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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Being overweight is not worth it!
Date: 11/27/2006
I was on Ortho Lo for 2 1/2 years–just stopped taking it after doing some research and finding other women have had the same problems I’ve had–mainly weight gain (47 pounds in those 2 1/2 years!) My breasts did get bigger but I attribute that to the increase in my weight. I really had no interest in sex and my skin was always pretty clear before so I don’t think the pill helped with that. Periods were VERY regular-I knew the exact day I would start and the day it would end. But being overweight is not worth the good effects the pill gave me. My husband is getting a vasectomy so I’m glad to not have to worry about it after that!


Subj: Confused about all this
Date: 11/27/2006
I’m on my green pills and how long does it take to get my period and I on the 2nd or 3rd pill and still haven’t got it yet. It did it the last time but it was on the 3rd pill and i.e. been on the pill for 2 1/2 months now and I’m confused about all this I’m still a virgin and taking my pills exactly the same day and time.


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you could benefit from a follow up visit to your doctor to clarify things, or you might just talk to a nurse. They are pretty good at explaining things. You can expect some minor variations in your timing due to having a cold, being on medicine, etc., just be patient.

Subj: Going off the pill
Date: 11/28/2006
I had been taking the pill for about seven years. I recently got off of it about six months ago. (My partner and I use a condom.) Is it possible to get pregnant that long after being off the pill? Also, what are some side effects after getting off the pill for that long?


AskDocWeb: Your period could be off for up to three months but that’s about it. And, yes it is possible to get pregnant any time after stopping the birth control pills. Remember, condoms do break and have a failure rate from 5% to 20%. To be safe, use a spermicide along with the condom.

Subj: Lost a white pill
Date: 11/28/2006
I lost a white pill on my ortho pack. What should I do and should I use back up method.


AskDocWeb: According to the World Health Organization’s Selective Practice Guidelines, missing one pill does not place you at significantly increased risk for pregnancy.

  • “She should take an active (hormonal) pill as soon as possible * and then continue taking pills daily, 1 each day. “
  • “She does not need any additional contraceptive protection.”

Subj: Missed 6 pills
Date: 11/29/2006
I have missed 6 pills. I forgot to take them, now I have a brownish fluid coming out of me, is it my period? I also felt nausea too.


AskDocWeb: Yes, it is probably your period. You should do a home pregnancy test if you were sexually active in the days you missed or the following 7 days. Use of another form of birth control for three weeks is recommended to be safe.

Subj: Generic birth control pills?
Date: 11/29/2006
I have been taking ortho tri-cyclen for 3 years, and recently my doctor changed me to orthro-cyclen. When I went to have my prescription filled they gave me the generic form of it and I think it’s called Spritic of Sprintec, anyway I was wondering if it was the same thing and if it had the same effectiveness as ortho tri-cyclen? Should I worry about taking a generic form of birth control?


AskDocWeb: The standard answer is “No, there is no need to worry” but if you read some of the feedback you’ll find there are more than a few women who have problems with the generics. It seems that the generic brand is different enough that it doesn’t help with acne like the regular version.

Subj: Two week long period
Date: 12/2/2006
I have been on ortho lo for about 2 years. The only problem I’ve had with it is a lot of breakthrough bleeding. I set an alarm clock and take my pill at the exact same time every day. If I miss it by more than 10 minutes, I will have a two week long period that starts the week before it’s supposed to. Is this normal? Is it harmful to me? Does it mean the pill isn’t effective for me?


AskDocWeb: No, this is not normal. It sounds like you need to talk to your doctor about changing birth control pills.

Subj: Ectopic pregnancy
Date: 12/3/2006
I have been on ortho tricyclen low for four months now. I have never missed a day of taking the pills, and my period is eight days early. I experience soreness in the breast. I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy before. What are the odds that the same thing is occurring again?


AskDocWeb: It’s possible, yes. Take a home pregnancy test twice, one week apart to make sure or have blood drawn at your physicians office.

Subj: Blood clot in lung
Date: 12/4/2006
I took this birth control for 1 month and switched to a different one due to how ill I kept feeling. A month later I got this horrible pain in my left side that wouldn’t go away! It was a blood clot in my lung! I know they tell you it’s a possibility but it’s greater for women who are smokers and 35 or older I am neither. I am currently talking with lawyers to see if I have a case and they think I have a good case considering the facts. I’m not trying to scare anyone and this may not happen to you but it did happen to me and I only took it for a month the doctors even told me it was the birth control. So before you make any rash decisions about your birthcontrol research them and do what you think is best for your body.


Subj: Bleeding heavier during intercourse
Date: 12/4/2006
I started ortho tri cyclen lo after an early period from taking plan B, It has been 3 weeks, my period seemed to have ended. However, I have been continuously spotting or bleeding very lightly and it becomes heavier during intercourse. It has been almost a month of this! I am very frustrated…is it normal or should I switch to a new pill? Thanks!


AskDocWeb: This isn’t normal at all, please go see your GYN. Our main concern here is that your mensis is heavier during sex. The spotting will stop when your body becomes adjusted to the new pill.

Subj: Pain in lower left abdomen
Date: 12/5/2006
Hello, I have been on ortho tri cyclin lo for about three years and in the last year I stopped for two months. For about six months before I stopped I notices an odd pain in my lower left abdomen. When I went back on the pill two months later (presently) I have noticed this pain has returned. Is this pain normal or should switch pills, or stop taking them all together. I smoke about four cigarettes a weekend… Is this a blood clot matter?


AskDocWeb: No it doesn’t sound like a blood clot, but it could be a cyst on your ovary. An ultra sound would tell you if it were a cyst or not. Sometimes cysts burst and are absorbed by the body, but other times they need surgical intervention. Go to your Gyn and tell him of your symptoms and ask about having an ultra sound done. This test should help answer your questions.

Subj: How long before safe sex?
Date: 12/5/2006
I’ve just started ortho tri-cyclen again after being off it for 3 months. I was just wondering how long do I have to be on it before I can feel safe about not getting pregnant? I’ve been told 7 days, is that correct?


AskDocWeb: Yes, that’s what the drug company says but some doctors say two weeks to be on the safe side.

Subj: Ortho tri-cyclen lo
Date: 12/7/2006
I’m on ortho tri-cyclen lo to regulate my period. I’m getting married in two weeks and I was wondering if ortho tri-cyclen lo is strong enough to prevent against pregnancy or if I have to switch to a higher hormone birth control pill?


AskDocWeb: In most cases it is strong enough to prevent pregnancy. According to the manufacturer, of those who never miss a pill, only 1 out of 1,000 get pregnant while taking Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo.

Subj: Stopped Ortho-tri-cyclen
Date: 12/10/2006
I have been taking Ortho-tri-cyclen for about 10 years and now me and my husband are thinking of starting a family. I just stopped taking this and I wanted to know what kind of side effects, if any, I will experience?


AskDocWeb: Your period could take up to three months to regulate. You may get pregnant just days after discontinuing. Most women (89%) get pregnant with one year after they stop taking this pill.

Subj: Cry about anything
Date: 12/10/2006
I used to be on Tricyclen but just switched to lo. It has been a week now and I cry to just about anything and I have started some major spotting. How long can I expect spotting for? And is it normal for there to be such a difference between regular tricyclen and lo?


AskDocWeb: The irregular mensis last for up to 90 days, but the crying isn’t acceptable for any birth control. We suggest you consult with your physician about changing.

Subj: Started taking ortho lo again
Date: 12/10/2006
I used to take ortho lo about 5 years ago. I haven’t been on any birth control for about 3 years. I started taking ortho lo again, and about a month after I started, my right leg started getting stiffness. If I would sit or for more than 5 minutes and tried to get up, it would be very hard to stand or walk because of the stiffness. It’s been about 3 weeks since then, and my pain has become less severe. Do you think this is from the ortho lo? Is this a side effect?

Leg stiffness

AskDocWeb: It could be, talk with your doctor about this and possibly have a venous dopler done.

Subj: Can’t seem to lose my baby weight
Date: 12/10/2006
I have a 9-month old baby, and this is the first time that I am on birth control. I am currently using Ortho-Tri-cyclen Lo, and can’t seem to lose my baby weight. I tried dieting, exercising and everything else. Would switching to different pill help me lose the weight?


AskDocWeb: This seems to be a problem with many birth control pills. Choosing an alternative is something done by trial and error because the drug companies don’t publish statistics on changes in weight with their products. That would probably have an adverse affect on sales.

Subj: Acne problem
Date: 12/10/2006
I’m 22 year old. and have suffered from mild to moderate acne since age 10. I started ortho-cyclen at age 15 and it was wonderful…cleared acne till I was 20 and then BAM, started breakthrough bleeding nonstop (who knows why???) and got acne again. Been on a mission for 2 years to find the “right” pill. My question is this: I just started orthotri-cyclen lo about 3 weeks ago. Is this a low androgenic pill? Is it supposed to help acne? I keep feeling like my acne is getting worse but I’m probably just obsessing. I’ve switched pills like every month for the last 6 months (Loestrin 24fe, Yasmin, etc) How long should I give this pill? I feel like each time I switch pills, it just makes things worse. I don’t trust my doctor because they gave me the Loestrin (knowing I have acne) which is supposedly high in androgens (which cause acne, right?) Please help!! Thanks =)


AskDocWeb: Ortho Tri-cylen Lo is not known to help with acne, but it is known to cause acne problems in some women. Whatever pill you take, you should give it three months before coming to any conclusions about its affect on your acne. Changing pills every month is a waste of time because you are not giving them ample time to find out if they do help with acne or not. Read more feedback

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