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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Extreme cramps
Date: 7/19/2006
I have been on ortho tri cyclyn for about 5 days now I have had extreme cramps and have had alot of pregnancy symptoms like loss of appetite deff. mood swings and urinating every 20 minutes but deff the stomach pains are the worst they just don’t go away what should I do?


AskDocWeb: Talk with your doctor as soon as possible. There is no need to put up with these symptoms.

Subj: Ortho Tri-Cyclen gain weight
Date: 7/19/2006
Does Ortho Tri-Cyclen make you gain weight, or stay the same. I’ve been working out everyday and changed my eating habits considerably. These adjustments have made me lose weight before, but now they are not? Is the pill the problem?


AskDocWeb: Yes, birth control may cause a weight gain of up to 20 lbs., it used to be 15 but they raised it to reflect reality.

Subj: Love Depo
Date: 7/20/2006
I was on Depo for 2 years and loved it. I never had a period, and I actually lost weight. This spring I decided to take a break and go on Ortho. HATE IT!!! I gained 20 lbs, my breasts grew 2 cup sizes and I had 3 yeast infections in 3 months. I am back on Depo and love it!


Subj: Be patient with ortho-tri cyclen lo
Date: 7/20/2006
For those of you that have just started ortho-tri cyclen lo – stay patient! My first 3 months on it were pretty tough. I was nauseated a lot and found myself pretty irritable as well. I’m now starting my 5th pack and things are amazing. My skin is perfect, and it’s now the best pill I have ever been on. Birth control is different for everyone – so if it’s not good by 4th or 5th month you should probably try something else. It takes around 3 months for your body to get used to it as well – so you should keep that in mind also.


Subj: Migraines and mood swings with ortho-lo
Date: 7/21/2006
I have been using ortho-lo for 3 months now and have had horrible migraines and mood swings, like someone else reported. I am going to call my doctor immediately and get switched to a different birth control pill.


Subj: Ortho TriCyclen Lo acne
Date: 7/21/2006
I switched 2 months ago to Ortho TriCyclen Lo from Ortho Evra because of concerns about cost and blood clots. Ortho Evra worked great for me, but as soon as I switched to the ortho tricyclen lo I have had really bad acne around my mouth and chin that will not go away. I have never had problems with acne before and my doc thinks it is actually perioral dermatitis. Could this be caused by the pill? Should I switch, and if so any suggestions?


AskDocWeb: It could be dermatitis like your doctor said but… we are hearing more and more complaints about acne from those using Ortho TriCyclen Lo.

Subj: Just started ortho tricyclen
Date: 7/21/2006
I started taking ortho tricyclen three weeks ago and am already thinking of quitting. I have been experiencing terrible mood swings, anxiety, crying for no reason, emotionally sensitive…am I going crazy? And it all coincides with starting the pill. I am thinking of getting an IUD but am not sure…


AskDocWeb: No you are not going crazy. Many women have these same symptoms. Your doctor would likely tell you to be patient and see if the symptoms go away after the third month. It takes that long for your body to get used to the new drug in your system.

Subj: Weight gain on ortho tricyclen
Date: 7/21/2006
I am considering going on ortho tricyclen for the acne clearing benefits and also bc lately I’ve been getting really bad cramping with my period and acetominephines just aren’t cutting it anymore. My major concern though, is about the possibility of gaining weight. I am up and down in weight as it is, and I’m really self conscious about it. How common is weight gain on this pill?


AskDocWeb: Common enough that you can expect to gain up to 20 pounds.

Subj: High schooler
Date: 7/21/2006
I have just recently been given Tri ortho lo but haven’t taken it just cuz of the whole Sunday start thing. I also happen to be a 17 year old high schooler, and am EXTREMLY SELF CONCIOUS about my acne/blemishy completion and self conscious about my curvy body type and gaining weight. I am now mortified after reading all the reviews about tri ortho lo and also because I was excited about it clearing up my face…I just don’t know what to do know. Should I ask to try tri ortho instead?


AskDocWeb: What’s wrong with the Sunday thing? The new generic forms of birth control pills can have you gain up to 20 lbs and will not help with the acne. Sounds like you need to talk to your doctor about what you want to accomplish.

Subj: Stopping ortho low
Date: 7/21/2006
I have been using ortho low for a month and a half I want to stop taking it… should I wait till I finish my entire 2nd pack or should or if I stop now? What kind of side effects will I get?


AskDocWeb: You can stop when your pack is finished. Your periods may be irregular for three months and may be heavier but that’s about it.

Subj: Sprintec hair loss
Date: 7/22/2006
I was on ortho-tri cyclen (Trinessa) for about 2 years. I switched to Ortho-Cyclen (Sprintec) because of mood swings. I recently started noticing hair loss. Is this due to switching birth control pills? If I switch back to ortho-tri cyclen, will the hair loss stop? I experienced major hair loss before starting back on the pill 2 years ago, after I tried going off of them for about a year.


AskDocWeb: Hair loss has been reported by other users of Sprintec. Your insurance company may not pay for the ortho-tri cyclen but that’s up to you and your doctor.

Subj: On the pill pregnancies
Date: 7/23/2006
I became pregnant while on this pill. I took the pill like clock work every single day and was not taking any antibiotics. I have been told by a doctor that all of his “on the pill pregnancies” were a result of Ortho Lo. I have talked to several people in my situation. I know pills are only 99% effective, but come on. To be exact…I have talked to 12 girls in my situation…Now, I’m not a math wizard, but if I talked to a hundred people, I have well above the 99% mark. I have been told that if you get sick, even with diarriah…the pill is completely ineffective. Some sort of warning like that should be placed on the label, not just that some antibiotics could make it ineffective and that it is only 99% effective. It is a little strange that I have come across so many woman in my situation in just my hometown.


Subj: Surprise period
Date: 7/25/2006
I have been on Ortho Tri-cylen Lo for 7 months and last month I got my period while I was still in the middle of pack. It lasted almost 10 days with mild to moderate bleeding and usually its mild to light for only 4-5 days. Anyway, I finished the hormone pills but skipped the sugar pills and started a new pack, however yesterday I started my period again and I’m in the middle of the pack. What’s going on? Should I be concerned?


AskDocWeb: When you skip the sugar pills that throws off your mensis too. But since your breakthrough bleeding happened before you did that, we suggest you get a pap smear to make sure everything is okay. Or talk to your doctor about changing pills.

Subj: Common side effects?
Date: 7/25/2006
Question, I used to be on OrthoLo…I got migraines but no acne but no sex drive…I switched to Microgestin…lots of acne but no migraines and regular sex drive…are these common side effects with the respective pill or just differ from patient to patient?

“lo” sex drive

AskDocWeb: The answer is yes to both. These are common side effects with these birth control pills and the response to these drugs varies considerable from patient to patient.

Subj: Better results with ortho tri-cyclen
Date: 7/26/2006
I was on depo and I think I had 2 shots all together never the less I gained almost 50 lbs. People in school thought I was pregnant. The weight gain made me depressed, and my hair started to thin. So then I got on the pill ortho tri-cyclen and I actually lost about 20 lbs., which made me feel really good and it also cleared up my skin. I did not have any of the side effects except for sometimes I would feel a sharp pain in my chest that was it. I love the pill but currently I am on the Nuva ring and I have been on that for almost a year it has taken away my sex drive so I plan on calling my doctor to switch back to the pill. Also the Nuva ring causes my vagina to get really wet even when I am not having sex and that sucks because you have to wear a pantie liner. The pill is good for me.


Subj: Started to spot
Date: 7/27/2006
I have been taking Ortho Tir-cylen low for 3 1/2 years now. I think it is great. The pill helped me have my period normal and helped with acne. But, I am on my green pills this week (day 5) haven’t started my normal period. I started to spot little today. I don’t think this is normal and am wondering if I could be pregnant.


AskDocWeb: Sounds like you should do a home pregnancy test, available at your local drugstore. They are the same ones that are used in clinics. Either way it may be time to visit your doctor for a checkup.

Subj: Dramatic sexual arousal?
Date: 7/28/2006
I started taking Orth Tri-Cyclen Lo last week (it’s been about seven days). Is it normal for the pill to cause dramatic sexual arousal? It seems good, but it distracts me at work. Also, what other symptoms should I expect, if any? I asked for the Lo version to have a lower hormone dosage to avoid most side effects. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: We haven’t heard of this one before, usually it’s the lack of sexual desire. Your symptoms should go away within a couple of months as your body becomes accustomed to these pills.

Subj: Bad idea?
Date: 7/28/2006
I’m young and I take this birth control… and I finished my period, and got sexually active right after it, and well started on the day that I ended in the week…it wasn’t right at the arrow, I just want to know if that was a bad idea?


AskDocWeb: Yes it was a bad idea, you could be pregnant. You are suppose to take your birth control on the day specified in the pamphlet that comes with the pills. And to be safe you have to take them 3 weeks before being active sexually. Some say not to start being active until a full packet has been finished and your period comes.

Subj: Alternative birth control pills
Date: 7/29/2006
I used bcp for years and then took a year off. When I started taking ortho tri-cyclen again, I was shocked at the negative effect on my mood and increase in anxiety. This also causes insomnia for me in the 1st and 3rd week (though not as bad as some have noted–mostly waking at 3 or 4 a.m. and being unable to get back to sleep). I also have bloating, dryness and lower sex drive for all 3 weeks. I had a lot of breakthrough bleeding and cramping, but after 3 months that has resolved. The other symptoms seem to be getting worse, though. Can someone recommend an alternative bcp for those who have these sorts of symptoms? My doctor seems to select them at random.


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