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If you’ve used Ortho Tri-cyclen®, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Uterine lining
Date: 6/10/2007
I have been taking Ortho tri-cyclen lo for about 6 or 7 years now, a friend of mine told me that I should get off of it if I want to have kids because it can cause your uterine lining to thin which causes miscarriages. What do you recommend? How long before I want to start having kids should I get off of birth control?


AskDocWeb: It seems that all forms of the pill thin the uterine lining or prevent it from building up to prevent implantation. That’s just one of the ways they work. You can quit whenever you want to start having children. When the drug is out of your system it is not an issue.

Subj: Problems with Tri-cyclin Lo
Date: 6/11/2007
I am overseas and got 10 packs of Tri-cyclen lo for the duration of being here because I didn’t want to have to bother finding the right stuff in another country. I was on regular Tri-cyclin before and it worked great, and this time I don’t know why the health lady kind of disregarded that and recommended Tri-cyclin Lo? …but I ended up getting that, thinking it would be fine, but now its not working and doing the same thing as Alesse or whatever that I took before; resulting in spotting or extra long periods. I have a feeling its because the estrogen is lower in this one, would it be wrong to just double the pill each day and keep it consistent? Or just go and try and find the regular Tri-cyclin again? I just had spent a lot of money on what I have and didn’t want to waste it…but if I have to…no biggy. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: You cannot double up on the pill, sorry.

Subj: Inactive pills
Date: 6/11/2007
Is there a difference in the inactive pills for Ortho Lo since they are different colors?


AskDocWeb: The purpose of the inactive pills is to help you maintain the habit of taking them at the same time everyday.

Subj: Depression
Date: 6/12/2007
I have been severely depressed since starting Orthotricyclen-Lo. Two years ago I went off the regular Orthotricyclen and other than low sex drive, I had no other issues. I’m going to switch back to the regular Ortho. I hope my mood gets better. Has anyone made a similar change? Did your depression improve?


Subj: Decided to stop
Date: 6/12/2007
I have been on ortho tri cyclin lo for about 4 months. In that time I gained a tremendous amount of weight. Over 20 lbs.! I have decided to stop, but my period hasn’t started yet. It has been 30 days since the start of my last period. Is this normal when you go off birth control?


AskDocWeb: I wouldn’t say this is normal, you may want to do a home pregnancy test to make sure, and then do another one a week later.

Subj: Big difference in moods
Date: 6/13/2007
I have been on tricyclen for about 6 or 7 years and in the past 3 years I have noticed a lot of changes in my body. I am 22 and I have no sex drive what so ever. I am moody, sensitive, and not my self. I know it is the pill because I ran out of my prescription and went 3 weeks not being on the pill and then started them again and with in 2 days I noticed a big difference in my moods and the way I feel day to day. I wouldn’t recommend this pill to anyone unless you want to feel like crap all the time!


Subj: Bleeding nipples
Date: 6/14/2007
Hi, I’ve stopped taking Ortho Tricyclen for over 2 weeks, now and after my shower this morning, my nipples started to bleed all around. They have been very tender and sensitive like never before, and I’m waiting for my period. I practice safe sex. What’s wrong with me?


AskDocWeb: You need to see your physician right away, he may want you to have a mammogram.

Subj: Sex drive close to non-existent
Date: 6/14/2007
I have been on OTC for over a year, and I’ve noticed that my Sex drive is close to non-existent, I am only 20 and I am a newlywed, so it seems this shouldn’t be happening at least not yet. Is this a side affect? What can I do to fix it.


AskDocWeb: Yes, and the only way to get back to having great sex is to change your birth control pills.

Subj: Missed a lot of pills
Date: 6/17/2007
I’ve been talking TriCyclen Lo for about half a year now. Just recently my schedule has been chaotic and I’ve missed quite a few pills. I missed the first three before the placebo pills and the first three in the new pack after the placebos. I’ve been having sex fairly regularly before, during and after missing these pills. Also, does missing pills cause any serious or permanent health conditions?


AskDocWeb: There are no permanent health consiquences but serious is another matter. Some people think that getting pregnant is pretty seroius. It could also change the timing of your menstrual cycle.

Subj: Went bald on ortho tri-cyclen
Date: 6/17/2007
I’m 37 years old. I took ortho tri-cyclen for two months starting in November of last ’07 to regulate the periods. In those two months, my once thick hair became thinner and thinner. By February, I’m completely bald. I’ve had all normal blood work and testing over and over, my thyroid is fine, and the doctors are stumped on why I lost my hair. It didn’t start until the two months of Ortho. Any suggestions on where to go from here? Six months later and still bald.


AskDocWeb: We’ve never heard of anything like this before either. If you haven’t already done so then find out what a dermatologist has to say about it.

Subj: Headaches and night sweats
Date: 6/18/2007
I get headaches and night sweats during the third week of ortho try cyclen. Is this a coincidence or a side effect?


AskDocWeb: It seems odd that you have these symptoms only in the third week and none of the other weeks. Consult with your GYN about changing your pill.

Subj: Just started taking ortho tri-cyclen
Date: 6/18/2007
I just started taking ortho tri-cyclen for the first time this month. I started on the Sunday start date (which happened to be at the end of my period). I am now on day two of the green pills and haven’t gotten my period. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex last week but he pulled out before ejaculation. My breasts are also feeling pretty swollen and tender. Does this mean I could possibly be pregnant? Or is it possible to miss your period in the first month of the pill (even on the inactive pills) because your body isn’t used to it?


AskDocWeb: Your birth control pill can cause breast tenderness, and it may take up to three months to have a period start when it should.

Subj: Gained 5 pounds
Date: 6/18/2007
I have started the pill I was a fit clear skin girl now I have gain 5 pounds big boobs bad acne and horrible mood swings I’m getting off this pill ASAP it’s not worth it id rather have a messed up cycle then an ugly lifestyle both inside & out.


Subj: Nipples hurt, back cramps and spotting
Date: 6/19/2007
I have been taking orthonovum for a month (switched from Yasmin) and a couple of days now, every time I eat I feel sick. 2 weeks into my first pack my nipples hurt and had back cramps, spotted 1 day. When it was time for my period (a week later) it only lasted 1 1/2 days. I have taken 2 tests and they were negative. I called my Dr and she wants me to keep taking them but I feel like crap. Should I take another test or see my Dr?


AskDocWeb: Please see your doctor.

Subj: Haven’t got my period yet
Date: 6/20/2007
I’m on my first pack of ortho lo and started on the first day of my period on a Monday. I haven’t been using any other form of contraception. Midway through the pack, I had a day of nausea and about 3 or 4 days of headaches. They went away, but I’m on the placebo pills now and it’s Wednesday (3 days after my last hormone pill) and I haven’t gotten my period yet. Is this normal?


AskDocWeb: Yes, since this is the first month it can happen. It may take up to 90 days to regulate your period. If the headaches and nausea continue please consult with your physician.

Subj: Thinning hair
Date: 6/21/2007
I started taking the pill 8 years ago when I was 15 due to polycystic ovaries. My cycle went back on track but I noticed my hair became a lot thinner. I didn’t gain any weight nor did I experience aches and pains which I was told might happen. I always had acne prone skin but the pill had a neutral effect on me. It didn’t get better or worse. What do you suggest for the thinning of my hair?


AskDocWeb: The most common recommendation seems to be Minoxidil for women. There is also a shampoo called Nisim Biofactors that could help. Birth control pills have caused many women to lose some hair.

Subj: Restarting ortho lo
Date: 6/21/2007
I just restarted ortho lo after being off of it for 2 years. My period was 2 weeks ago and I would like to start it as soon as possible. Could I start today or the Sunday (6/24) coming up? Thanks


AskDocWeb: No, take it as directed, the first day of your period or the Sunday after your period ends.

Subj: Pregnant?
Date: 6/21/2007
I recently began taking ortho tri-cyclen, and my boyfriend may have ejaculated, I am worried that I may become pregnant. I started my period on Saturday, and began the pill on Sunday. And my boyfriend ejaculated on Thursday. Is there a large possibility that I may become pregnant?


AskDocWeb: Yes there is a real possibility that you may be pregnant.

Subj: Decided to stop
Date: 6/21/2007
I started taking Ortho Tri Cyclen because they discontinued my Allesse. I started losing my hair in clumps in the shower and started going bald. I also had very heavy periods and have to change my pad every hour. I decided to stop taking it.


AskDocWeb: Good for you.

Subj: D&C
Date: 6/22/2007
I had a D&C in February 25 2007. I haven’t had a period since. I started taking Tri-Sprintec and I took the 6th white pill this morning and I still do not see any spotting. Can you tell me what is going on? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: This is something that you should discuss with your physician. Read more feedback

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