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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Tri-Sprintec
Date: 8/4/2005
I have been taking Ortho-TriCyclen for 4 years. and love it. I had tried Mircette and Lo-Ovral and had bad side effects such as spotting and severe mood-swings. I would like to stay on the name brand Ortho Tri, however it’s much cheaper to go with the generic Tri-Sprintec. I have serious doubts as to the efficacy of a “generic” BC pill. It’s quite different if an antibiotic doesn’t work, however if a BC Pill doesn’t work, you’re pregnant! For $$ reasons I’m contemplating switching….any bad news regarding the effectiveness of Tri-Sprintec and how it really compares to Ortho-TriCyclen?


AskDocWeb: Tri-Sprintec is new and we don’t have any data on this generic yet.

Subj: Gained 10 pounds and complexion got worse
Date: 8/4/2005
I already wrote once, but I thought my statement went straight to the feedback page so I didn’t ask correctly. My fiance’ has started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for about 4 months now. Since then, her sex drive has completely diminished. Shes gained about 10 pounds and her complexion has worsened. She originally took the regular Ortho Tri-Cyclen 2 years ago and never experienced any of these problems. Is this normal? If she goes back on the regular, is it a good chance that she will return to her normal extremely sexually-driven self? Also, why in Gods name would these “Doctors” prescribe this worthless contraceptive when the original Ortho is seemingly by far the best? Could it be overwhelming pressure from Drug Reps?


AskDocWeb: The answer to both of your questions is yes. Changing back is likely to please you both. Unfortunately, the only sources of information doctors have about new drugs are the companies that sell those drugs.

Subj: Wonder if it’s worth it
Date: 8/7/2005
I just started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen and my period has been here for 3 weeks now. I’m only 16 and don’t have sex that often, so I’m starting to wonder if it’s even worth it.


AskDocWeb: Please be patient. It takes 3 months for your periods to become normal after being put on a new birth control pill. It’s better than being pregnant at the age of 16.

Subj: Feeling icky
Date: 8/8/2005
I just started taking ortho tri-cyclen again last night after having been on ortho micronor for the past 16 months since I’m almost done nursing my son now. Today, I feel like I’m having cold and hot flashes, feeling light-headed and nauseous. could it be the sudden increase in the hormones (progesterone mostly as it’s not in micronor) that is making me feel so icky today? I never had a problem before taking tri-cyclen before I got pregnant…


AskDocWeb: You could be coming down with a virus. Birth control pills wouldn’t cause these symptoms.

Subj: Going back to my old brand
Date: 8/8/2005
I had the same side effects as a user previously posted about Ortho Tricyclen Lo. I was on Lo-ovral before and my doctor suggested I try Orth Trycyclen Lo just because it was supposed to be overall better for me. I took it for over a year and a half now and tried to be patient and hope my body would adjust. I am 32 years old and have aching legs from circulation, lower and abdominal pain-Always, bloating – always, and severe fatigue and depression now that will not go away. I also gained over 35 pounds and after hiring a personal trainer and barely altering my diet since I did not eat too often to begin with, after 3 months of training, gained 9 pounds of muscle and cannot shed off one pound of fat. I decided to get off of the Othro Tri-cyclen Lo’s and go back to my old brand.


Subj: Acne problem
Date: 8/9/2005
I started using tri-cyclen lo for acne, thinking it would help. I found out recently that regular tri-cyclen was the bc pill that cleared acne. So after a month of taking lo, I switched to the regular tri cyclen, and have been on that for about a week and a couple days. I have moderate acne, when I was on lo it seemed like it flared up even more then before, making me get pimples on my cheeks (which is unusual), and just more painful ones. Even now I’m not seeing that much of an improvement. I haven’t been having any bad side effects with either of the pills, besides my acne worsening…that alone is making me depressed. so I’d like to know, is it normal for your acne to get worse before it gets better? And even after taking the lo for a month, will I still have to wait another 3 months or so for the regular tri cyclen to kick in and start actually helping my acne, since I only started using that a week ago?


AskDocWeb: The results on your acne from the birth control can take a few months. You might want to use some over the counter products to help with the acne, and be faithful with their use. The birth control will not make things get worse before they get better.

Subj: Pregnancy question
Date: 8/10/2005
I have been on Ortho Lo now for about 3-4 months. I don’t take my pill exactly the same time everyday, but within a few hours of the same time. I had unprotected sex about 2 1/2 weeks ago and now I am taking the placebo pills. I am on the third pill and have not gotten my period yet. What is the liklihood that I could be pregnant? When should I start worrying?


AskDocWeb: Taking your pill a few hours late is okay. Your period should start within the week, unless you have missed a day and had to catch up, that will throw your period off. We suggest using an over-the-counter pregnancy test to set your mind at ease.

Subj: Heavier periods on lo
Date: 8/10/2005
I was on ortho tri-cyclen for 3 years and about a year ago switched to the lo. I liked the regular one because my periods were light and my skin was great. However I was having horrible moodiness, lack of libido, and I noticed a little weight gain (maybe 3 pounds or so). On the lo I have been less moody and lost the weight, but I have had MUCH heavier periods, worse cramping and PMS, and during my period I am almost bed ridden I am so tired and miserable. I have been pondering switching back to the regular Ortho Tri-cyclen, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Any idea on why my periods would be heavier now than before?


AskDocWeb: Many women have reported these same side effects with Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo. Before changing your birth control, discuss the moodiness and lack of libido with your doctor.

Subj: Woman’s health question regarding birth control
Date: 8/10/2005
I just recently started taking Trinessa and after doing some research I found some rather frightening information. Many women complained about serious weight gain, severe mood swings and pregnancy compared to ortho- tricyclen. Is ortho-tricyclen superior to the generic trinessa? Do they have the same effectiveness and is it safe to switch brands in the middle of a pack?


AskDocWeb: Switching in the middle of the pack is not recommended. According to feedback from our readers (those using the products), Ortho Tri-cyclen is superior to the generics.

Subj: Woman’s health question
Date: 8/11/2005
Hi, I’ve had period and acne problems ever since I was 13. I’ve had everything from ortho tri cyclen lo, to accutane. Accutane worked very well for me, for two years, but then after that I started breaking out. I’ve always had problems with my period, I would get them for 2 months then stop for 5 months and it is an on going process. I got back on the pill and it worked for a little bit, then I started to spot everyday and it just got annoying. I haven’t had my period in 3 months and I’m breaking out. Please help, I have no clue about what to do. Does stuff like this hard to conceive a child??


AskDocWeb: Talk to your doctor about getting help to regulate your periods. You shouldn’t have problems conceiving after being on birth control.

Subj: Pregnancy question
Date: 8/12/2005
I have been on Ortho tri-cyclen for about 4 years and my husband and I have decided to have a baby. I took the first three pills in this months pack and then stopped taking them and then we started trying. Do you think that our chances for this month to get pregnant are not very good. I thought maybe since I took the first three pills that my chances would not be as good. I thought maybe those first pills are the ones that keep the ovaries from producing an egg. Could you answer these questions for me?


AskDocWeb: The chances of you becoming pregnant in the first month depend on too many thing to go into here. Just know that you can become pregnant at anytime after discontinuing the birth control pills.

Subj: Birth control
Date: 8/12/2005
How long do you have to wait for ortho tri cyclen to work before having sex?


AskDocWeb: If you don’t use any other kind of birth control then you have to wait two weeks before having sex. If you want sex before that, the manufacturers suggest using a backup method of birth control. Read more feedback

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