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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Depo yeast infections
Date: 9/25/2006
I am on the depo and since I’ve been on it I’ve had reoccurring yeast infections like crazy. Is their any pill that I can take that don’t cause them and also bladder infections?


AskDocWeb: The two could be related. It sounds like you need the help of a urologist to find out what is going on. Also see the page on yeast infections.

Subj: Still flowing
Date: 9/26/2006
I just started taking this ortho tri-cyclen for the first time. I’m on my 5th day of my menstrual and I’m still flowing is this normal, because usually I’m finished with my period.


AskDocWeb: Yes, this is common when changing birth control pills. Things should clear up once you get used to the new drug, within three months.

Subj: Brown discharge
Date: 9/26/2006
I have been using ortho lo for 4 months now. I haven’t experienced any side effects except the brown discharge. It has happened since day one of taking the pill. I have my normal periods but when they are over I go back to having the brown discharge and it’s getting worse. I also have mild dysplasea and cervical cancer cells could they be affecting this also?


AskDocWeb: Please consult with your GYN about the daily discharge. This should not be happening for so long.

Subj: Cystic acne
Date: 9/26/2006
I have a history of having been on Ortho Novum for about 8 years, then I was off birth control for about 7 years, and then back on Ortho Tri Cyclen for 7 years. I’ve been off of it for 9 months, and now one of the original reasons I went on it has resurfaced: cystic acne. I went off of it because I think it exacerbated gallbladder problems, but I’ve now had surgery and that’s not an issue any more. I am concerned because I’m 45 now, and I think my natural estrogen levels are going down as I head toward menopause. I have experience some hair thinning and while I’m desperate to get rid of my acne, I don’t want to cause other health problems by resuming it at this point, or experience increased hair loss next time I go off the pill. What are the recommendations for women in perimenopause taking ortho tri cyclen?


AskDocWeb: You might talk with your doctor about taking estrogen like premphase or prempro.

Subj: Use of otho-tri cyclin lo after giving birth
Date: 9/26/2006
I am on my second pack of ortho-tri cyclin lo and I’ve been experiencing hair loss, depression, drowsiness, and headaches. I just had a baby about 4 months ago and I read somewhere that you shouldn’t start ortho if you recently had a baby. Is there any truth in this theory?


AskDocWeb: This sounds like it came from the warning for nursing mothers. Small amounts of steroids have been identified in the milk of nursing mothers who took oral contraceptives. Some adverse effects on the children who nurse have been reported, including jaundice and breast enlargement. Also, oral contraceptives taken in the postpartum period may decrease the quantity and quality of breast milk. Nursing mothers are typically warned not to use combination oral contraceptives but to use other forms of contraception until they have completely weaned their child.

Subj: Bleeding every day
Date: 9/26/2006
Is it normal to bleed everyday the first month you take ortho try cyclen?


AskDocWeb: You had better consult with your physician, this is not supposed to happen.

Subj: Chances of becoming pregnant
Date: 9/26/2006
Can Ortho-Tricyclen lo affect your chances of becoming pregnant later on?


AskDocWeb: No, about 89% of women who discontinue use become pregnant within one year.

Subj: Just started tri-sprintec
Date: 9/26/2006
I just started taking tri-sprintec last month. I finished my first pack last Saturday. I started my period on the Wednesday during the week of my placebo pills. My period is never longer than six days but today is my 7th day on my period and it is still going strong. Should I call my doctor?


AskDocWeb: Variations in your period are common during the first three months following changing your birth control pills. It takes that long for your body to adjust to the new pills.

Subj: Ortho Tricyclen Lo
Date: 9/27/2006
I was having severe headaches for several months with Trinessa (generic form of ortho-tricyclen) during the week of my period (probably from withdrawal of the hormone), so I decided, along with my doctor, to try a different BC pill. I’ve been taking ortho-tricyclen for about 4 years. I’m now going to be trying out ‘Ortho Tricyclen Lo’, starting this week, and am wondering if I should expect to experience any different types of side effects as compared with regular ortho tricyclen? I thought I’d try this one out first since it’s not much different in composition than what I was taking – just less estrogen (correct?). Other than the headaches, regular ortho tricyclen was working great for me (clear skin, regular periods, etc). Please let me know if you are aware of any new side effects you think could develop.


AskDocWeb: Yes, you’re correct about it having less estrogen but we suggest you read comments from users here so you have an idea of what could happen. You will find that many others report it not only doesn’t help with acne, but in some cases, it makes it worse.

Subj: Gained weight
Date: 10/1/2006
I recently went off of ortho tricyclin lo and have gained weight. I have found little info. in regard to what happens when you stop taking the pill, is this normal?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it’s normal for your weight to fluctuate up and down over the three months following discontinuing. You will find it easier to loose weight after going off the pill.

Subj: Scared of weight gain
Date: 10/2/2006
I am 23, and this is my first time on birth control, and I was prescribed tri-nessa. I am scared of weight gain, especially, but mostly I just need reassurance that I will be ok!


AskDocWeb: Yes, you will most likely be okay. Weight gain can be from 15 to 20 pounds but that would be better than an unplanned pregnancy.

Subj: Brown discharge and cramps
Date: 10/2/2006
I have been on the pill for 7 months now and I am currently experiencing a brown discharge that is very thick and clot like. It is very different that what I usually experience on my period. I am only on my third week of pills and should not be starting my period yet. I also have cramps and a stomach ache that comes and goes. I am just wondering if this is something that happens or should I be concerned??


AskDocWeb: It’s reason enough to schedule an exam and discussed it with your GYN.

Subj: Changing to low dose?
Date: 10/2/2006
If I change from regular dose to the low dose would I need to be careful about pregnancy the first month. Does the low dose still help with acne?


AskDocWeb: The low dose doesn’t seem to help with acne. Do be extra careful the first month by using another form of birth control to make sure. Some say two weeks but some have also become pregnant in the third week, a month is safer.

Subj: I’m late
Date: 10/2/2006
I have been on ortho-tri-cyclen low for about 3 months. I’ve had sex about 5 times with a condom. Now I’m late, is there a possibility that I am pregnant?


AskDocWeb: Not likely if you never missed a dose but, there is a small chance. Best get a pregnancy test and find out. If you were on an antibiotic, it could also have affected the birth control during that period of time.

Subj: Accutane
Date: 10/2/2006
I’ve been on ortho tri cyclen lo for about a year and a half.. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects accept I’ve gained some weight but I don’t eat right and don’t really excercise so I’m not sure its all cause of the pill. I’d like to start taking accutane for my acne and need to know if it’s an alright form of birth control pill.. (u need two) but since lo has substantially less estrogen I’m wondering if it will work… ANYONE?


AskDocWeb: Accutane is for severe acne that is unresponsive to conventional therapy. You have to do monthly pregnancy tests while on Accutane. There is also an increased risk of bone fractures or injury when participating in sports with repetitive impact. It may work for the acne but you have to use two forms of birth control simultaneously for one month before, during and for 1 month after treatment. The manufacturer will supply urine pregnancy tests for monthly testing during therapy.

Subj: Anyone?
Date: 10/2/2006
Hello, Oh my God…all this birth control stuff is so daunting! So, I was prescibed Ortho Tri-cyclen (for medical reasons) and I gained weight almost immediately. I didn’t want to blame the pill right away, so I used it for two months, but I have not changed my diet or exercise habits (I am very active). I also wanted to use the pill because I suffer from acne, but it has not helped my skin at all. Since I gained weight and the pill did not help my acne, I decided to go on Ortho Lo. I’m thinking that the lo version will not make me gain as much weight, because supposedly it has less hormones. Now I’m reading everyone’s comments on the Lo version and it seems that the Lo version makes you gain more than the regular one? I don’t know what to do now??? Does anyone have some thoughts on this? My energy level has also decreased drastically.


Subj: Getting sick on Ortho Tri-cyclin low
Date: 10/3/2006
I’ve been on Ortho Tri-cyclin low for about two weeks, and I’ve been getting sicker as I’ve gone on, from mild nausea and emotional upset to vomiting, dizziness, numbness in my hands and feet, and crying jags four or five times a day. I want to stop taking the pill immediately. My boyfriend is worried that since we had unprotected sex a few days ago, if I stop now I’ll be at risk of getting pregnant. Is he right? Help!


AskDocWeb: Yes, he is right, because you have only been on the pill for two weeks. Talk with your doctor about your symptoms. Don’t put up with this misery over a birth control pill.

Subj: Hormonal acne
Date: 10/3/2006
For hormonal acne, are there any advantages of monophasic pills like ortho cyclen over triphasic pills?


AskDocWeb: Sorry but no. Go to a dermatologist for severe acne or use Retin-a.

Subj: Chest pain?
Date: 10/3/2006
I have been using birth control for years. I was on Yasmin, but switched to Seasonal, then switched to tri-nessa b/c of weight gain. While on tri- I experienced severe chest pain at the same time every month and asked to be switched to ortho-tri. The first month, no chest pain, but then it started again last week. There is only 2 days of it but is really uncomfortable when I try and sleep. I can not get into a position that is comfortable. I am also extremely moody, cranky and emotional ALL OF THE TIME!!! I was wondering if any other women have experienced the chest pain and if it will stop if I quit taking the pill or it could be something else all together? It has been pretty scary. I have always been a healthy athletic gal, but now feel like a lazy slob. Thanks!


AskDocWeb: We haven’t heard of anyone having chest pains due to a birth control pill, but it sounds like something going on that need attention. Since it keeps coming back you need to do something about it. We suggest you get a complete physical and let them know about the chest pain. Read more feedback

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