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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Trying to get pregnant
Date: 1/4/2006
I have recently come off ortho and am trying to get pregnant. I got pregnant in 98 with no problems. Does anyone know how long I can expect it to take for me to get pregnant? I am 29. Just curious if I should expect a hard time this go round


AskDocWeb: It will probably not take as long as it did the first time. It should happen faster this time.

Subj: Period hasn’t started
Date: 1/4/2006
I have been taking ortho Lo for almost 3 years now. My periods had been like clockwork- starting on the same day-3rd placebo pill. this month, however, I’m on that day, and my period hasn’t started yet! I’ve only had sex twice during this cycle, which was at the beginning of it. I have been sick the last week of my dark blue pills, would that have an effect on it?


AskDocWeb: Yes, illness could have thrown it off so don’t worry.

Subj: Bleeding all month?
Date: 1/5/2006
I recently decided to skip my period and I’m on ortho tri cyclen 28, I was wondering why I’m getting something like a period but light, and will I have this until I start the placebo pills in 2 weeks ( I’m currently on the second week pills ) does this mean that I’m going to be bleeding all month until I start my fresh pack in 3 weeks? Some please help me if you have gone through this before.


AskDocWeb: By skipping your placebo pills and taking a new pack, you have thrown your mensis schedule off. It will take going through your placebo pills to regulate your mensis and yes, you could be spotting until then.

Subj: Improvements
Date: 1/6/2006
I am on ortho tri-cyclen and have been for about 5 months now. I used to have really bad acne and after only about a month of taking the birth control my face cleared right up. It’s really good for that and I suggest you get on it for that and the obvious reasons. My periods also have gotten better, it has slowed down the flow a lot. I used to have cramps from too much blood flow but now my periods are light all during the week and not as heavy.


Subj: Tri-Sprintec
Date: 1/7/2006
Hi, I am 29 years old and have been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen for about three years. Now my doctor is switching me to Tri-Sprintec due to the fact that my insurance is no longer covering the one that I was taking before. What can you tell me about Tri-Sprintec? Is it really the generic of Ortho Tri-Cyclen or is my doctor switching me to a whole new pill?


AskDocWeb: Yes it is really a generic of Ortho Tri-Cyclen, although there does seem to be some differences in affect. For example, you may find that it will not help as much with acne.

Subj: Weight gain
Date: 1/8/2006
I am on ortho – lo, after a year of Depo and exercising like a fiend, 4 miles 5 times a week, I gained 10 pounds, went off of it and on Camilla, and dropped 16 pounds so felt better, and looked good…but had cystic acne and now 1 month on ortho- and have gained 3 pounds, and hungrier, so I am considering finishing and going back on Camilla (which is progesterone and very low) to see if I can look the 3 pounds and 5 I needed to lose. Is this weight gain coincidence or could it be related to the ortho- lo? Thanks for your help.


AskDocWeb: It is likely because of the Ortho-Lo.

Subj: Need an alternative
Date: 1/10/2006
I have been on the pill for almost 15 months, and I love it. Everything is perfect, This pill also solved my irregular cycle as I was a thyroid patient in the past (was hypo and I took synthroid for about 6 months) I am OK ever since. Problem: I am visiting Pakistan and I am out, I need an alternative fast drugs available over here (Famila 28, Trinordiol, Novadol, Nova and Nordette)
Please help. Thanks


AskDocWeb: We can’t help with the prescription drugs but you could use an alternative birth control like condoms.
Good Idea Note: Anyone taking a trip should keep a list of the prescription drugs they take on their person.

Subj: Expired pills
Date: 1/11/2006
I am currently out of my home state and need a pack of pills. The only pack that I have right now is expired. Is it safe to take the pills they are dated for 04 and right now I need them I just need a pack until I get back home.


AskDocWeb: No, they are of no use to you now. When this happens, call your physician and have them call in a prescription to a major chain that has a drugstore in your area. Be sure to give your physician the phone number of the drugstore and they will accommodate you.

Subj: Libido down the drain
Date: 1/12/2006
After using Ortho Tri-cyclen, I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, because my libido went down the drain as well as any sensation. There are articles written about this now finally admitting that artificial hormones may in fact permanently alter a woman’s libido. So I would strongly think about what the effect of those contraceptives are. Here we have Cialis and Viagra etc to help men get it going, and then thanks to contraceptives, the cold water is thrown on the fire for the woman…


AskDocWeb: The pharmaceutical companies are working on finding something like Viagra for women. In the mean time there are products like Vigorelle that do help.

Subj: Migraines
Date: 1/13/2006
I have been on ortho tri-cyclen for about 2 years and switched to ortho lo 6 months ago. After the switch, I began having horrible migraines the week before my period, but when I asked my doctor if it might be because of the pills, she said this wasn’t a side effect. Amazingly enough, when I went off the pills this month, no more headache! Are migraines a possible side effect? Also, it never occurred to me that my lack of libido over the past 2 years might be due to the pills – is lack of libido a side effect? If so, I find it very frustrating that neither the manufacturer or my doctor don’t think this is an important side effect.


AskDocWeb: In a small number of cases (less than 3%) Ortho Try-Cyclen has been known to cause migraines. And yes, others have reported that birth control pills reduce their libido. You may consider finding a different GYN, one who will actually listen to your problems, be more understanding, and get some answers there.

Subj: Warning
Date: 1/13/2006
This pill has seriously caused me to be a different person and not in a good way. I’ve had horrible mood swings, break down crying for reasons I don’t even know why sometimes, and I’m very sensitive and I get depressed. It’s also given me horrible acne. I want the other life I had back but I don’t want to get off the pill for pregnancy issues. I’m warning all those out there to not go on this!


Subj: Getting off the pill
Date: 1/16/2006
Hi, I was on Ortho Tri-cyclen for about 6-7 years. I recently stopped taking it because I would like to try to get pregnant. I have a couple of questions with regard to getting off the pill.

(1) What are possible side effects or withdrawal effects? I feel very nervous and often depressed without any reason, it is not like me. Could that be because I stopped the pill?

(2) What are other possible effects?

(3) And finally, how long does it usually take to get pregnant after getting off the pill? I heard that if you’ve been taking it for as long as I have (i.e. more than 3 years), it might take quite a while to ‘recover’ and be able to conceive. Is that true? Thank you so much!


AskDocWeb: The discontinuing of birth control will affect your mensis for about 3 months, and until it becomes regular you will have a harder time getting pregnant. Everyone is different in the amount of time it takes for them to get pregnant. You could get pregnant within a month, 6 mos or a year. Yes, your nervousness could be due to the changes that are taking place in your body.

Subj: Frustrating flow
Date: 1/17/2006
I went on Ortho about 6 months ago. At first it made me feel sick, but no worse than any other pill I’ve taken (Desogen and Alesse as a teen and then Triphasil). What I have noticed, though, is that my periods are not as punctual as they used to be on the pill. On the first three months, I had spot bleeding here and there throughout the month, and on the 4th month my period came a full week early. The next month it came a few days early and this past month it started about 5 days early. The flow won’t completely stop until about two or three days before a new pack. It’s frustrating because one of the things I used to like about the pill was that I always knew exactly what day to expect my period. I have also experienced breast enlargement and prominent mood swings — other symptoms I did not have with the other pills.


AskDocWeb: Your mensis shouldn’t last for three weeks. Sounds like you should visit your physician to determine what is happening.

Subj: Is this normal?
Date: 1/19/2006
I have been on Ortho Tri cyclen Lo for about 3 months – my cycle keeps coming a day later each month and is very light, and this month I haven’t started yet and it is Thursday. Is this normal? I thought this was going to regulate my cycles. I have was off the pill for about a year or so and decided to go back on to help reduce cramping and PMS.


AskDocWeb: It is not at all unusual but it may be time to visit the doctor to make sure everything is okay.

Subj: Need a break?
Date: 1/19/2006
I’ve been on ortho-tricyclen for 5 years and some of my friends have been saying I need to take a break off for awhile b/c being on it straight for that amount of time might effect me. Is that true?

AskDocWeb: We know that some women have been on the same birth control pills for over ten years without any problems. On the other hand, if anyone has had a problem with this, feel free to share your experience.

Subj: Afraid of being sick
Date: 1/19/2006
I am going off of the depo-shot because of my doctor’s advice. She put me on orth-lo and I am afraid cause every pill I have been on makes me sick to my stomach. Any advise?

AskDocWeb: Some women just cannot handle taking birth control pills, but give ortho-lo a chance before you completely give up and give it 90 days for your body to adjust to it. If after that you still feel ill, you will just have to use a diaphragm or condoms. Read more feedback

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