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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Brown discharge
Date: 11/15/2006
I’ve been on try cyclen lo for two weeks and my period has not stopped and I’m getting brown discharge will this stop soon?


AskDocWeb: Your period will be abnormal for about the first three months, and yes the discharge should stop soon. If it doesn’t, contact your doctor.

Subj: Birth control side effects
Date: 11/15/2006
I have been on the patch both of the othro Tri Cyclen, Aless, Depo and Yasmin and now I’m back on Othro Tri Cyclen Lo. I have been on all because I bleed to long, have headaches, chest pains, no kind of sex going on with my husband, very moody and depressed, and gained weight with all. Right about now I’m tired of birth control. I didn’t know why I been feeling like this until now. I only have one child and I been saying I wasn’t like this until I had a child but I also been on birth control since I had her and now she’s two. So what should I do?


AskDocWeb: This is really bad news since you’ve tried almost everything and you’re still going through some bad side effects. Consult with a specialist, not a family practice doctor.

Subj: Scared about weight gain
Date: 11/16/2006
I’m 18 and I’m getting ortho lo in the mail Monday, now I’m scared that I might gain weight! Also, sometimes I am irritable, I don’t want to become depressed when I take ortho lo. What is the best birth control with the lowest weight gain, and side effects with depression? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: There is no “best birth control” for everyone because each of us has a unique combination of physiology, medical history, current condition and lifestyle. Yes, you may gain 15 to 20 pounds but, you could also loose weight as some have reported. If you become depressed while on Ortho-Lo take that as a warning sign and call your doctor. These symptoms don’t happen to everyone and there is no way to tell before you start taking them, if you will get them or not. If you try it and it begins to affect you, go back to your doctor for an alternative. It’s important to remember that whatever side effects you get, they are temporary and will pass.

Subj: Can’t fall asleep
Date: 11/16/2006
I’ve been on trycyclen-lo for about 2 weeks now, and I just can’t fall asleep easily. Sometimes it takes me 2 hours after frustration and crying. I don’t sleep well, it’s a light sleep and my body needs sleep. I can’t see a doctor for another 5 days. Do I keep taking my pills? Please tell me all pills don’t do this. This is hell. I need to sleep, but my insomnia won’t let me! Help someone, I’m in university and exam time is approaching fast.


AskDocWeb: If you abstain from having sex, you could discontinue use for now until you are able to get to the doctor. After the exams are over, then have a good heart to heart talk about all your concerns.

Subj: Got pregnant on ortho-lo
Date: 11/18/2006
I was on orth-lo for nearly a year when I got pregnant. I hadn’t missed a pill, took it on time, and wasn’t on antibiotics of any sort. My doc of course put me on a different pill but it’s been a year since then and I still can’t trust a hormone-based contraceptive.


Subj: Roaccutane usage
Date: 11/20/2006
I have been taking Roaccutane for 8-9 years and I am getting married in August 2007. I would like to know how long I should stop taking Roaccutane before I try to get pregnant?


AskDocWeb: Assuming you are referring to accutane made by Roche Laboratories, the patient information states that you should continue to use two forms of birth control for one month after discontinuing accutane.

Subj: Bleeding almost 3 weeks
Date: 11/20/2006
I have been taking Ortho Tricyclen lo for almost a year and a half. I am now ready to have children. When is the best time for me to stop taking these pills? I tried once before to stop taking but I bleed for almost 3 weeks straight so I started taking them again and the bleeding quit. How do I stop taking them and not bleed like that?


AskDocWeb: This is your body’s way of getting used to being off the pill. And it may take up to 90 days for your period to become regular again so you’ll have to be patient. If your blood loss is excessive, consult with your OB/GYN and he will be able to stop it.

Subj: Weight loss with Lutera?
Date: 11/21/2006
I recently got on Lutera, I’ve heard that you lose weight on it I was wondering if so what’s usually the maximum weight loss and also can it help with mild acne.


AskDocWeb: Some women do loose weight but others gain. It’s the same with acne, it may improve or get worse.

Lutera is a mixture of Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel which acts as birth control by releasing the hormones Estrogen and Progesterone into your body to prevent ovulation. This fools your body into thinking it’s already pregnant so that you don’t ovulate and won’t get pregnant after unprotected sex. Although many women who use this medication do not have serious side effects, Lutera does come with side effects, both severe and mild. The more severe possible effects include:

  • an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of your throat; swelling of your lips, tongue, or face; or hives)
  • high blood pressure (severe headache, flushing, blurred vision)
  • blood clots in the lung (shortness of breath or pain in the chest)
  • blood clots in an arm or leg (pain, redness, swelling, or numbness of an arm or leg)
  • liver damage (yellowing of the skin or eyes, nausea, abdominal pain or discomfort, unusual bleeding or bruising, severe fatigue)

Tell your doctor immediately if any of these serious side effects occur. The mild, non-threatening side effects include:

  • changes in weight or appetite (can go up or down)
  • depression
  • vaginal yeast infection
  • changes in your menstrual cycle
  • oily skin or acné
  • lethargy or fatigue
  • bloating
  • changes in your skin color
  • changes in your blood sugar
  • changes in your sex drive

This medication may cause blotchy, dark areas on your skin (melasma). Sunlight may worsen this effect. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, sunlamps, and tanning booths. Use a sunscreen, and wear protective clothing when outdoors.

Subj: Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo experience
Date: 11/21/2006
I have appreciated reading all the comments and feedback here, it’s been so helpful and informative to me that I thought I would share my story.

I am just finishing up my 3rd pack of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo and have experienced some pretty bothersome side effects on it. Most bothersome has been my acne has gotten worse on the Lo! I have had mild acne for about 10 years now (I am 28) but use Azelex and Retin-A Micro and that has always kept my skin almost perfectly clear. However since starting the Lo my acne has really flared up, I am constantly getting new pimples on my chin and cheeks. I am convinced it is the pills as nothing else has changed that I can think of.

I have also experienced bad mood swings, I feel very irritable and on edge. My breasts were very painful the 1ast 2 months, it is getting better now though. I have gone up at least one cup size, from A to B+ since being on the pill but I like that 🙂 I had constant spotting the 1st month. By the 2nd month it got better, only spotted occasionally – the spotting is dark brown. With the 3rd pack of pill I started taking them at night instead of the morning, thought that might help with the side effects, but all that seemed to do was increase the spotting again.

I discussed these side effects with my doctor and she is going to switch me to the regular Ortho Tri-Cyclin. I am hoping that the Ortho Tri-Cyclin will help clear up my acne, from reading these boards I was surprised to hear that the Lo seems to make acne worse but it was good to hear that others are experiencing the same thing – when I told my doctor my acne was getting worse on the Lo she thought I was crazy, she said that it should have made it better! Someone should inform doctors about this. Reason she didn’t put me on regular Ortho originally is because I get migraines. However my acne has become so much worse, I get tired of people asking me what is wrong with your face, that I am willing to risk the migraines to clear up my skin. I do have one question – has anyone found that it is better to take the pills in the morning or at night before bed? in terms of side effects?


Subj: Which pill?
Date: 11/21/2006
I am interested in BC, but I have never been on it in my life. I was wondering which pill might be better for me. Should I try Ortho Tricyclen Lo as my first choice? I am a perfectly healthy female.


AskDocWeb: Based on the feedback we suggest you ask your doctor if you can try the regular Ortho Tri-cyclen as a first one.

Subj: Gained 40-45 pounds
Date: 11/22/2006
I started taking the Orthotricyclen lo about 2 years ago and have gained about 40-45 pounds–have not been able to lose that weight even though I work out, diet and work outside doing beach weddings. There is no other explanation for the weight gain and the fact that it will not come off no matter what I do! I stopped taking the pills this week and can’t wait to see if I lose some weight!


Subj: Weight Gain and Ortho tri Lo
Date: 11/23/2006
I’ve gained 45 pounds in 2 years after starting ortho tri lo. I was on Ortho lo before and held steady on my weight. Now I’ve gained this 45-50 pounds even though I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, eat healthy and work outside setting up weddings on the beach. I recently stopped taking this pill and hope my weight will go down. I also had the depo shot about 7 years ago and gained 25 pounds in 6 months. Stopped taking that and immediately lost that weight. Birth control in any form can apparently make some people gain weight!


Subj: Weight gain, tiredness and acne
Date: 11/25/2006
I have been taking Ortho-TriCyclem for about 3 months now and I am not sure if what has occurred with me are side effects in result to taking the pill or if its my lifestyle here in college. I have noticed a considerable weight gain, tiredness, acne (never had pimples before), enlarged breast, as well as difficulty getting naturally lubricated during intercourse. Is this common?


AskDocWeb: The weight gain, tiredness and acne could be caused by either the birth control pills, lifestyle or both, but the enlarged breast and viginal dryness are likely caused by the birth control. And yes, these symptoms are common.

Subj: Trinessa
Date: 11/26/2006
For those who are looking for something to help acne try Trinessa. I took it for 3 1/2 years and my skin had been completely clear.


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