not destroy your sex life. We suggest that you tell your doctor that the loss of sexual function is unacceptable and that you want an alternative. If more women would do this maybe we could get better birth control products.

Subj: My girlfriend
Date: 5/31/2005
My girlfriend has been on the pill for almost 3 weeks now. Now my question is, during her menstrual period, does she continue to take the pills? If not, (or if the last few pills are non-effective pills containing iron) does this mean when she begins to take her new set of pills after her period, she has to wait another 2 weeks before having sex? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Your girlfriend will continue to take the pills every day, even through her menstrual period. She doesn’t have to wait two weeks to have sex just because she is on the placebo pills or beginning a new pack.

Subj: Spotting with Ortho-cycle lo
Date: 5/31/2005
This is my first month on ortho-cycle lo and the only side effect I have is spotting everyday and sometimes it may get heavy during the mid-day…I’m not sure if it’s normal or not, but I gained no weight and I had no mood swings.


AskDocWeb: It is normal to have spotting or breakthrough bleeding during the first three months of use.

Subj: Side effects of ortho-tri cyclen
Date: 6/1/2005
I have been taking ortho-tri cyclen for 2 full months and have gained 15 pounds, also I have recently been experiencing a very dry and scratchy throat, the inside of my nose is very dry and cracking. Is this a normal side effect?


AskDocWeb: The weight gain is normal. The scratchy throat and dryness in your nose is not.

Subj: Moody with ortho tri-cyclen
Date: 6/1/2005
I just started taking ortho tri-cyclen today and I have been moody all day. Is this normal? I am also prescribed stratera and cylert for ADD. Would that have anything to do with it. If this is a normal reaction, how long do the mood swings usually last.


AskDocWeb: Yes, being moody is normal. It will last until your body becomes accustomed to the pill.

Subj: Changed to Camila
Date: 5/30/2005
I recently started using Ortho LO but just changed from another birth control (Camila). I changed because I am no longer nursing my son. But I had my period two weeks ago and 2 days ago I started bleeding again. The flow is slow but red and brownish. Is this a side affect of Ortho or is it from changing birth control. Please help; I’m worried!!


AskDocWeb: This is just your uterus discharging its lining, which is normal. Your periods will be abnormal until you’ve been on the new pills about 90 days.

Subj: Adverse affects?
Date: 5/31/2005
Hi, my girlfriend was taking ortho try-cyclen, but she got pregnant anyway. What are the chances of the pill adversely effecting the baby, if any? She stopped taking the pill, of course, but I’m still a little worried because she got pregnant even though she didn’t miss a day. She is trying to stop now, but she smokes a pack a day. Can that combine or change the effects of the pill? Any info is appreciated. Thanx,


AskDocWeb: How long she had been on the pills before she became pregnant is the question. This has happened to many women and everything will be fine, but smoking a pack a day of cigarettes will affect the baby’s weight gain.

Subj: Pregnancy question?
Date: 6/2/2005
I have been on ortho-tri for about six or seven months now. I am not currently on any other medications. I missed one of my pills by about three or four hours one night, but was on time the following night (I take my pill at 8:30). I had sex with my fiance on the following night that I did take my pill on time and the condom broke and neither of us knew until we were done. I am still currently on my pills and just finished with my period so I assumed that meant I wasn’t pregnant until I heard of a woman who was on the pill but she was pregnant and didn’t know it for four months. I also heard that the way ortho-tri works is that it tricks your body into thinking your pregnant – so – can I take a pregnancy test while I am on the pills or is it possible that I would get a false positive?


AskDocWeb: You shouldn’t be pregnant, as faithful as you are taking your pills, but you can do a home pregnancy test if you want. It will not give you a false positive.

Subj: Who to believe?
Date: 6/4/2005
I just started taking Ortho-Lo. It is my first birth control pill and so far so good. I am surprised at how little side effects there have been. I read above that manufacturers recommend waiting two weeks before relying solely on the pill for pregnancy protection, however, in the packed that comes with Tricyclen-Lo it says that when starting the pills within 24 hours of the start of your period, “you will not need to use a back-up method of birth control, since you are starting the pill at the beginning of your period.” I was a little concerned to read that it is recommended to wait two weeks, as my boyfriend and I have relied upon the pills as our only contraceptive. Who should I believe???


AskDocWeb: The package insert is correct because it says that you are starting at the beginning of your period. If you are not starting at the beginning of your period then to be safe, use a back-up method of birth control for 14 days.

Subj: Gaining weight
Date: 6/5/2005
I have been taking this bcp for approximately 3 months. I have had tenderness in my breasts for two weeks, one week before my period, I am extremely tired all of the time, and I sleep ten to twelve hours per day, and I can easily take an afternoon nap along with that. I have gained three pounds, and I exercise six hours per week so this shouldn’t be a problem. I was loosing weight before I started taking this pill, after two months I have started gaining…I was having trouble keeping the weight on at first.


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