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Date: 7/13/2013
Hey! I been taking Phentermine white/blue 37.5 for a month and three days now. Before I started taking it I was at 289 and now I’m 260. I also walk 2 to 3 miles everyday at a steady pass. About two weeks ago I notice my nerves was getting very bad I know some meds could have a reaction to them within hours, a day or two later. And now for four days my speech been kind of off I’m guessing because of my nerves.

I went to the er they did X-rays where my pain is (pain is not from Phentermine), CT on my head it was negative, took blood and urinalysis. Only thing was I diagnos with anxiety and depression which I have a history with so I was confused why all of a Sutton. The doctor was asking what all do I take for medication and I told him vitamins and Phentermine and he start to tell me how phentermine has Meth in it. So its probably making my body react to it. I was very worried about that.

He and my regular doctor want me to stop taking them but I just got a new prescription for it from my weight loss doctor… I really don’t want to stop taking them. Becauce it help me come a long way.

AskDocWeb: Weight loss medication is like a crutch in that it is not meant for long term use. If you broke your leg a crutch may help you get around but you wouldn’t use it any longer than necessary. Please discuss your symptoms with your weight loss doctor. They could indicate serious problems if you continue using Phentermine.

Cellucor C4 Extreme?
Date: 7/13/2013
My ex-husband had a court-ordered drug evaluation before he could resume visitation with our daughter. He waited almost two months before completing the test. Even though it says in our decree that he has to show me the results, he won’t. They told me that he tested positive for cocaine. I believe it. He told me he absolutely does not do that stuff and it’s a false positive from his supplement (Cellucor C4 Extreme). In your opinion, could that be true? Thank you!

AskDocWeb: The fact that he will not show you the results makes a case against him. We do not believe that Cellucor C4 Extreme would cause a false positive for cocaine.

Muscle weakness and paralysis
Date: 7/18/2013
The last 3 times I took phenteremine, I had muscle weakness to complete paralysis. Spnt 3 weeks in ICU with every neuromuscular, infectious, autoimmune disease ruled out as NEGATIVE. I did not think it was due to drug. After discharged took phentermine twice and legs weak unable to walk. Has anyone experienced this????


Back to weight watchers
Date: 8/14/2013
My doctor put me on 3.7. Phentermine, The first day I took it my energy level skyrocketed. I normally walk everyday but since on phentermine I have no energy to do anything. I recently went back for a refill and now when I take when I don’t take it I feel weird. I am tired and weak, I have to force myself to get out of bed in the mornings. I was feeling better before I started taking this stuff. I have lost about 20 pounds since on phentermine. I have decided not to take it anymore and go back to weight watchers. their only side effect keeping up with all the points.


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